Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Falling off the popcorn wagon and turkey bacon short cuts

Blogger link up was a blast! I throughly enjoyed being snoopy doopy reading about everyone else's day! To all of my new followers, thanks for stopping by, I'm very happy you're here! If you'd like to get more bebble babble from me, or to see some more pictures of me walking around in my chunky monkey body, head over and "like" me on the book of faces (AKA Facebook).

What I learned from Blogger link up-

The common denominator among bloggers seems to be that everyone is action packed busy all day everyday. I'm wondering if we're all really a collective group of type As who have to always be doing something. Anything but being idle. No? Maybe that's just me. Anywho, huge thank you to Holly and Amy for hosting! What fun!

I challenged myself to a whole bunch of crazy work outs this week, in addition to no carb dinners, and a cold turkey popcorn cut off. Eeekk. I may need hypnosis on that last part. This happened last night.

Ahhhh! I know! I'm so ashamed! I actually had my husband hide the popcorn from me on Sunday night. Last night, I went on a crazy lady treasure hunt to find it when he had his back turned.

Sneaky Sneaky popcorn lady.

Husband, "You better confess to this on the blog tomorrow!"  Ugh, I will... don't bother me when I'm enjoying the eating!

I had him re-hide it after I ate this one bag. We had cuddle on the couch movie night time and it just didn't feel complete without a little poppy pop!  IDK what it is with me and the popcorn, but it's obviously a problem!

Flip side- the work outs and no carb dinners have been easy peasy for me to swing. Thankfully, I'm just as addicted to working on my fitness as I am to shoveling popcorn in my yap.

Work Out breakdown thus far...

Tuesday Morning- Overslept (have to loud cap myself) It takes me days to recover from no sleep weekends these days. Clearly, I'm no longer a college student. Sad face.
Tuesday Night- 35 minutes Elliptical, Booty Work, I seek Obliques

Wednesday Morning- 30 minutes Stair Master, Tabata Timer Arms- 10lb dumbbell shoulder press/ bicep curls- 8lbs vertical lat raises, horizontal late raises, Waist Trimmer

Burn baby burn!

Excellent breakfast this bright beautiful sunshiny day!

What's that dabble of red stuff you ask? Mouth BOMB! 10 cals a tablespoon-
posted to Instagram last week, find me there @ellenoelfitness

My girl Kate asked me the other day,

"How the hell do you find time to cook turkey bacon in the mornings?"
Me " I cook it in the microwave!"
Kate, "Really?? Which brand do you buy cause mine clearly states on the package, 'Do not Microwave'"
Me, "Yeah... mine says that too!"
Kate laughing, " You would do it anyway"

I'm going to show you my major time saving trick. If you're one of these people who has to follow all the rules and let a little warning on a package dictate your life, this isn't for you. I do what I want do. Obviously. This surprises no one.

Texting/ emailing/ facebooking/ rearranging your iPod while driving are all way more dangerous tasks than microwaving a little turkey bacon. Don't even deny doing this. You're probably doing it right now. Look at you already living on that edge! Go on wit cha bad self!

Turkey Bacon Step One

Turkey Bacon Step Two

Turkey Bacon Step Three

Turkey Bacon Step Four

I will try my damnedest not to consume any popcorn today. I think I can, I think I can...

Tonight is one of my favorite classes at PF, Butts and Guts. The girl who teaches this class is basically one of the coolest people ever to roam the earth. She makes exercise FUN.

The music is by far my favorite of any class, the right music can make me feel I'm going to drop that ten pounds I've been fighting right on the gym floor, chunk up the deuce, and say "Peace bitches!"

New favorite work out song, thanks Pandora, Conor Maynard- Vegas Girl.

Last piece of business for this post- My husband  now thinks he's Nigel Barker's cuter, younger, professional photographer counterpart, ya know, since he's been randomly snapping pictures of me in various outfits during the morning race out of the door.

We're having an argument debate over which angle makes a better picture. I'm laughing in both pictures because this is just ridiculous to me. Obviously, I know which looks best. Der.

I did his pose first,

"Oh yeah, you look like a hot sexy model, my little work out star"

Waves hand around arrogantly

"Now do whatever it is you think looks good"

Snaps picture

Smugly hands my phone back to me

"Look at those pictures and tell me which one is better. I know what I'm doing"

Which picture do YOU think is better?

Dress- Ann Taylor Outlet (9 bucks- felt like stealing)
Cardigan- New York & Company
Shoes- Nine West

Whoa it's Wednesday already! Boss up!

Daily Motivator

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