Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Runner's High

Good morning! I'm so happy to today is Tuesday. Monday just wasn't that kind to me. I know it happens, and I guarantee you there have been worse days. All day long I kept busting it trying to turn my day around.

I kept hearing some of my Mom's favorite sayings buzzing around my head

"Sometimes you're the windshield, sometimes you're the bug"

"The stars are stacked against ya girl get back in bed"

"You gonna trip on that lip? Get it together!"

She makes me giggle.

Ingredients for a bad day....

First I over slept

Then I had a flat tire

I forgot my coffee AND my morning snack, so I had to make an already late stop here

Everyone and I mean everyone in the office needed something extra from me. In addition to standard Monday Madness

I thought I was going to lose all of my long brown hairs

Then my husband calls. That tire has to be replaced. GRAND.

It's only going to cost 200 bucks. For a tire!!!

Vehicles...necessary expensive evils

While I go to work earlier than he does, he works later than I do. He graciously offered to take my vehicle to the tire shop so that I could get in my work out. I really really needed an intense stress relieving work out after my wild, crazy, busy, when will you please be over, day.

I was running to and from the gym frequently before my hip injury in July. Honestly, I've been scared to start running again. Terrified of re injury. This injury was extremely painful. I tried hiding it, even denying the full extent of the pain to myself, but I'd feel a twinge all down my leg every single time I'd take a step.

This was consistent, for at least a month. It's finally feeling relatively normal, so I signed up to train for a 10k starting at the end of the month. I knew I had to start running again, and very very soon.

I got a new Ruffles with Love Shirt in, and it hit me like a lightening bolt. I knew how I could turn my day around. Time to jump back on the running horse. I didn't need another sign.

I ran to the gym. My first run in over a month. It was a short .75 miles door to door. It took me 6 minutes. It felt glorious.

As I rounded the corner to the gym, I was shocked, awed, and proud of myself for jumping back on the running horse. This short run was exactly what I needed to kick this bad day to the curb. Just like that, I'm running again.

Keep on moving through all this hustle
Head up, head down through all the bustle
New York City wanna flex your muscle
You look so down, look so puzzled
Huddle ‘round your fire through all the rubble

Bound to stumble and fall but my strength comes not from man at all
Bound to stumble and fall but my strength comes not from man at all

Miracle by Matisyahu- A great song can pull me out of the most stubborn of funks

Today is already looking up up up up!

Running off to work this beautiful Tuesday

What's your sure fire way to turn around a bad day?

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  1. loooooove it! running fixes everything, well, almost :) Your outfit is so cute!

    1. Running = Therapy, I completely agree!

      Thanks girl, proof if you hang on to it long enough you can wear those skinny cloths again! hahaha

  2. Good job on the run girl! I love your tank, I really want a RWL shirt...so imma gonna have to get me one soon :) Love the outfit, you always look so pretty, polished and put together!

    1. Thanks MrsD! You are too sweet. It's definately not something that comes effortlessly to me so thanks for noticing :)