Thursday, October 25, 2012

Fitness Vlogg Part Two- Your Requests

Here it is, your requested Vlogg video! I'm really getting good at embarrassing myself, I don't even mind doing it anymore! That's because all of you awesome ladies are so supportive, it makes doing this very easy on me! Madeline is even getting more comfortable with it, we'll have to get her to come in front of the camera with me when she's ready. This girl could show ya'll some serious boss lady arm work outs.

Disclaimer- I am NOT an expert, this is purely for the purpose of sharing information and laughing at my accent. Please ignore all the coming and going happening behind me, the gym is a popular place at 5:30pm!

You're going to hear some of Madeline and I's chit chat again, and she makes some great work out suggestions. The girl knows how to work those lady guns ya'll! If you hear some confusion going on between us, this is why:

My notes be messy, thankfully she's patient, and has gotten good at interpretting for me over the years.

Ok here we go!

Squats & Lunges 
Regular- 0:20
Sumo- 0:46
Squat Jumps- 1:12
Lunges (front, Back, & Side)- 1:36
Plyo Lunges- 1:58

Combo Arm/Leg Moves
Lunge with Bicep Curl- 2:15
Curtsy Lunge with Shoulder Press- 2:18
Squat With Shoulder Press- 2:54

Plank to Knees- 3:19
Plank Windshield Wipers- 3:28
Reverse Crunch on Ball: 3:45
Reverse Oblique Roll on Ball- 4:18

Upside Downs- 5:15
Rows- 5:46
Flys- 6:06
Triceps- 6:20

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Workin for the Weekend!
 Hope you have a freaking fabulous Thursday!
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  1. Look at your guns, Leigh Ann! Your arms are looking hella awesome. And thank you for the squat video. I know I put my weight on my heels... but I don't think my butt is going back far enough. I want to be able to set a can of soda back there... so I better get to work!

    Thanks for the video!!!

  2. Thanks for the video! I love how 'Rescue Me' is playing during the leg workouts...that is how I feel when doing squats and lunges! haha! Can't wait to try these moves out.

    My inner budget lady is screaming at me to behave today! 40% off at Loft and BOGO at Limited. I will not go overboard, I will not go overboard, I will not go overboard!

  3. Dang girl...get it. I am so impressed. I need to just start playing all of your vlogs and doing everything with you! I love me some squats but I really need to work on my form. I didn't even know what some of those were--so that's pretty awesome to learn a new move. You're the best, just in case you forgot. So proud of how hard you work! Oh, and I'm headed to LOFT now to do some online shopping....can't beat 40% off!!!! Happy Thursday, pretty lady!

  4. I am loving it. You are rocking girl. I love these. Happy Thursday.

  5. You've been nominated for an award! Go check it out here:

  6. maybe I can actually do a real squat! Seriously, been doing it wrong all this time LOL. These vloggs are really helping, thank you for taking the time to do them! :D