Sunday, September 2, 2012

A little Rain ain't Slowing Down the Cajun Train!

Has it hit you yet? It's Sunday and we don't have to work tomorrow! Holler! I love three day weekends! Our Cajuns won their season opener in a blow out 40-0 victory over Lamar. Is there a better way to kick off football season!?

In my last post we discussed big bad booze and losing weight. I decided my social event to drink would be Friday night. I ended up having a wild crazy day at the office, and we invited some friends over. I drank champagne, a lot of it, probably too much of it, but oh wells. I stayed up until about midnight, while the group raged on until 4am. Wild crazy party animals. What were they doing until 4am? Playing bezzerwizzer. Don't think we're so wild and crazy now huh? We love a good board game ya'll!

Saturday morning I set out to put in my work out before heading down to tail gate with my fellow Ragin Cajuns! I put in 30 minutes on the stair master- this was an intense 30 minutes. I've only ever done 20 minutes on this machine in the past, but I really wanted to sweat out all the champagne I consumed the night before. Mission accomplished. I followed up with a routine I made up on my own comprised mostly of glutes, legs, and and a a combo of shoulder presses/squats with a lunge. Then I rounded out with this beast and finished with 300 abs. Phew, I love a sweaty Saturday!

Then, it was time to go have some fun! It rained on and off all day Saturday, which would've been miserable, but I was freaking fun people so we made the most of it! Struck by pin-spiration brought on by the rain, I tried something new with my hair. I knew it had to go up or I'd end up looking like a drowned rat all day. Not a good look. I set out to try this, pin. End result? It took me 30 minutes to do that braid, but I loved it. Next time I'll make the bump and the bun bigger. The higher the hair the closer to heaven! This also looked adorable with the plain pony tail, but the weather would've ruined that, so I rolled with the bun!

I'm not so secretly hair obsessed. I really love the french braids all the girls are wearing lately. I'm slowly but surely teaching myself how to french braid. Insert Steel Magnolia-esqu Southern Drawl- Now dahling you know they don't teach that in finishing school.

Tail gating, football, dieting survival. I did drink a daiquiris while we tail gated. I had a large Crystal Light Kiwi- Strawberry I calculated to be 250 calories. The bartenders told me the only calories in the drink were from the vodka. This sounded to good to be true, so it probably is. Crystal Light does have calories ya'll. One packet of Crystal Light Kiwi Strawberry has 30 calories, I estimated my large to have two packets and three shots of vodka. Hence, the 250 calories. Here's a look into our Cajuns winning season opener football experience! (Try not to be blinded by my pasty whiteness. In desperate need of a tan)

Me and my man :)

Amelia (center) Myself, and Amelia's baby sister- love these girls!

The Ragin Cajun tailgating experience with The Krewe des Chew

We had a really great time despite the nasty weather. Everyone in our group calls UL their Alma Mata, so we all felt a real surge of that Ragin Cajun pride watching our Cajuns win in such a big bad way! 

Tail gating and the game put me in a real pickle with eating. I packed a Think Thin bar in my bag, devouring that around 5:30pm. There was a lot of trashy food to pick from, miraculously I refrained all together. I did split a bowl of jambalaya from the Alumni tent with Amelia and her sister. Gotta get your money's worth on those Alumni dues! I was starvin like marvin, and the only decent food for me to eat in the stadium were roasted peanuts. Stadium food survival.

What a great day! I love our community and this place I feel so very blessed to call home. Today, is going to be a get creative day with my work out, then I'll probably drag my man along to hit up some Labor Day sales. He's having a hard time containing his excitement- dripping sarcasm. 

What team were cheering for yesterday?

Wishing each and every one of you a fun filled safe Labor Day!

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