Sunday, September 30, 2012

Cheers to Love

You make me wanna say I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do

Ah Love and Marriage. There's nothing like a wedding to make you're heart swell with love for your partner in life and very best friend.

Last night we attended a friend's wedding.

The ceremony waltzed out of dream, as the bride and groom said their vows, under the old mossy Louisiana oaks.

 The ceremony was intimate, unique, and indicative of the newly weds themselves. It truly represented the essence of who they are as a couple.

The groom was escorted in by his groomsmen as the DJ spun, 
"The Eye of the Tiger"

The congregation stood on their feet and cheered for the groom, and with the Thrill of the Fight, the celebrating began

Escorted by her father, the Bride walked through the swaying oaks, an act older than those ancient trees, to meet her husband to the tune of 
Chantal Kreviazuk's Feels like Home
She radiated a calming elegance and breath taking beauty

I could not contain my happy tears. The ceremony was truly heart stopping beautiful, as was the bride, dressed in lace and just the right amount of sparkly, her head adorned with a bird cage veil.

Before I got married, I thought about weddings in a completely different frame of mind. I looked at how the ceremony was decorated, what food was served, which tunes got people dancing, stock piling mental notes of how I would plan my own wedding. Things that are completely irrelevant in real life, day in day out, I promise to love you every moment of forever, real life marriage.

Now that I am hitched to my PIC, I listen for meaning in the ceremony, and think of the journey these two are embarking on. The fun, crazy, perfectly imperfect and ever evolving, I hope I never ever think I have it all figured out, life long path that is giving all of yourself to another person. 

Our favorite message from the ceremony? The officiant reminded the bride to allow her husband to lead and to fight the urge to "drive the bus".
I am so guilty of always trying to drive the bus. We can't stop giggling about this message. Here's to my love, my life, and very best friend- 
I shall let you drive the bus.
The reception was a party that will have everyone talking for a long long time. Oh boy did we have fun. Set on the banks of the Bayou Teche, we danced until the clock struck midnight, caught up with old friends, took some embarrassing pictures, and had a blast celebrating the beginning of their journey together. Here's a look at our night
The beautiful bride and I

One of the grooms men, and our close friend- How handsome is that face?!
Check out that boutonniere (the groom is a serious hunter)
  The cake- which I heard was delicious. Some how I managed to not eat a piece. Patting myself on the back for this one. Don't worry, I had fun and made up for those calories in rum, lots of rum.

I did eat some of the best wedding food I've ever had in my life. Mmmmm
MFP has no calorie counter for boudin balls. 
So we're gonna write me a free pass :)

Photo booth fun- embarrassing aftermath

I danced the night away in 8, yes EIGHT dollar shoes.

To the bride and groom- on there way to honeymoon in Ireland! Girl I hope you get him in that kilt. Please take a picture- My best newly wed myself marriage advice- Keep the fights clean and the sex dirty!

Cheers to Love 

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Friday, September 28, 2012

Weekly Weigh-In, Running, Staying Positive

It's Friday, Friday, Friday, Friday!!!!! Oh happy dance!!

Running Recap- Disclaimer this does not exude Positive Patty "the world runs on sunshine and daisies"

Running Clinic Week 2-

My run was faster than week one, but it wasn't as liberating, empowering, I am woman here me roar as last week. Don't get me wrong, it felt great afterwards, but I wasn't on Runner's High. Can't strike magic every week, and that's ok too.

Mile 3-3.5 was painful. I had to coach myself out of stopping, because I knew if I started walking, I wouldn't pick my feet back up again and really run. While I never stopped running, Negative Nancy was all up in my kool aid bro.

What I was thinking from mile 3- 3.5

UGH I want to QUIT, My side hurts, my legs hurt, why did I sign up for this?
Shut up Negative Nancy-Stay Positive!!!
Think about how good you're going to feel when you're done
Of course this is painful- you're beating up fat!
If it were easy everyone would do it
Don't stop, don't stop, don't stop, don't stop
I think I can, I think I can, I think I can
How am I ever going to run four or six miles
Fack this shit sucks!
I can't do this, I can't do this
Stop being negative, keep pushing
Positive thoughts bring positive actions
Positive Positive Positive
You can do this- you ARE doing this

and just when I thought I had no more to give- or coach myself into giving

I saw the finish line, a killer song kicked in, T-Pain's Look at her Go,

and I hauled my ass to that 3.5 mile mark.

Phew it was a rough one. I got back to the gym and put in some abs and stretching while talking with the group about our individual running experiences. Every time I run, there's different emotions attached to it.

I know I'll be able to run the full 10K, it's only week two, and I am doing really well. Negative thoughts are so toxic, and we all have trouble shutting them down at times. Thankfully, I was able to shove the negative in a drawer and slam it shut. Your mind will always give out before your body will- constantly reminding myself of this.
Music keeps me going. Keeps me picking up my big lady feet and pounding the pavement. One beat at a time. Kick ass music- you feed my boss lady soul.

