Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday, Moderation, and M&M's

Monday, Womp Womp. It's raining over here deep down south. I ran late this morning, traffic was terrible, and my umbrella is never accessible to me when I need it, so I walked around with a grocery bag on my head this morning. I shit you not. :) Ok ok I'm done bitching complaining. Sorry about that. It's already a been way better than last Monday, so I'll just be super thankful for that :)

Anywho- I skipped working out all together yesterday. My hip and left leg are hurting me again. Probably from walking all around the river in 3.5 inch high heels Saturday night. I is so smart. I did however stick to my 1200 calorie a day diet, so I won't beat myself up about this.

Candy is just everywhere I turn my head these days, thanks Halloween, and I have been pheneing for M&M's, they are my biggest weakness. I purchased a bag of individually packaged M&M's for snacking-I'm allowing myself one mini bag a day. I thought about bringing these to the office since I love being the most popular at work know how much my co-workers love chocolate, but I too love it way to much for it to sit on my desk mean mugging me all day.

One small bag Plain- 70calories
One small bag Peanut- 90 calories
One small bag Peanut Butter- 100calories

Surprisingly, I've done really well in my quest to minimize my popcorn intake. I only had four bags all together in the last seven days. This is a serious accomplishment for me. I was previously eating two bags a day. Sheeesh. Oh the shame! I had to get super creative in attempting to break the popcorn streak.
Special thanks to my husband for hiding the popcorn all around the house from my butter grubbing hands. Popcorn hide & seek, our new favorite game. I realize this seems extreme, crazy, insane person behavior, but the popcorn addiction was intense. You can read all about it here and here.

If I really want a bag of popcorn, he'll give me a "clue" or a riddle. Riddle Number 1:

"Look in the drawer of items I hate and you have to many of"

The Scarf drawer!!!! Yessssss!

Ohh the things we do for a little entertainment :)

In other former chunky girl news- I was craving a casserole, carbs/cheese, something that felt like an extreme diet felony but is delightfully legal, so I made Mama Laughlin's Skinny Cheesy Enchilada Mexican Lasagna again, which  swear to you is more delicious than buzzed up Taco Bell at 3am. Mmmmm

This time I added Taco Seasoning to the filling mixture to make it a little bit spicier. Us Cajun's like for our yapper's to be on fiya! My husband had three servings of the Mexican Lasagna. He's a super fan.

The filling mixture would make a really great skinny dip too. My man walks into the kitchen and dipped his chips in the mixture while I was shredding chicken, "MMMMM SalsA!" grabs bowl and starts walking away... "Oh no buddy, you can't eat that". Yes, he literally walked around eating chips in front of me all afternoon. At least he was walking while eating, a little counter productive if you ask me, but he's probably three pounds lighter this morning. Men are so lucky.

Tonight I've got RIPPED (HIIT) class at Personally Fit. I'll breakdown exactly what we do in the class for ya'll tomorrow. This is probably the most challenging class I take at PF, and it would be fairly simple to make up some crazy stuff like this for you to do on your own. Stay tuned!

Running off to work this morning. Literally running. I paused for half a milli second to snap this pic.

Wishing you all a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious day! Take that mean Monday!

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  1. loooove you in purple, so pretty! Why why why do the yummy candies have to be soooo bad for you! Life is so unfair!

  2. I love PB M&M's!!! Not sure I could stop myself at one bag which is why I buy my daughter only candy I don't like. I'm a mean mommy :)

  3. Happy Monday pretty girl:) I freaking love candy - like a lot - LOL. Now you have me craving M&M's - mmmmmm...

  4. Peanut m&ms are my weakness. As is Red Vines. I'm impressed you can control yourself and only eat one small bag a day.

  5. Okay, literally drooling over that casserole. Will definitely have to try it soon!

  6. I'm so jealous of your little popcorn game! HAHA

    And I want some peanut m&m's STAT. :)