Thursday, September 27, 2012

Swimming in Sweat- too gross?

Last night I got my booty whipped up on ya'll, a full on fat assault. I told ya'll about my Wednesday night class in detail last week, you can catch up on that here. Well this week, she completely changed up the work out. I was so ridiculously sweaty and gross after the work out, I had to get it picture. The sweat was rolling off my face, my shirt and pants were soaked, and I left feeling like I had just dropped those last ten pounds I've been whooping up on right there on the floor.

I weighed my self this morning, that didn't actually happen, BUT the work out was the BOMB dot com regardless. Ahh if it were only so easy :)

The class totaled 45 minutes as usual. We did a few cardio warm up songs, then got down to bossin up business.
The Challenge was simple- complete as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes time of the assigned work outs, if the bar was dropped or had to be put down for any reason, 10 burpees was the punishment.

Not a single person in that room put down their bar. Turns out burpees are the ultimate motivator.

Then the instructor said,

"It's kind of like a competition"

ohhh girl that's all you had to say, I was ready to bring it.

Two other ladies and I finished on exactly the same round 7.3 Next, week we'll do the same work out and see if we can improve. I'm always up for a challenge!

My arms felt like gelatin. While the weight didn't start off heavy by round four I was really feeling it and those over head shoulder presses were KILLER. My bar was loaded with 20 pounds total.

We finished the fat blast with a round of abs and planks etc. My arms were so weak I had to drop a plank or eat the ground with my face. My arms were breezing in the wind like pine trees in a Cat 5 hurricane.

Without further adieu. Check out all of that sweat. All that used to be fat.

Syenara Suckaaaaa

I knew to expect something crazy when I saw this Facebook status the night before...

I love her classes, they're always challenging and super fun. What more can you ask for?

Then I rewarded myself with this for dinner. I had one cup- 330 calories- and I prepared it with lean ground meat and skim milk. I used a measuring cup to portion control myself. We all need carbs and cheese. Well I NEED carbs and cheese. Call me a crazy kid but I LOVE hamburger helper.

Last night my husband and I watched the season premier of Modern Family- that show never disappoints.

Then we watched Honey Boo Boo. We're addicted- oh the shame.

I can't decide if these people are arrogantly ignorant or incredibly smart for exploiting their unpopular life style for the sake of some cash money- and from the looks of things, they really need it. We were trying to figure out just how many people are living in their house, which can't be larger than 3 bedrooms. My husband did point out- "They do seem really happy"

Amen to that! Who cares what anyone else thinks of you, as long as you are happy. The Boo Boo clan certainly does appear happy. 

Anywho, we're hooked, it's comical, it's trashy, and we're just happy they're not from Louisiana.

Honey Boo Boo Quotes that had us rollinggg with laughter,

In reference to baby Kaitlyn's extra thumb (the new baby has two thumbs),

"I wish I had an extra thumb so I could grab more cheese puffs"- Me too Honey BooBoo

"Baby Kaitlynn is so tiny, I POOP bigger" I doubt her Mom would agree Boo Boo, Oh lawd-day!

"I can't wait to see what new babies smell like. Sunshine and Daisies....or POOP"  Way to keep it real Boo

Be real... do YOU watch Honey Boo Boo???

Tonight Kassie and I have or second group run for week two of running clinic- a 3.5 miler.
We're fueling up today on all the good stuff- protein and limited carbs- so we can run extra fast.

Disclaimer- I'm about to brag on my man -  sheesh, I know, AGAIN! He just keeps doing all this great husband of the year stuff!

I had to get in a solid breakfast this morning, and I'm forever short on time. As I was getting dressed look at what he brought me....
Egg Whites and Turkey Bacon with a side of Humor... "Madame I have your breakfast"

Tune in tomorrow to find out about running clinic group run part two- hoping it'll be at least half as great as week one.

.....and it's off to work I go!

A happy happy Friday's Eve to each and everyone of you!

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  1. Maybe I am a nasty freak of nature, but I LOVE being drenched in sweat after a workout. (Either that or I am in fact related to Honey Boo Boo and her crusty mama and a little sweat makes me feel at home. Who knows. ) It means that workout really counts. And I love what you said about how it used to be fat! I honestly never even thought of it that way.

    Looks like we will be drenched tonight because the forecast is saying upper 80's. Atleast not 90's like it has been! We definitely need to get an "after" picture for the blog lol

    1. I'm with Kassie, I love being drenched in sweat, too. :)

      And both of our hubby's are sweetie pies!!

  2. I love your outfit and your man bringing you breaky!! So cute!

  3. Love the necklace - the color is awesome. You really are bringing it girl - so proud of you:) I can't WAIT to hear about 3.5 miler for yor and SouthernGrlGets Fit. GO LADIES GO!!!

  4. I love Hamburger Helper and Modern family! Keep running!

  5. Oh man, I need a gym like that here. Why don't I live in LA!? I always love a workout a little more if I'm super sweaty. I think it tricks my mind into thinking I worked out harder than I actually did...but it's always encouraging. You look FAB in that outfit. And who doesn't love Hamburger Helper? It's definitely a guilty pleasure--it's just SO GOOD. Can't wait to hear about your run! So proud of you and all of your hard work. I need to get my butt to the gym like NOW!

  6. Love love love when I get my ass kicked at the gym, I sweat like a 300 pound dude, for real. It's gross, but awesome at the same time. I don't watch Honey Boo Boo, I hear enough about to never even need to watch :)

  7. Great job on the workout - you are a bad ass boss lady! Oh Honey Boo Boo...just hearing about it embarrasses me LOL LOVE your necklace - that is SUCH a great color on you!!! :) You are one beautiful lady! I LOVE me some Hamburger Helper...but I have to be careful be 99% of them have cheese sauce in the mix and I am lactose even making them with almond milk and taking my dairy pills doesn't help *pout*