New play list for my run last night, and I worked out to it again this morning.
I'm loving it- press shuffle and get to sweating!

Watch n' Learn- Rihanna
Roc Me Out- Rihanna
We All Want Love- Rihanna
Birthday Cake- Rihanna
Dance Again (feat Pitbull)- Jennifer Lopez
Danza Kuduro- Don Omar
T.H.E. (The Hardest Ever)-
As Long As You Love Me- Justin Bieber
Look At Her Go (feat Chris Brown)- T-Pain
Talk That Talk (feat. Jay-Z) - Rihanna
More (RedOne Jimmy Joker Remix)- Usher
Super Bass- Nicki Minaj
Miracle- Matisyahu
One More Night- Maroon 5
Vegas Girl- Conor Maynard
Hello- Karmin
I Cry- Flo Rida
The Impression That I Got- 20th Century Masters
Pound the Alarm- Nicki Minaj
Bangarang (fest Sirah)- Skrillex
E.T. (feat Kanye West)- Katy Perry
Who Says- Selena Gomez

Friday Am Work Out Summary-
45 Minutes Elliptical
20 Minutes Forward
20 Minutes Backward
5 Minutes Blast it Out Combo
Pinterest Fav- Burning Core Pryamid
Stretching Song- Back Down South- Kings of Leon

Insert blurry shameless gym self shot-

I'm down .2 pounds this week. Do I wish it were more? Oh hell ya, but...slow and steady wins the race.
Stay Positive, Stay Patient, Stay Persistent.
If I do these things, I can not fail! 9.8 pounds to goal!

I've got a fun weekend planned out- one that starts out shopping with my Mom! Moms are the best, especially mine. Yes, yes, yes,I realize I may be biased, but really, she rocks!

Wild crazy day again... started off my Friday on the run.


....and no daily outfit pic. Sowwys!

Here's a pic of me though, I know you want one...


Finally Friday, I'm Free Again, I got my motor running for a wild weekend!
Hit it outta the park Boss Ladies! Woop de Woop!

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Swimming in Sweat- too gross?

Last night I got my booty whipped up on ya'll, a full on fat assault. I told ya'll about my Wednesday night class in detail last week, you can catch up on that here. Well this week, she completely changed up the work out. I was so ridiculously sweaty and gross after the work out, I had to get it picture. The sweat was rolling off my face, my shirt and pants were soaked, and I left feeling like I had just dropped those last ten pounds I've been whooping up on right there on the floor.

I weighed my self this morning, that didn't actually happen, BUT the work out was the BOMB dot com regardless. Ahh if it were only so easy :)

The class totaled 45 minutes as usual. We did a few cardio warm up songs, then got down to bossin up business.
The Challenge was simple- complete as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes time of the assigned work outs, if the bar was dropped or had to be put down for any reason, 10 burpees was the punishment.

Not a single person in that room put down their bar. Turns out burpees are the ultimate motivator.

Then the instructor said,

"It's kind of like a competition"

ohhh girl that's all you had to say, I was ready to bring it.

Two other ladies and I finished on exactly the same round 7.3 Next, week we'll do the same work out and see if we can improve. I'm always up for a challenge!

My arms felt like gelatin. While the weight didn't start off heavy by round four I was really feeling it and those over head shoulder presses were KILLER. My bar was loaded with 20 pounds total.

We finished the fat blast with a round of abs and planks etc. My arms were so weak I had to drop a plank or eat the ground with my face. My arms were breezing in the wind like pine trees in a Cat 5 hurricane.

Without further adieu. Check out all of that sweat. All that used to be fat.

Syenara Suckaaaaa

I knew to expect something crazy when I saw this Facebook status the night before...

I love her classes, they're always challenging and super fun. What more can you ask for?

Then I rewarded myself with this for dinner. I had one cup- 330 calories- and I prepared it with lean ground meat and skim milk. I used a measuring cup to portion control myself. We all need carbs and cheese. Well I NEED carbs and cheese. Call me a crazy kid but I LOVE hamburger helper.

Last night my husband and I watched the season premier of Modern Family- that show never disappoints.

Then we watched Honey Boo Boo. We're addicted- oh the shame.

I can't decide if these people are arrogantly ignorant or incredibly smart for exploiting their unpopular life style for the sake of some cash money- and from the looks of things, they really need it. We were trying to figure out just how many people are living in their house, which can't be larger than 3 bedrooms. My husband did point out- "They do seem really happy"

Amen to that! Who cares what anyone else thinks of you, as long as you are happy. The Boo Boo clan certainly does appear happy. 

Anywho, we're hooked, it's comical, it's trashy, and we're just happy they're not from Louisiana.

