Sunday, October 7, 2012

Ragin Cajun Homecoming Success

Geaux Cajuns! Our team WON big last night. Homecoming was a success. The day was beautiful, perfect weather, and a lot of people came out to support the Cajuns. I'd say it was the most people I have ever seen at a game!

Kassie and I Started off our day celebrating homecoming with a UL Alumni 5K Ragin Road Race. It was a lot of fun to get in the zone pre 10K race next month. I had to constantly remind myself not to try and compete with others. It's something I'll have to focus on during the Cajun Cup. I need to just enjoy the run and not concern myself with others. Race against yourself.

 We each had a mimosa after the race. There was music, food, and awards. It was a fantastic way to start homecoming day. Kassie lost her car key during the race- EEK- there's a pretty funny story attached to that, but I'll let her tell it. Talking to cops, with a mimosa in hand, about a missing car key. Only in Louisiana.

Next, My man and I headed down to Cajun field to tailgate. 

I got beat up by too much college Game Day fun and I am paying for it today.

I rolled way to hard in the paint, and guess what?

I wrote myself a free pass. Go have fun and do whatever you want to do little crazy wild girl. Did I ever have fun. Thankfully, my husband lasso'd me up and got me home before I could embarrass myself to terribly badly.

In short- yesterday was the highlight of my week. I ate badly for dinner. It was a-maz-ing. NO regrets.

I had cheesy french frys, half a grilled shrimp wrap, and some fried pickles.

I drank 3 Crystal Light daiquiris (tailgating), two diet rum and cokes, and someone bought me a "yeah we WON" celebratory shot(s)- ugh and I am no longer a student. Just go ahead and sign me up for that there Betty Ford.

If you've been following me on Instagram, you know I've been living in that shirt lately. It's "The Perfect T" from the Limited. It really is the perfect t-shirt. Incredibly comfortable, thick, but light weight. I bought one in brown too. If they had it in yellow, purple, blue, and pink I'd buy all those too. Amazing. Worth every last cent.

And no, Madeline and I did not plan to be maxi skirt twins. We shop together and dress a like by coincidence. Soul sistas.

I'm back on the straight and narrow today. Eating a salad and downing waters.

....and I may be wearing PJs, in bed, and watching a Kardashian marathon on E. Is it really 2:30?

Sing it with me now "Blame it on al al al al alcohol"

I did manage to get my shit together and pretend to be an adult for a few hours this morning.

We went to watch my super sweet and incredibly adorable niece compete in a beauty pageant.

She's been watching Toddlers and Tiaras, and Honey Boo Boo just like all of us, and she wanted to find out what all this pageant fuss was about. It was a small pageant and a no pressure situation. There were no little girls with spray tans, flippers, or wearing makeup. It was not all glitz'd out. There was one outfit and the theme was sport's wear. It was innocent and fun. Completely the opposite of what you see on television.

She won TWO crowns, two medals, a zebra sash and a trohpy. All before lunch! She was also the winner of her age group. GO GIRL! We all sat in the first few rows (yes rows- because you know the whole family came out to support her that's what we do in Cajun land) and grinned at her like a bunch of fools getting her to smile on stage. She did so well and made us all very proud. It's got to be nerve racking for these little kids to go up in front of group of people and smile and wave with all eyes, cameras, and smiles focused on them. She was the cutest cheerleader in attendance wearing her UL uniform. Absolutely precious. I just have to brag on her.

She is such a little firecracker. Someone jokingly called her Honey Boo Boo and if looks could kill, she cut some major stink eye. It was hysterical. We love her to pieces.

Brace yourself, world's most adorable AND beautiful beauty queen coming at ya

 Thoroughly enjoying my restful Sunday and work out break day. Our Saints play tonight. They better win this game. My husband has promised to write a guest post if they do- which will be completely hysterical- about living with boss lady and how all this dieting and exercise has changed his life. You won't wanna miss that one.

Hope you're having a fantastic weekend!

Have you ever been Game day'd like me?

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  1. Sounds like an awesome weekend! Your niece is precious!!! And oh you made me so jealous with your tailgating pictures and story... I'm a LSU alum and tailgating used to consume my fall semester (you know how it is...) I think it's the #1 thing I miss about being in college! xoxo