Sunday, September 16, 2012

Wine-o's for the Win

Peee youuuu, this was not a good weekend for our Louisiana football teams!

It's been ugly, I think my husband is going to give himself a massive coronary from all the yelling/cursing and just generally losing his shit over these football games. His Fantasy team ain't performing so well either- he be pissed off!

Thankfully, I've got my own fun girly girl stuff to do leaving the man to do manly things lodging manly football complaints.

Mom and I are trying to recreate something similar to this (Pinterest- oh yeahs!)....

Yesterday, we spent 5 hours looking for a black urn(s) (you know we both gots to have one) before we decided to try the Internet, and thank you eBay! Hopefully this bad boy will be sitting outside my door next weekend! Woop de woop! I'll keep you posted.

In other news, of course I went and got my sweat on...

Work out breakdown- 45 minutes elliptical training, and another gym routine invented by moi....

20 Plank Pulse
20 Plank Rocks
20 Kneeling Glute Raises
Immediately Followed By
20 Kneeling Glute Pulse 
10 Glute Raise on Ball
10 Glute Knee Bends on Ball
10 Combo Previous Two Moves
10 Burpees
10 Reverse Crunch
5 Reverse Oblique Crunch per Side
15 Oblique V-Ups
30 Crunches
20 In & Outs

Sweaty Lady

While this has been a bad weekend for football, it's been a fabulous weekend for weight loss. I've done ridiculously well. I must brag on myself.

My man took me out on a hot date last night. We went to a new-ish restaurant in town, Cochon (French for "Pig"). Sounds like a dieting night mare huh? Your girl ordered grilled salmon with wild rice vegetable medley. I really wanted pasta, cracklins, and a chocolate martini, but I did not give in to my cravings. I stuck to my plan, and I had one glass of bubbly with dinner. 

(I started eating before I took the pic. Sowwys! I was hungry!)

The restaurant is on the river, we sat outside and enjoyed the view....

What a lovely little evening. We also uncovered a bike trail along the river, I could not contain my excitement at this discovery! Woop de Woop!

Next, we went and met up with Madeline and her man for a little double date and some live music! We drank a lot of wine. It was a lot of fun. Wino's are winners :)  Starts Singing, "Saturday, Saturday, Saturday, Saturday!!!"

No drunken eating took place. Hallelujah! I did not go over my calories for the day, even with all the bubbly/wine I consumed. Oh yeah, Saturday night blasty glassy!

My body is giving me all kinds of signals that I need to rest. My hip and leg are flaring up again, fffffff, so I need to take note and stop being so bossy boss lady. I'm annoyed, but it is what it is. I'm still going to bike this afternoon, but maybe not a 20 miler as originally planned.

I really want to go see Taken 2 this evening, because Liam Neeson is one bad ass mofo. I will eat popcorn. I've earned it!

How are you enjoying this beautiful September weekend?!

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  1. I am going to try your workout this week.... My "after" picture will NOT be as cute as yours. I'll send it to you... It will be purple, panting, and sweaty. :)