Sunday, September 9, 2012

Breesy like Sunday Morning

Phew, running on little to no sleep over here.  My husband and I spent the weekend in New Orleans with one of my very nearest and dearest of friends, Susannah and her boyfriend, who are recent NOLA transplants, and incredibly gracious hosts.

I took about 3,576 pictures over the last three days. I'm going to sort our weekend into different posts based on activities.

There's roughly 7,345,678 different fun things to do in the Crescent City.
No, I'm not exaggerating.

My man and I are faithful Saints fans. We woke up bright and early, after 4 hours of sleep, got dressed and headed to da dome. We didn't have tickets, but the tailgating experience alone is worth the trip. We knew the season opener was an event we just wouldn't want to miss and oh what a bright beautiful day it was!

Proximity to the Superdome can be judged by crowds alone, groups of people decked out in black and gold, flocking together to cheer for their team. The Saints are whole lot more than just a football team to the people of New Orleans and the State of Louisiana.

The Saints are a beacon of hope, proof of prosperity, and positive things to come after unimaginable hardships.The energy and emotion in the air was electric, palpable and positive.

We joined the crowds in chanting "Who Dat!", dancing in the streets, and seizing the day. Champion Square sits next the Superdome where there is live music, food, drinks, and lots of good times to be had ahead of the game.

This was my breakfast. Ya, that's what i "ate". Oopsies :) We were a group of bad ass booze hounds this weekend. That may or may not be the understatement of the century. This is a judgement free zone people

We met a fellow Who Dat in Champion Square with a set of tickets to sell. We were so very tempted. They were great seats and he was selling them on the cheap, but ultimately we passed. We've been to games before and just prefer watching it on TV.

The last time we attended, we had horrible nose bleed climbing up up up seats, we're both awkwardly tall for stadium seating and it's just uncomfortable. Plus I have an abnormal fear of heights, this is why God made me so tall, I never need to go any higher. Heights or fear of falling, gives me legitimate crazy lady anxiety. I avoid it at all costs. Additionally, traffic after the game is b*itch nasty to the tenth degree. We'd be sitting in traffic right now, and instead we're already home. Winning!

We watched the first half in a little restaurant off of South Rampart Street. It filled up quickly with other Members of the WhoDatNation. We left at half time and made it home in two hours and ten minutes, listening to the rest of the game on the radio.

Ultimately, today wasn't the Saints' turn to bring home the W, another chance to get it right next week.

Don't ya just love that about life? Tomorrow is another chance to get it right :)

I tried to make wise choices with my eating and drinking this weekend. We did a lot of walking but I'll need to be very strict with myself this week if I'm going to lose an ounce. I'm not sure I can withstand another no losing week.

I've challenged myself to give up popcorn. My popcorn addiction has rapidly spun out of control. I'm up to two bags a day. EEK. Hence, Cold turkey, starting tomorrow.

Kassie pointed out to me that popcorn could be derailing my losing as it's high in sodium, so I think it's definitely worth a shot!  We all know I love a challenge.

Here I am in Champion Square this morning. This is the skirt I bought on sale at White House Black Market, my first maxi skirt. It was so comfortable and really kept me cool with all the walking we did today.

Did I mention it's a size 6? SIX. I want to live in that skirt. The last time I was a 6, I was in middle school. I kid you not! I'm by no means a standard size six. Recently, I've been purchasing a solid size 8 with a sprinkle of a 6 here and there. Side note- I'm just under six feet tall, depends on how big sexy I wear my hair that day.

I'm getting to work on more posts about NOLA and being the ultimate booze hounding tacky tourist. 

I Instagramed our weekend as we went along. You can check out lots of pics there - #ellenoelfitness

What teams were you cheering for this gorgeous September day?

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