Friday, September 7, 2012

Looking Fabulous & The Weekly Weigh In

TGIF!! If your new today, I extend to you my warmest Southern Louisiana Bienvenue! I'm so freaking happy you're here! If you're a repeat offender, I'm just itching to know what ya'll think of Elle Noel's new look!?

I'm flat out obsessed. I've been using my remedial html skills to get me by thus far, but I have been saved by the Stanfield Clan over at Where We Can Live Like Jack and Sally. Holly and her tech savvy html wizard husband Chris really hooked me up with the new look.

This is how I described my blog "vision" or lack there of to Chris, "clean design in "girly girl" colors with a cursive "leggy" font. Classy but a little bit trashy" All over the place much? I don't even know what to do with that hot mess.

Three days and $40 bucks later, ya that's it, 40 bucks for all this fabulousness, voila! Presto! I'm so peachy pleased it ain't even cute. If you're looking for a new design for your blog, don't hesitate in contacting Chris and Holly, be prepared to be razzle dazzled by html magic! Make sure and add, Where We Can Live Like Jack and Sally to your list of favorites while you're there. Holly's blog is hysterical, relate able, charming, and motivational. She's that crazy cool friend you've always wanted. She's inspired me to think about trying to run stadiums. Did I mention she has TWO little chickadees? Ya and she finds time to run stadiums, she looks A-maz-ing!

It's weekly weigh in time. I didn't lose and ounce. Not surprising. I had too much fun over Labor Day weekend, I knew I was having too much fun as I shoveled a third chocolate chip cookie in my yap, but oh well. It happens, moving forward....

Thursday was a Boss Lady bad ass day.

2.5 hours total ( includes 5am work out) whooping up on some fat, keeee yawww it burns so goood! Thursday afternoon work out summary- 30 minutes on the stair master. INTENSE. Followed by abs, a bat shit crazy ton of squat jumps, and booty work! Oh yeah!

Stair master + me = FRIENEMIES

Last night's dinner was one of my personal favorites. Weight Watchers Bubble Up Enchiladas.

*Wipes up drool*

Disclaimer- I'm about to brag on my man- I dragged in from the gym at 7:00pm all sweaty and exhausted from my crazy long boss lady day (started at 4:30am), and my husband had cooked dinner AND done the laundry. Ya, he worked his tail off all day too. I struck gold marrying that man :)

Friday morning 4:30am *buzz buzz buzz* goes the alarm clock!

45 Minutes on the elliptical followed up with Booty Work and Tone It Up Abs both new pins on my Beastmode Board.

Notice I look a little *insert Steel Magnolia-esque Southern Drawl* dduurrrtyy in my pictures from this morning. This is because Boss Lady got herself a spray tan last night! Holla!

It looks heavy until after the first shower. Diva status? Who cares!!

I roll with a simple motto. If it makes you feel fabulous, just go on wit-cha bad self cher
(pronounced "sha" - Cajun term of endearment).

My man and I have a really fun weekend planned. Hence, the spray tan, lots of pictures.
I may even get fancy and crack out my real digital camera for ya'll!

Did I mention I'm currently obsessed with Instagram? Follow me, I want to follow you too!
(That just sounds so creepy- oh internets) #ellenoelfitness

Supporting my Alma Mater, Louisiana's Ragin Cajun's, by wearing red today! Geaux Cajuns!

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  1. I am new to your blog and I think you look fantastic!!! You are gorgeous and hilarious...can we be best friends? You can be the gorgeous and hilarious one...I'll be the one trying to be gorgeous and hilarious. Love how motivating you are and all your freakin' energy! Need to bottle that shit! I'd buy a case! So jelly of your spray tan...I would love to get one but I am as pale as a ghost so I am pretty sure I'd walk out looking like an Oompa Loompa and I don't need that. You have an awesome hubs! You are one blessed boss lady. Those enchiladas look nomlicious, I am gonna have to try making them sometime!

    I am on instagram as well @the_mrsd and have a blog I'd love for you to check out sometime!



    1. How can you say you're not hilarious! Cracking up over here! Checked out your blog too, hyterical! Thanks for all those sweet complements, made my Friday just shine even brighter! I'll find you on Instagram STAT! Hvave a great weekend Mrs D!

  2. You're too nice "Noel!" :)

    Is that a Ruffles with Love shirt? I ordered one for my friend, but not for myself. You look so cute in your work out gear. I hope you get a bunch of page views this weekend! :)

    1. That is a Ruffles shirt! It's so silly that a shirt with a cute saying can really get me going, but hey whatever works! Thanks so much for sending so many new people my way! WOW!

  3. Stopping by from Where we can live like Jack and Sally...LOVE the blog, design and your blogroll! Excited to be a stalker (I don't understand how all that "follower" stuff works)

    1. Thanks so much for stopping on by! I'm new to the bloging world and don't know how a lot of this stuff works... I have a blog stalker?! Oh happiness! I thought it was just going to be my Mom there for awhile (True Story)

  4. Poppin' over from Holly and my new fav Southern Girl Gets Fit page - You are amazing and I am loving reading all your posts and yummy recipies! You Rock it! <3

    1. Thanks for stopping by Lisa! I adore Southern Girl Gets Fit too, she's da bomb diggity. Thanks so much for reading!

  5. I found ya through Holly too! Great job!! You're looking great! I'm always looking for motivation to get my booty in shape too!!

    1. Thanks for popping over Jenalee! I'm always digging around for more motivation myself. I find it's usually a little like tooth paste..with a little determination, you can always squeeze some more out ;)

  6. Oh Chris did a GREAT job with your blog!!! Holly and Chris are too much fun :)

    Love your blog - so cute!! And as you know, I'm workin' on my fitness, too! Hope we can help motivate one another!

    Have a blessed weekend!

    1. I'm thanking my lucky stars to have Holly & Chris' help, I really love, times 50, the new look.

      Thanks for reading, I absolutely adore your blog, I'm a daily reader.

      You've got a huge cheerleader in my corner!The blogging world has really helped me motivate myself, don't ya just love the internet?!

      Hope you have a fabo day!

  7. Followed you back. :) I love Holly too!! And Chris made your blog so pretty!! Love you blog!

    1. Thank you ma'm!! I'm just loving the blogging community!