Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Hi, My name is Leigh Ann, and I'm a Gym Rat

Happy Hump day peoples! We're already half way to the weekend, I swear time is ticking faster and faster everyday.

Brace yourself for the random that's coming at ya.

Ok so guess what I've been doing since my last post? You guessed it, MORE working out.
Surprise, surprise, yawnnn.

It took the newest girl working the desk at the gym roughly 4 days to learn my name, I may be spending to much time there. Did I mention they've been "jokingly" offering me a job for months? They better watch it or I'll snatch up that offer.

True confessions- most women at Personally Fit do not know I'm writing this blog. A few of the trainers (3 to be specific) know, because we're friends, and obviously Kate, Madeline, and Kassie know. I'm hesitant to share this information for a few reasons, but mostly because I am not an expert, and never ever want to portray that message. I'm just a girl who got sick and tired of feeling bad about herself, and set out to fix the problem.

Why am I talking about this? The owner of the gym wants to do a success story on me. Holy kanolies that is so scary. She asked me to do this a few weeks ago, but I'm feeling hesitant.

What defines success?

Reaching goal weight? Maintaining Goal Weight? Furthermore, what time frame quantifies successful maintenance?

Continued Perseverance in the face of failure? Failing miserably but continuing with renewed purpose and greater strength of self?

This all too deep for Wednesday Morning, I know.

I have yet to achieve my goal, reach the finish line, and in January, I will have been working on these 61 pounds for TWO years. That's hardly a successful or a brag worthy time frame.

Am I ready to plaster my face around the gym with SUCCESS written on my forehead? Am I ready to stamp success on my forehead at all? Hell to the no.  Finally, am I ready for all of Personally Fit to see my bizarre inner ramblings tacked to the wall of my corner of the Internet?

If I do the "Success" story, I'll have to discuss the blog, because it's become such an integrated part of my weight loss story. While I started writing the blog as a way to keep myself motivated, It's been incredibly rewarding to hear that I'm helping to motivate others. If I can reach my goal and help just one girl get out of that, I hate my body and desperately want to feel good about myself rut-I know just how badly it freaking sucks to be there- then I'll consider myself a success.

Henceforth, I'll do the success story when I finally reach my original goal. Whether that happens by November 1st 2012 or March 1st 2018, I really don't care, but that is when I'll consider myself successful.

I'm also going to promise to "out" myself with numbers. Yeah, I'm going to tell you how much I weigh, and how much I weighed in the beginning. Well I may make you do the math, because I still don't like talking about that big bad number. It literally haunts me, and not funny friendly Casper style haunt, like The Walking Dead, a zombie is coming to get your ass, haunts me.

I've always kept this number locked up Fort Knox style, my husband doesn't even know how much I weigh, but I feel it's really important to have realistic goals in which to compare individual goals. Plus, It just feels like completing the process.

Phew, that was scary.

OK now back to your regularly scheduled...

Boss Lady Business:

Tuesday Evening Work Out with Madeline
30 Minutes Stair Master- Fat Burner Plus Level 4
1-12 Normal Walk
12-13 Two Step with Leg Lift
13-14 Double Step
14-15 Two Step Leg Lift
15-16 Double Step
16-17 Two Step Leg Lift
17-19 Double Step
19-20 Recover
20-22:30 Walking Side Ways (Left)
22:30-23:00 Recover Normal Walk
23-25:30 Walking Side Ways (Right)
25:30-26:00 Recover Normal Walk
26:00-28:30 Walking Backwards
28:30-30 Recover Normal Walk
Pinteresting Challenge-
Total Body Circuit Work Out
1-2-3 Ab Work Out

"Ya know I just do the work out to take a crazy pic right?"- Madeline
Love that Girl

Wednesday AM-
45 Minutes Elliptical
20 Minutes Forward
20 Minutes Backward
5 Minutes Blast ii out
Elle Noel Ab Work Out:
50 Crunches
30 Oblique Crunches
30 Bicycle Crunches
30 Second Mountain Climbers
10 Reverse Crunches on Ball
5 Oblique Roll Ups per Side
30 Second Mountain Climbers
15 Oblique V-Ups Right
30 Indian Style Crunch
15 Oblique crunches Left
30 Toe Touch Crunches
60 Second Plank

Stretch Time- Kings of Leon- The Face

Since I started forcing myself to do my stretching after every work out, I've had ZERO hip pain.
Happiest dance!

Last night we had Weight Watcher Bubble Up Enchiladasl left overs from Monday. I had a giant breakfast taco this morning though, it was just what this weight loss lady needed! Yum

1 Corn Tortilla
6 Tablespoons Scrambled Egg Whites
2 Slices Jennie- O Turkey Bacon
2 Tables Spoons  Pineapple Peach Salsa
Half a cup fresh Pineapple
Coffee with a dash of skim milk and two truvia
Grand Total- 158 Calories

I'm going to participate in Vlogg link up on Friday that Holly is hosting, so you'll get to hear my Sweet Southern Drawl Coon-Ass Twang and I'll more than likely force my husband to Vlogg with me, because he's just funny and I'd love for ya'll to meet him!

There's enough full body pics of me in the post. Phew holy kanolies.
I'll still leave ya'll with a pic- dressed up with some Instagram (@ellenoelfitness) magic

Thanks for hanging with me ya'll! Hope your day is as fabulous as you are!

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  1. OMG the success story would be awesome and you totally are worthy BUT you do it when YOU feel ready.

    I too don't think I have ever posted my weight (one post and I still get sick to my stomach thinking I actually did that) and it freaks me out - but next week I am going to start and I am dreading it, but I am hoping it is FREEING too. We will see.

    You and Mexican - I swear I just made chicken fajitas last night. We should meet and eat Mexican for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and then do it again the next day:)

    You are working your bum off lady - you are doing so awesome. Happy Wednesday:)

  2. You rock my socks off!! FOR FREAKIN' REAL!!! :)

    I don't have time right now to read this in its entirety, but I'm coming back to it later! Wish we lived closer - I need a workout pal who gets and will push me!

  3. I AM SO PUMPED about the vlog on Friday...I'm trying to hype myself up to actually participate. We'll see if I can convince myself...or have enough wine to get the courage...but it should be interesting! I can't wait to make those enchiladas...sounds DELISH! How about you move to MS so we can be gym buddies? We'd be hot, skinny, and fit in no time!!! Happy Wednesday, girlfriend. So thankful I stumbled across your blog!!!

    1. Vlog with us, Rachel... You have to... We all wanna see your pretty face. :)

  4. My little "Noel".... You are a success story!! You are seriously rocking it day in and day out. I am so proud of you and just wish that I had a tenth of your motivation {and beauty}!

  5. Girl, you are nuts!! You are totally a success story!!!! It doesn't matter how long it took you to lose it, it how you did it HARD FREAKING WORK. You should be proud and yell your story from the rafters!!!!! It's taken me 3 years to lose my weight and I'm still not done, but this is a lifetime commitment, it's never ending so you will never be 'done'.

  6. Oh my gosh, I just read your "Former Fatty" story. You are amazing! I'm excited to read about it as you tackle the last few pounds between you and your goal!

  7. This is amazing! So proud of you and I am going to use this for motivation in life and all!
    Thanks Leigh Ann!-love you so much-Katie B. F.