Friday, September 14, 2012

"I can make sopapillas"

TGI freaking F! We made it, another week down the hatch. Weekly weigh in was as expected. Womp Womp. No losing for me this week. I had to much fun last weekend, and something bad happened last night. Hang tight I'll tell ya'll about that shortly.

I haven't lost anything since finishing the 3 day cleanse. In fact, I gained two of that back. Triple womp womp womp. This is discouraging.

Especially when I step on the scale every Friday morning and say out loud Womp Womp. Yeah, I say it out loud. It's a warning call to my husband, so that he doesn't come in and eagerly ask, "So what did ya lose this week?!" because he is relentlessly supportive in my quest to achieve my goal. I am very lucky.

This morning was particularly agitating, but I got to the gym and put in my seventh work out in five days.

Sometimes I think to myself, "Maybe this is the best it's ever going to be chick. Maybe you should be just be happy with where you are."

Then I remember that I used to look like this:

and now I look like this:

and I remind myself that no matter how long it takes, I will win this long ass, hardest and most rewarding thing I've ever done for myself, weight loss race you heards meh?!

I'm a survivor
I'm not goin' give up
I'm not goin' stop
I'm goin' work harder
I'm a survivor
I'm goin'na make it
I will survive
Keep on survivin'

Boss Lady Breakdown:

Thursday Evening- 45 minutes on the Elliptical, Booty Work, Random Abs

Friday Morning-  30 Minutes Stair Master ( FatBurner Plus Level 3), Full Body Meltdown, 300 Abs.

Weekend Goals:

1200-1500 calorie intake per day.
Saturday- Running Injury Permitting lots of running.

Wine-o's for the Win Saturday Night

Sunday- 20 mile bike ride

So what bad things happened last night? I know your inquiring mind is itching for answers.  After I left the gym, I went to my Momma's house. We're plotting some Pinterest home decorating for fall and needed to map out our weekend shopping game plan.

My Mom made me a salad. Which was the bomb dot com. She found this salad dressing, 60 cals a serving, and it's so yum yum yum. Go get you some!

I was at my Mom's until 8pm, when I realized the time, and that I should get moving on home.

Why hadn't I heard from my husband? Usually, he starts calling/texting around 6:45 if I'm not home from the gym. He wants to know what's for dinner, do we need to grocery shop, blah blah boring daily tasks we discuss. Well he didn't call. He was up to something all right. Something sneaky.

I got a text at 8pm which alerted me to the time.

"Where are you?"- Husband 

"I made dinner"- Husband

Fack. I immediately know exactly what he made for "dinner".

Wednesday night, we were talking as I finished cleaning up from that delicious guilt free mock chicken pasta I made. He was digging around in the pantry and literally out of no where states,

"I can make sopapillas".

My husband frequently makes random declarative statements.

It's not odd behavior. I find it funny and endearing.

I think I responded to his statement with, "Oh yeah?! SalsA, SaLsA, Salllssaaaa"

We start laughing and talking about something else.

Random declarative statements are his way of letting me know he's plotting something, so stay on your toes chick. 

Example, when were dating, he randomly declared over dinner at a nice restaurant,

"I have a tent. I like the woods"

Next thing I knew, my high maintenance ass was being dragged into the wilderness for some very primitive camping. Like no electricity or running water primitive. Like dig a hole six to eight inches deep primitive, if you know what I'm saying.

Let's just say, he won't ever try to get me to do that again.

"I would do anything for love..... but I won't do that"

I walked in the door and there he was. Standing over two plates of this:

Homemade, home fried, butter on top,sopapillas. He's so proud of himself. Seriously.

"Don't freak out, you said no popcorn, so I made sopapillas! I cleaned up my mess and everything!"

He also forgot about the no carbs for dinner, but ya know what? I can't be upset. Those things were seriously delicious. I savored every single bite. He sprinkled kettle corn seasoning on top and some light margarine. Mmmmm. I didn't even try to figure out the calories. Why? Because Boss Lady worked out for two and a half hours yesterday and I refuse to feel guilty about this.

Back at it today. Cross your fingers for no more random declarative statements from Mr.Noel this weekend, and maybe just maybe I'll be able to shed some more L'Bs!

Random Factoid-

This week, I haven't been able to get enough of this snack-
150 calories with granola. Mmmm and only $1.08.

I'm about to eat one right right now!

Supporting those Ragin Cajun's again this big bright wear red Friday morning, Let's Geaux Cajuns!

Hope you have a fabulous 100 yard punt return, touchdown to win the game (guess what I'm thinking about) kind of weekend!

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  1. You look amazing! Check out that before and now! Wow. You rock. Love that lat quote and good top on the Mc.D's yogurt!! yum. Happy weekend!!

  2. You look great girl and are killing it on the workouts - WAAAHOOO! You should NOT feel guilty for eating that flippin sopapilla at all - you deserve it. Have a great weekend and enjoy that 20 mile bike ride, I have to run 12, I.might.die.