Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Holla for a Dolla- Fashion Post Number 2

By Request
(ask and you shall receive)
My first official and singular fashion post

First- I am by know means a fashionista. I'll do some crazy stuff to save a dollar, and I rely heavily on my friends- aa hemmm Kate & Madeline- to tell me what is in style and what I should be wearing. I shamelessly copy pins from Pinterest and I never purchase anything at full price. Ever.

Secondly- I try to be modest. You won't catch me running around in a dress that can be confused as a shirt from the baby gap. My Momma taught me better than that.

Lastly- That doesn't mean I haven't been known to show off my decolletage on a girl's night out, but I live by a few simple rules. If you wear a short skirt, cover up your top, if you wear a low cut shirt, cover up your tuukus. Don't let it all hang out. That's just asking for trouble.

Today's outfit-

This dress came from Ann Taylor Loft. I bought it during one of their blow out sales for all of 20 dollars. Holla! I've worn it several times since I purchased it. See here and here. I was hesitant to even try this dress on as it's a size XS and I am not an XS girl. I'm presently in the size 6 neighborhood. Also note- I am just shy of 6 feet tall. Yeah, that's a tall glass of lady water. I know.

When something is on sale from 60 dollars to 20, you try it on.

This is what the dress looks like on it's own

I threw on a sweater (The Limited), tights, and a pair of boots (Rack Room Shoes) to complete the look.

The watch I'm always wearing is Michael Kors. I got it on eBay from this seller. You're Welcome. I would never ever dream of paying the department store price, and will definitely buy my next watch from them as well.

In conclusion, if an outfit makes you feel great, rock that, and who cares what anyone else thinks. Be you!

For example:

My husband was singing "I Love the 80's" as he took my picture this morning.
To him boots and tights = 80's. This coming from the man who still wears polos circa 1994 and thinks spending more than 20 dollars on a pair of jeans is a small fortune.

If you feel I've given bad fashion advice, or you hate my outfit, that's ok. 
We don't have to do this again. HAHA!Have a great one :)


  1. A resounding YES. I love this post THANK YOU for answering our requests. LOL.. I love your philosophy and I live by those rules too. Cover up the front if the bottom is up - or cover up the bottom if the top is down:)

    Love the watch too - I WILL be checking out that site.

  2. Tall glass of lady water. LOl Cracking me up! You dress too cute! I'm checking out that ebay seller now!

  3. Hot mama! You always look so pretty. Give me 2 inches, please?!?! I would love to be a smidge taller...maybe I wouldn't look so lumpy haha I wish I could put outfits together a little better. You are creative! Love this. Happy Tuesday, girlfriend. I can't wait for us to plan a girl's weekend!

  4. I love your outfit! I also love that you will not pay full price for clothes...preach it sista!!!!! I think paying full price for anything is ridic. I live by the motto that if I find something I like soooo much but it is full price, just wait a few months and it will go on clearance. I would have a stroke if I actually paid full price for anything...any.thing. Also LOVE your watch!!! I am going to check your seller out bc I reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy want an MK watch but I don't want to pay out the piehole for it. Have a great day lady! :)

  5. Your hubs is crazy, you look great!! I love the boots and tights! Rock it girl!

  6. I love that last outfit... The color of the top, the tights, the boots, and even your little pose! Great post... I need to get the style bug from you!