Monday, September 3, 2012

Goodbye Summer, until we meet again :)

Happy Labor Day to you and yours! My husband and I celebrated Labor Day early, last night we headed out to Church Point, Louisiana (My husband's home town) to participate in the annual Quarterback Auction. My husband and all of his best buds get together each year to relive their high school football glory days (Side note- my man claims they don't really do this, and he's right.They discuss high school football glory days a whole lot more than just once a year) and support the program which hold so many of their fond memories. The Quarterback Auction is an annual booster program for the school's athletic department in which various goods/services are donated for public auction over the radio. Frequent popular items: The first spot in the Mardi Gras Parade (HOTTEST item $$$$), Beer by the case (delivered directly after won), Homemade Desserts/ Dinners, Livestock (I kid you not), and lots of random football paraphernalia( A high school football helmet went for $1,200 big ones last night. I hope the winner was drunk). Take a look at my football star :)

This was a full on deep down south Louisiana par-tay ya'll. At an event like this, there will be lots of eating and lots of drinking. There was so much delicious food to eat, it could've easily been mistaken for Thanksgiving dinner. On the menu: Deer & Sausage, as well as, Beef Roast Rice and gravy, Corn Mach choux, Macaroni & Cheese, Greek Pasta, Green bean casserole, desserts galore, homemade queso, and more alcohol flowing than a college kegger. Guess what I did? I enjoyed myself. I wrote myself a free pass. Sometimes, you just got to indulge. FYI- the party's hostess is one of the best cooks I know. You don't pass up that Louisiana hospitality and down home Cajun cooking. My momma didn't raise no fool. The only thing I feel really guilty about eating are those three cookies that smuggled their way into my mouth over the course of the evening. I ate dinner, but didn't over serve myself, and brought my new go-to Krystal Light Daiquiris to drink. Deer & Sausage gravy cooking on the outdoor burner. Lawd-day this was down right delicious!

Family get together's and parties with great friends, can introduce an impossible dieting scenario. I knew this party was coming, so I ate lightly all day and prepared for the extra calories I knew I was going to consume. I understand my relationship with food, drinks, and passing a really good time, I knew I wasn't going to pass up on all that food and fun. Develop your own plan that works for you. I'm going to put in an extra long work out today and get myself back on track. 

The family that hosts this party every year, are the kind of people you meet and three minutes later you honestly feel you've known them your entire life. They don't meet strangers, only new friends. My husband and I feel very lucky to be considered "adopted members" of their tight clan. Here I am with the party's hostess, bomb diggity cook, and one seriously sweet lady!

Lawd-day did we have fun ya'll. Now it's time to get back on track. I saw this e-card this morning. I hope none of you are considering allowing this to happen to you!  This is funny in that wait a second, no it's not, round about way.

This weekend didn't go precisely to my plans (crazy little thing called life), but it's not reason to give up- it's a new month! Absolutely anything can happen. I want to hit goal by November 1st, so I need to buckle on down! Refocus and recharge.

How will you celebrate this Labor Day?

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