Thursday, September 13, 2012

Riding a Natural High

Happy Friday's Eve eerrrbody! We're almost there! I've kept up with all the work outs and no carb dinner/ calorie restrictions previously challenged, but I can not give up my popcorn. In 50 Shades terminology, it's a hard limit, ya know what I'm saying?

To make matters worse, my husband and I now have a game. He hides the popcorn I find the popcorn. He thinks it's hysterical! HYSTERICAL! It is pretty funny, I mean who phenes for popcorn? So far I've only gone Monday without eating popcorn, it's pretty pathetic, but whatever. It's my vice. It is what it is

Work Out Summary-

Wednesday Night- 45 minutes HIIT Class

Thursday Morning- 30 minutes on the elliptical, hour long Body Sculpt aka weight lifting.

I did NOT want to get up this morning. Thankfully, I live a hot minute from the gym, aka my home away from home.

This week, I've made an effort to prepare meals from what I already had on hand in the mother ship refrigerator and freezer. I had three bags of boneless skinless chicken breast, all half empty, three open bags of broccoli, buy one get one free mushrooms, spaghetti squash, turkey burgers, and a host of other things I needed to use up, because no one likes a hoarder. I'll have to get in some grocery shopping tomorrow, but it's nice to de-clutter every now and again. Anywho, last night I made a variation of a previous recipe, grilled chicken mock pasta.

This time I used chopped mushrooms and an onion/ green pepper medley sauteed in two tablespoons of Blue Bonnet Light Margarine-

Next I added chopped boneless skinless chicken breast (three), frozen broccoli florets, and frozen peas

I had an animal of a spaghetti squash to bake. It was the biggest one I'd ever purchased, we'll be able to eat off of it for days. I was forced into purchasing the beast as it was the last one left.

I'm getting lots of questions about spaghetti squash. I purchase mine at a specialty grocery store- these are not available down at the Walmarts. Sowwys.

First slice it in half and scoop out the seeds. These bad boys are not easy to slice in half. You'll have to put your back into it, or you can do what I do and say, "Heeyyyy Honey Buns? Can I borrow some of your man strength for a few lil minutes?" He loves it when I talk to him like that. (ha!)

Preheat the oven to 350. Place the two halves down to bake for about 40 minutes. I find any longer than 40 minutes and the squash is more spaghetti squishy mush than hmmm this could pass for real spaghetti!

Remove from the oven and flip the two halves over. I wait about five to ten minutes before forking out the squash

I served the squash on the side since I knew I'd have so much left over. Maybe I'll get crazy and make spaghetti tonight, or a "skinny" Alfredo. This girl LOVES a white sauce aka the most fattening of all.
Le Sigh.

I added about a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil to the stir fry mixture I had going on. I estimated this to be about 300 calories give or take a few.

I'm not looking forward to my weekly weigh in tomorrow. I'm prepared not to lose, since I had so much fun, yet again, last weekend. Hopefully, this weekend will be quieter.

I've got to get serious if I'm going to reach goal by November 1. You can not out exercise/diet a bad weekend. You just can't, believe me. I've tried. It ain't working.

In other news...

Have you found me on Instagram yet? @ellenoel fitness

I really love Instagram! Thank you to Kassie at Southern Girl Gets Fit, for introducing me to my new favorite time waster!

This is one of my favorite outfits this week.

I bought that skirt in 2007, this is third time I've ever worn it, since I started showing Cheetos's a ton of love around that time.

Getting your big butt into old "I seriously can't believe this fits again" cloths = "not for sale" natural high.

Shirt- Limited
Cardigan- Target
Skirt- Express
Shoes- Payless

Wishing each and everyone of you a super productive and happy Thursday!

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  1. You are a riot "honey buns" - bah! I bet my husband wishes I only called him such lovely names - right now it is basically a long, whiney, drawn out EEEEEEERRRRRRRICCCCCCCCCCC. He loves it - I am sure he does. White sauce = happy place. YUM!!! I will find you on instagram. I don't know WTH I am doing on there - but hey I will give it try. Happy Thursday.

    1. I usually try buttering him up before asking for favors, I find it has a higher success rate! hahaha!

      White sauce was invented by Angels, a fairy told me so!

      See you on Instagram, I'm stumbling around there too!
      Have a great day!

  2. What do you do in your HIIT class? I've always wantd to try a HIIT workout. And you look so cute all ready for work!!

  3. That looks soooo yummy! I have actually never had spaghetti squash, but I should really give it a try.

    I have my weigh in tonight too but I don't think I'll lose this week either. Oh well- that's why it's a new day!

    Congrats on the skirt- what a good feeling!