Friday, October 12, 2012

Requesting Running Advice & Answering MFP Questions

FRIDAY FRIDAY FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good morning my people, we made it!!

Thank ya'll so much for all of the positive feedback from Mr. Noel's blog post yesterday! I knew ya'll would love him, he's hysterical and keeps my laughing Hopefully we'll get another manly post from him in the future!

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I have so much I want to talk about today. I'm going to break it down into two parts

1. Running & Speed Advice (I need your suggestions)
2. My Fitness Pal & Calorie Counting- Answering some questions from earlier this week

I just completed week 4 of running clinic, and I had an AWESOME run last night. Flying on that runners high. We had two consecutive four mile group runs in a row and next week we'll increase our mileage to 4.5 My goal setting out on the run last night was to beat my previous week's time, I didn't care if I did that by one second or ten I just wanted to do it, and I DID!

My 30 Day Challenge goal is to run 5 miles under 50 minutes during Running Clinic week 6 on October 25th. To do that, I'm going to need to run a steady 10 minute mile and one of those miles is going to need to be under 10 for me to reach my goal comfortably.

What are some tips to increase speed, and set a pace throughout a run? Should I be doing interval training? I so desperately want to join the steady 9 minute crew. Ya'll seem so cool!

I forced myself to run my first mile slow- about 10:30 and kept that pace throughout miles 2 and 3. I felt great during this run, I never had to coach myself, I sang along to my music, and had a really great attitude throughout the run. Negative Nancy never once took over. Thrilled with this- I believe running is a complete mental game. My shoulders are no longer paining me, no body part is paining me for that matter, I feel like I'm finally getting to a point where I feel comfortable running. Except for some chaffing issues with the shorts I was wearing, but I won't trouble ya'll with that over share.

My fourth mile I ran at 9:29, so I'm getting the hang of the pacing game, but I need some advice: tips and tricks to get a steady pace and amp up my speed. Any tips from you running ladies would be greatly appreciated!

My Fitness Pal questions- if you're not using My Fitness Pal, you can totally disregard this. I'm sure you're already bored. Just scroll to the bottom for your Daily Motivator and to check out my new skinny jeans!

I don't want to get to technical with this- I am not an expert- I'm just a girl who figured out how to shift some lbs around and feel great about herself, and secondly, this is not a technical forum.

I got this anonymous comment a few days ago, and I wanted to email you back Mystery Lady, but I can't respond if you leave an anonymous comment. However, Mystery Gal raises some really great points about My Fitness Pal, counting calories, and eating them back (highly debatable subject matter). I feel it's appropriate to address her questions in this post.

If you are using MFP, you know that by logging a work out, MFP adds back more calories for you to eat. I do not eat back these calories, and I don't for a few reasons. Hang with me na.

If you're eating back these calories you're making a few different assumptions. The first assumption, in which I have a major problem, is that you are assuming MFP is accurately estimating the amount of calories you are burning. Newsflash. It's not accurate. I'm sorry.

The only way to adequately determine how many calories you are burning during a work out is to use a heart rate monitor. Kassie wrote a really great post on this awhile back that you should check out. This is the number one reason I do not eat back my calories. Additionally, it feels counter productive for me to eat back calories and YES I have tried eating them back before- and "netting" (assumption) 1200 calories. I gained two pounds that week.

I've lost 51.2 pounds total, so obviously I'm doing something right. Additionally, my slow loss in recent months is easily explainable. I'm getting down to the nitty gritty, the stubbornest of the fat. While my weight isn't going down my muscle mass is going up, muscle outweighs fat. Delayed loss. We've discussed before that the scale is NOT the only way to measure success. I highly encourage taking measurements and finding out your body fat percentage. My body fat percentage has been making a steady decline. I do check this once a week, which is a big huge fat loss depleting indicator that I am getting smaller. Take that scale!

Also, I'm not trying to win some kind of race, I've been at this for nearly two years (My A-HA moment anniversary is January 11), and that is OK with me. I'm not going to quit my living my life. I enjoy having a glass or three, whos' counting, of wine on Saturday night. I enjoy going out to eat, and I enjoy not stressing about my diet at least one meal a week.

Additionally, while I have had BIG weigh ins before where weight is seemingly "falling off", it all evens itself out over the course of weeks and months, and I don't buy into the weight "falls right off" mentality. In my experience (YO-YO dieting not to be confused with YOLO), if you find it's "falling off" you're going to start piling it back on when you start living again. Hence, slow and steady wins the race.

This week I also did every other day no carbs (Tuesday and Thursday), and this greatly affected my energy level, so I cut my two a days back to once a day. This was my first week to do this, I didn't get in enough calories, and was struggling to find foods to eat. Working on improving this next week. I didn't plan well,  as this resulted in the over training sluggies.

On days when I get in a two a day, I eat 1500 calories, I'm not trying to scare fat off of my body. I enjoy working out and I enjoy pushing myself. Self proclaimed fitness fanatic over here!Ya'll don't worry about me though, I don't miss any trips to the trough. I like the eating.

My best advice to anyone using MFP, is to listen to your body, and follow what works for you. No two body's are created equal and different methods work for different people. I've heard the eating back or not eating back calories debate so many times. It all boils down to this- are you losing and are you happy with your progress? If the answer is yes, roll with it! All that matters is that you are happy with YOU. I am very satisfied with my slow but steady progress. When you find something that works for you, stick with it! I hope this answers all of your questions. I'm sorry I was so long winded. Feel free to email me/ message me/ stalk my diary on MFP or ask any other burning questions you may have. 

Back to fun non-technical stuff.

Wearing a pair of black skinnies (Limited 40% sale) my Limited Perfect Tee I've been living in as of late, Saint's Scarf (Christmas Gift from Madeline last year), and Nine West ballet flats. Feeling super cute today! And no, I didn't lose any weight this week. Remember what happened last weekend? Cheesy french frys & Rum-capades. Yap, totally worth it :)

What are your weekend plans?

Hope you have a fun-filled, relaxing, recharge your boss lady batteries kind of weekend!

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  1. Favorite line, "I don't miss any trips to the trough" crack me up!

  2. I will be going to "The Limited" this weekend. I sloughed them off for a bit, but I think after seeing all your cute stuff I am giving them another chance:)

    Love the scarf... it were Cardinals Baseball. HAHAHA. - no you look great as always.

    Happy Friday:)

  3. "...if you find it's "falling off" you're going to start piling it back on when you start living again. Hence, slow and steady wins the race."

    Love that! I'm going to start repeating that to myself when I get impatient. I've said from the beginning that I'm OK with going slow, but truth be told, it's driving me nuts that in the past four weeks I've only netted 1.4 lbs of loss!

  4. I am Mystery Gal!! And I feel honored that you called me out today. Sorry for remaining anonymous, I was rushing. Thanks for 'splaning!

  5. Miss Elle Noel, I am a long time reader but first time commenter. Love your blog, and also read how you love popcorn. Me too! I have a trick I learned on pinterest: put plain popcorn kernels in a brown paper lunch sack with nothing else. Fold down the top twice and microwave for two minutes. The popcorn will pop perfectly....then you can top with olive oil (or my fav...truffle oil) and salt n peppa...tastes great and much more natural!

    Keep on bossin on....xoxo