Thursday, September 20, 2012

Too Legit to Quit!

It was 57 degrees when I woke up this morning. Oh ALL my gees I am so excited. I even dusted off a pair of my favorite boots this morning. Season first- September 20th.

New Favorite Coffee for Fall - 0 Calories per serving.

Vs. Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte-
Tall- a real life small-
non-fat no whip cost me 200 calories 
you read that right 
TWO HUNDRED calories AND $4.05.
This thing is highly overrated, however very cleverly marketed. Sneaky Sneaky Starbucks!

Running clinic starts this afternoon, and I can not wait to pound out the pavement with Kassie and the girls from Personally Fit :) This is going to be a bomb ass day ya heards meh?!

As promised- I'm going to attempt to breakdown Wednesday evening's Butts & Guts HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) class. This is based solely off my memory. I wanted to ask the instructor, to give me the official breakdown, and I have no doubts that she would have given me her notes, however, she's instructing running clinic, so she's the most popular person in the gym right now, hence, my best memory is going to have to suffice!

Light Warm- Up 3-4 minutes or however long Justin Beiber's song "Boyfriend" is- yap that's the warm up song.

Then it's time to roll hard in the paint.

Insert Various string of Kick ass, Kick Butt Music- All of which can be found on my Boss Lady Jams page.

All time increments are in guestimation (this is a real word where I'm from) and I may have missed some of the exercises but this goes on for roughly 20-25 Minutes.

1 minute jog in place (Butt Kicks)
1 minute side to side "Jump Rope" hop double arm swing
15 Second Recovery/ Water Break
1 minute high knees
1 Minute Jog/Walk Recovery
30 Second Water Break
1 Minute side to side hop with double arm hook
30 Second Right Leg Kick
10 Second Break
30 Second Left Leg Kick
1 minute plank jumps- Left, Center, Right (Consistent rhythm)
1 minute walking recovery
30 second water break
1 Minute Jog in Place
1 Minute- Start on right side 4 "grab the ball and jump and dunk" basketball style- pause 4 small hops 180 degree repeat on left side- go for one minute
1 Minute walking recovery
1 Minute Side to Side "Skater Hops" with correlating arm hooks
30 Second Right Leg lunge to kick, ground touch
10 Second Recovery
30 Second Left Leg Lunge to kick, ground touch
30 Second Walking Recovery
1 Minute Jog
30 Second Water Break
1 Minute Double Jack with Arm Punch 180 degree Hop and Repeat opposite side
1 Minute walking Recovery
30 Second Left Knee (Up) Standing Oblique Crunch
30 Second Right Knee (Up) Standing Oblique Crunch
30 Second Water Break

Ab Routine-
Lay on floor
20 Bend and extend Ab Roll Ups (Alternating Legs)
30 Seconds Bicycle Crunches
10 Push Up
Repeat Twice

Lay on Bench- 20 Leg Lifts
20 second leg extend hold
20 Leg Kicks
20 Scissor Kicks
Now put your feet down
Grab "heavy" weight (8-12lbs) I use 12lbs. Boss Up!
Hold Weight over head roll down extend arms above head all the way back and roll up. Repeat 12 times
20 Russian Twists with heavy weight

Stretch your abs! Everything should burning at this point!

Lunges/ Squats/ Booty Work
Hold Heavy Weight- 8-12lbs
20 Deep Squats
20 Squat Pulses
Repeat Previous 2 Moves
Right Leg Lunge- 20
Left Leg lunge- 20
Right Leg 20 Lunge Pulse
Left Leg 20 Lunge Pulse
Feet in "second" toes pointed out- 20 calf raise
Feet Forward 20 Calf Raises
Toes pointing towards one another 20 calf raises

Arms- 4 Rounds- I use 10-12lbs 

12 Bicep Curls
12 Over Head Shoulder Press
12 Side to Side Walking Flys (3 right, 3 left)
12 Tricep dips

10 Bicep Curls
10 Over Head Shoulder Press
6 Side to Side Walking Flys (3 right, 3 left)
12 Tricep dips

8 Bicep Curls
8 Over Head Shoulder Press
6 Side to Side Walking Flys (3 right, 3 left)
12 Tricep Dips

6 Bicep Curls
6 Over Head Shoulder Press
6 Side to Side Walking Flys (3 right, 3 left)
12 Tricep Dips

Stretch it out!!! The Whole class is roughly 45 minutes long. I LOVE this class.
It's consistently changing but this is roughly what we did yesterday. Feeling like a boss!

After class, I rewarded myself with these bad boys (100 calories), and Modern Family reruns, because I missed the Big Brother is the coolest show ever memo. I will catch it next season!

I'd be lying if I said eating one bag and only one bag was an easy task and satisfies my sweet tooth craving. I would love nothing more than to eat five bags, but I can't do that. I want to lose weight. Things I tell myself to keep from eating all 50 another fun size bag:

One fun size bag is better than no fun sized bags!
I bet Giselle doesn't even eat one bag.
A minute on the lips forever on the hips!
Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels!
Do I have enough calories left for popcorn?

So far, these tactics are working, additionally my husband has zero qualms over about calling me out. Sometimes I'm thankful for his loud mouth, other times he wishes he had kept it shut. It is what it is!

57 degrees this morning! I was so excited. I dusted off and tried on my entire fall wardrobe a few fall essentials. Boots and Scarves. This is coincidentally the same dress I wore on Tuesday. Shhhhh Don't tell anyone :)

I'll probably be sweating buckets at noon, but I don't care! Loving this weather :)

Have a fab-o day fashionistas!!

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  1. You crack me up - LOVE the boots and the outfit. I ALMOST wore a scarf today too - but then chickened out because my neck would be a sweat pit. LOL

    Man you are doing awesome:) I ate a mini twix yesterday or 7 - ain't gonna lie:)

  2. luckyyyy you, in your fall booties! Your class sounds like something I would relish in, I love to get my ass kicked at the gym :)

  3. OMG love the boots! I need some new ones...mine are all effed up from last year. Mmmm that coffee looks delish! I am a self proclaimed Sbux addict but even I don't like anything pumpkin spice. I'm all about the skinny salted caramel mocha...with no whip! Yummm. That class sounds killer andu r doing awesome girly! :D

  4. You need to be a trainer, Leigh Ann! Seriously. Your work outs seem so fun.

    And now I am going over to to find some boots in my price range. I've never owned a pair, but you've inspired me! :)

  5. I'm wayyyy excited about this weather too. Embrace the boots.

    I've had a bad week and you're really inspiring. Thank you!!