Sunday, September 23, 2012

Happy Birthday Pitbull!

Good morning Elle Noelers! Are you fresh off a work out or swimming through your hangover like me? 

Let's go Back in Time...

Let's excuse me baby
Go, yeah you baby
Back, ooh you groovy baby
In, let's make a movie baby
Time, excuse me baby
Let's, yeah you baby
Go, ooh you groovy baby
Back in, let's make a movie baby

Last night we went out to dinner and on the town for Pitbull's birthday.

 (This is his real life nickname so it seems fitting to use it here)

We call him Pitbull, because he looks like the singer, kind of, they're both bald, which one drunken night in Mexico (all you can eat and drink summer vacation), after listening to Pitbull's music on constant repeat for days (they LOVE Pitbull there) meant they look a like, and hence the nickname was born.

Happy Happy Birthday from the Noel crew, 
Happy Happy Birthday from all of us to you!

There was a big group of 15 or so of us dinner, my man and I met some really fun new people we are looking forward to seeing again. I love meeting new people and making new friends, because my loud mouth has never met a stranger.

I also ran into a few of my most favorite people on planet Earth last night. The perks of living in a small-ish town.

My high school friends and I are having a hard time keeping up with one another in real time, ah life, we're all out conquering the universe in various different arenas, I love the surprise run in and cornering them into talking me for an hour catching up with these peeps. If you're reading this Holler! Let's really get together soon!

Here's a look at our night out!

Madeline and the Birthday Boy

The girls- Madeline, Me, and Princess Consuela Banana Hammock (She insists this be her blog name. I love her to pieces so she's going to get her way, MUAH!)

My Husband and I, Ohh you groovy baby!

What I ate for dinner, not the best choice, but certainly not the worst. 
Don't hate, I ate some broccoli!
Zeas Thai Ribs and corn grits are heavenly, I couldn't resist :)

I was rocking a new outfit last night. 
The shirt I borrowed from Madeline, but the rest was all me. 
New skinny jeans(40% off), new jewelery (10 dollars, holla for that dolla!)
Tryin to be stylin!

Tomorrow, I'll bring you back to your regular scheduled Elle Noel boss lady work outs and clean eating programming.  

Kassie and I got in our 2.5 mile run early yesterday morning, and I did a whole bunch of other crazy busy boss lady stuff, but right now I have to go watch my Saints win a football game! Who Dat!?

I hope you're enjoying a super Sunday fabulously fun weekend!

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  1. Happy birthday to "Pitbull"! You have me craving Zea's now.... That is what I order almost every time! If not the ribs, then the duck... but definitely the corn grits! I think I know where I am asking hubby to take me tonight :) Happy Sunday!!
    xo, Mary

  2. You look gorgeous, as always. But in other news, I NEED Madeline's necklace. That is an awesome piece.

  3. Love your blouse!! You look beautiful! I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award, check out my blog for deets! :)