Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fitness Vlog- Part One

Ok here we go, I clearly love embarrassing myself, but heck ask and you shall receive! I broke these vlogs down into three videos and filmed in this order:
  1. Your specific requested exercises (Needs to be re shot because of sound, I'm sorry!)
  2. A few of my favorite butt work outs
  3. Random ab workout favorites that I frequently throw into my daily work outs
I vow to one day do a vlog when I'm not a hot sweaty mess. I had just finished that beast of speed/interval  treadmill work out, and I had stage 4 case of the gym uglies: aka bossing up on some fat! If you look cute when you leave the gym, you aren't working hard enough!

A few of you asked to see specific exercises, and we filmed that first, however, there was a problem with the sound, and it needs to be re filmed., which hopefully will get done today! If you absolutely can not wait, email me and I'll send you the soundless video. If not, look for that video soon.

Most of you asked for non-specific work outs- show me how to work my butt and gut was the popular request. Madeline and I filmed this in the corner of the gym, under a cloud of secrecy, but people expect off beat behavior from me, so no one looked surprised. The class you see going on behind me is Zumba- super fun!

Let's remember that I have NO formal exercise science training and I am NOT an expert. I have a degree in Liberal Arts (Public Relations), which involved lots of coffee drinking, library all nighters, analytical thinking, writing, and little to no physical activity. These vlogs were made purely by your request, and are for the sharing of information purposes only. Basically, I'm asking you not to be overly critical of me. It took all my boss lady courage to share this with ya'll!

You are also going to hear a little bit of Madeline and I's chitter chatter which we tried are hardest to keep to a minimum, but ya know, we like the talking!

Butt Work Out Favorites-

Glute Raises - 0:24
Fire Hydrates - 0:36
Forward & Backward Leg Circles - 0:43
Bridge - 1:20
Single Leg Bridge - 1:28
Butt Work Out on Ball - 1:50

(Squats & Other awesome Butt Work Outs to be Covered in the Requests Video)

Ab Work Out Favorites

Plank Pulse High - 0:29
Plank Pulse Low - 0:42
Oblique Rocks - 0:48
Toe Touch Crunches - 1:15
Bicycle crunches - 1:27
Russian Twist - 1:39
Indian Style Crunch - 1:58
Leg Roll Ups - 2:16
Scissors - 2:33
Swimmers - 2:38
Leg Hold - 2:44

(Reverse Crunches & Ball Ab Work to be covered in the Requests Video)

Should ya'll have more requests please feel free to ask, I LOVE your feedback. I'll get better at these videos as we go along!

Just so ya'll know I'm not always a hot sweaty disgusting mess. Here I am with my hair fixed and make up done this morning! Diva Status say Heeyyyyy!

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  1. Did you forget to tell me that you are a fitness model/instructor? You seriously look like a pro doing these moves, alot of which I had not even heard of! I must say, my favorite it the fire hydrant! How funny is that..I will have to start doing these moves. Usually when I try to target a certain body party I have no idea what I'm doing and scramble to find a pinterest workout for it. Not planning usually doesn't work. Anyway, you look amazing and I seriously think you'll be TEACHING classes at PF before long. I'd take one!

  2. Love, love, LOVED it!!! Thanks for doing the fitness vlog! Can't wait to see the other ones. :) You're still stinking cute even if you're a sweaty mess! I will most definitely be doing these in the privacy of my own home first. :) I get that whole core workout thing, but I just can't in good conscience air hump the ground at the gym in front of other people just yet. I need some of your bosslady courage! Great job on the vlog!

  3. Great videos!!! You are too dang cute!

  4. Um.. dang it I can't watch the videos here - I am will check them out tonight at home. I can't wait:)

  5. Oh I love this! I gotta my buns in shape.

  6. love this! again, you are such an inspiration!

  7. You are so cute! I am going to have to remember these when I need some good exercises!

  8. I am going that leg roll up thing you were doing in the ab video. Please don't be freaked out when these videos get 1675 hit tomorrow-- I am going to take my phone to the gym and try out these sweet moves. :)

  9. I have the biggest girl crush on you! Your motivation is amazing!!! :) Totally watched these videos and I'm taking my phone with me to the gym tonight. Yup. Tonight. :) Thanks for sharing!!!

  10. Thank you! I cannot wait to try these! There are a few that what I had in my mind was COMPLETELY wrong. ha! I am glad I waited until your video to try to do them.