Thursday, September 6, 2012

Strawberries, Boss Lady, & Rocking this Day!

Good morning Elle Noel-ers! Happy Wednesday  Thursday! (thanks four day work week)

If you haven't done so already please head over and "like" me on my little Facebook page! I'll love you forever! Oh did I mention I'm on Instagram now too? I'm basically everywhere. My weight loss, social media, and blogging soul sista over at Southern Girl Gets Fit has got me hooked on Instagram. When I say hooked, I mean hooked, it's been under 12 hours and I'm 52 pictures in. Maybe I'm exaggerating, you'll have to follow me to find out :) #ellenoelfitness

Now that I'm done with the shameless self plugs...

I revisited cottage cheese yesterday. We weren't fast friends, but it's growing on me. While I didn't like the Blue Berry Cottage Doubles, I really liked the Strawberry Cottage Doubles! I'll try the pineapple and peach on my next grocery run. I can only find these at Wal Mart (.99 cents, holla for that dolla!), and last night I did my shopping at Rouses (Spaghetti Squash). I'm not ready to consider myself a hard core cottage cheese eater, but these are slightly more than tolerable, and excellent weight loss snacks!

Yesterday was all about the strawberries. I had this Chocolate Covered Strawberries Think Thin Bar for my afternoon snack. While I really like the Chocolate Covered Strawberries, it does have an artificial Strawberry flavor, my girl Kate ain't down with this bar, but I really like it. Verdict- eat at your own risk!

This has been a really great couple of days for me. My work outs have been on Boss Lady point and I've been able to really clean up my eating. I'm putting last week in the past where it belongs. Today, I feel a-maz-ing; thin, fit, and healthy. Thanks clean eating and exercise!

Last night, I put in a HIIT class at Personally Fit and got myself signed up for running clinic! I haven't run since my hip injury, so I'll have to be really careful leading up to the start of the clinic on September 20th not to re injure myself. Womp womp.

This morning, I got my butt to the gym at 5am. Holler!! I did 30 minutes on the elliptical jumping straight from there into an hour long weight lifting class. I'm going to put in more work this evening. November 1st will be here before I can blink my eye lids five freaking fast times. Got to put in work!

Wednesday Night Boss Lady Equipment

Thursday Morning Body Sculpt

I wanted to make Weight Watchers Bubble Up Enchiladas for dinner last night, but after the gym and grocery store, it was just to late to start cooking. My husband could've given two rat shits about dinner. The NFL season opener had his full attention. Apparently Fantasy Football teams need lots of attending too, requiring continuous "analytical thought and strategic planning" Lawd-day! Whateves, I really don't care, as long as he wins the pool at the end of the season, bring home the bacon bay-bay!

I had easy peasy lettuce wraps. I think he had tuna helper or something like that. I'll be a good wife and cook Weight Watchers Bubble Up Enchiladas tonight.

Rocking the high waisted pants today! What do ya'll think??

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  1. We really are soul sisters I think, mainly because one of my favorite phrases is Holla for a dolla. Classy, ain't it?

    A few things:
    I tried the pineapple cottage cheese double last week. Threw that nasty shit away. Will try strawberry though. I can handle cottage cheese but for whatever reason, that one tasted salty? Maybe I had a bad batch.

    Second, I love that teal color on you!

    Third, props to you for going to the gym at 5am. I didn't have work till 10 and I caught up on all my DVR'd shows instead of working out like I should've. You rock. The end.