Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Halloween, Speeding, & Summer 2013

Good morning Boss Ladies! We're halfway to the weekend, holla playa, that makes me so happy! Who is going to a Halloween party Saturday? The Noel's are and true to form we're waiting until the last minute to find our costumes. My husband and I always have big grandiose costume ideas that we discuss for months in advance then throw together the Saturday of, but this year we're going to throw it together the week before. We feel like we've got our shit together. This is my Wednesday project. What are you dressing up as this year?

Two-A-Day Tuesday was BUSY. I got in my afternoon interval/speed training.I'm getting better at this already so I'll need to make it more challenging on Thursday when I do this work out again. If you're just tuning in, I'm training for my first ever 10K race November 11th and I've challenged myself to run the 5 mile week 6 run under 50 minutes as part of my 30 Day Challenge. That run is this coming Saturday morning, October 27th. I also filmed your requested fitness vlogg last night, look for that video tomorrow!

Our Cajuns played at home last night- yes on a big Tuesday, how we appear on ESPN in the Sunbelt Conference, and call me an old fart, but I did not want to head down to the Stadium, fight traffic, and get suitably dressed to appear in public, on a big Tuesday. I will cut myself slack on the weekends, but I'm strict on myself during the work week- no excuses to miss a work out or diet cheats. We were going to stay home and watch the game, but we were invited to a last minute get together at a close friend's house and I really really wanted to go, so I hauled butt home from the gym, blow dried the sweat out of my hair (ew gross!), threw on a dry shirt, and headed over to their house.

The hostess, Madeline's sister Michelle, made all kinds of delicious game time snacks, It was a no carb day for me, so I used the cucumber slices she had out as chips, and ate a few meat balls, where there is a will there is a way. I drank red wine and thoroughly enjoyed myself without exceeding my calorie intake or consuming gluten heavy carbs for the day. Winning!

 The Cajun's didn't win, and that's ok! Let's be real, the girl's spend a whole lot more time doing this and the men keep us up to date on the score:

That's your favorite loud mouth mid laugh cackle, thanks Mr. Noel for the action shot.

We also spent a lot of time debating the coming summer's beach trip. Our group went on a week long all you can eat, all you can drink, summer vacation to Mexico this year, and we are plotting our return. If you ever get the opportunity to go on an all inclusive vacation, do not hesitate. We're pretty spoiled to it now. Zero stress, lots of fun, and all you have to do is pack your bag. We're evaluating options, spend a week at a Florida beach favorite or venturing back to all inclusive Mexico: Acapulco or Puerto Vallarta. Have you visited either of these locations? Resort Recommendations?

As long as we get to do lots of this

and this together

We could care less where we go, but we want to evaluate all of our options. I think that Victoria's Secret swim email really got to me yesterday. All I can think about is Summer 2013, vacation, and getting me a 24 pack- of abs! Summer 2013, I am coming for you! I'll channel that VS energy into my work out this evening!

For now, back to tan-less, 24 pack in the making, 8 pounds to goal weight, working reality....

That's another Perfect Tee from the Limited. New Challenge- buy it in every color :)

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  1. I love that you and your friends go together on vacation. I get sick of looking at E's face day ina and day out AND then throw in a 7 days of endless starting at one another - taking friends is MUCH more fun:) I love the action shot - that is what I look like ALL THE TIME. I will have to post my million open mouthed pictures for you:)

  2. You are so inspiring! Sounds like an awesome vacation.

  3. Hey Girl! Love the Perfect Tee! What size do you wear? I obviously need a bigger size then you, but wondering about the fit and sizing! Thanks!

  4. Good luck at your race, you are going to rock it I know it!! I wanna go on vacay with you, looks like funnnnnn!