Honey Boo Boo Quotes that had us rollinggg with laughter,

In reference to baby Kaitlyn's extra thumb (the new baby has two thumbs),

"I wish I had an extra thumb so I could grab more cheese puffs"- Me too Honey BooBoo

"Baby Kaitlynn is so tiny, I POOP bigger" I doubt her Mom would agree Boo Boo, Oh lawd-day!

"I can't wait to see what new babies smell like. Sunshine and Daisies....or POOP"  Way to keep it real Boo

Be real... do YOU watch Honey Boo Boo???

Tonight Kassie and I have or second group run for week two of running clinic- a 3.5 miler.
We're fueling up today on all the good stuff- protein and limited carbs- so we can run extra fast.

Disclaimer- I'm about to brag on my man -  sheesh, I know, AGAIN! He just keeps doing all this great husband of the year stuff!

I had to get in a solid breakfast this morning, and I'm forever short on time. As I was getting dressed look at what he brought me....
Egg Whites and Turkey Bacon with a side of Humor... "Madame I have your breakfast"

Tune in tomorrow to find out about running clinic group run part two- hoping it'll be at least half as great as week one.

.....and it's off to work I go!

A happy happy Friday's Eve to each and everyone of you!

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Taco Night a la Noel! Ole!

Top of the morning to ya my fellow Boss Ladies!

To all my new followers and Facebook likers I am so happy you've found me! If you haven't done so already, head over to Facebook and like my page there. I post random fun stuff, blog previews, and there's a whole bunch of old Elle Noel pictures in all my chunky monkey glory! I'm also on Instagram @ellenoelfitness constantly posting pictures of what I'm eating, we all like the eating! Woop!

Monday's don't wants are now a thing of the past and I feel like my normal work out beastly self!

Work Out Summary
45 Minute Elliptical Trainer
20 Minutes Forward
20 Minutes Backward
5 Minute Blast Out Forward/ Backward Combo
Pinteresting Challenge-
Live Lean Tabata Timer- Heart Pounding, Fat Blasting Fun!
The Core Challenge- KEE-YAW Challenge is right! A full 7 minutes worth of plank/ bridge holds and 150 crunches! I'll be ready for the VS fashion show in no time flat!

Wednesday AM-
30 Minutes Stair Master- Fat Burner Plus Level 3
1-12 Normal Step By Step
13-19 Alternating Minutes Double Step with Opposite Leg Lift, Double Step (If this won't get your heart pounding nothing will)
19-20 Normal Step by Step
21-23- Side Step to the Left
23- Normal Step by Step
24-26- Side Step to the Right
26- Normal Step by Step
27-29 Backwards Climb
29-30- Normal Step by Step

Butt/ Legs/ Ab Blaster (Invented by Moi)
15 Reverse Ball Crunches
15 Ball Push Ups
8 Oblique Ball Roll Ups per Side
30 Crunches
10 Leg Lifts
20 Scissor Kicks
10 Swimmer Kicks
20 Second Leg Hold
20 Glute Lifts, 20 Glute Pulse per Leg (On the Ground-Woop Dog Woop Dog!)
20 Bridge Lifts with 20 Second Hold (Repeat)
10 Curtsy Lunges per Side with Shoulder Press (10lb dumbbell)
30 Second Low Plank
30 Second High Plank
1 Minute Wall Sit

Stretch it out! I've been fussed by a fellow gym rat for my lack of stretching. This is why I stay injured. Stretching to me is kind of like waiting for your nails to dry. I HATE to do it. I'm a busy body, hence I'm always on to the next task. Stretching and waiting for paint to dry are not high on my priority list. Anywho- I've Challenged myself to stretch to one song at the end of every work out. I picked these two "stretching songs" the last two work outs, and guess what? No injury pain. *Happy Dance*

Hunter Hayes- Wanted
Robin Thicke- You Center Me

Ok now what you all really want to know about-

Taco's! Ole Ole Ole!

I LOVE Mexican food, ie cheese and carbs. MMMM. Last night I was craving Mexican. I didn't necessarily want to make one of my casserole favorites, because they're time consuming, and my melodramatic self was starving.

Light Bulb Appears- Quick and Easy Tacos to the Rescue!

Tilapia (1 fillet per Taco)
Fat Free Plain Greek Yogurt
Salsa of Choice
Reduced Fat Mexican Cheese
Corn Flour Tortillas- 110 Calories for Two

Taco Assembly-
I grilled two pieces of Tilapia and set them to the side, seasoned them with Tabasco's Chipotle Flavored Hot Sauce and Lemon Juice.

Next I combined 1/4 a cup of Fat Free Greek Yogurt, and 4 tablespoons of Pineapple Peach Salsa (Great Value brand- holla for a dolla!). I mixed these two together and microwaved until warm- about 30 seconds. (Makes two tacos)

Throw in some shredded lettuce and a dash of Reduced Fat Mexican and Cheese wrapped in a corn flour tortilla and Voila!

Guiltless Skinny Girl Mexican Night!

I calculated these to be 228 calories per Taco. I had over 600 calories left for the day at dinner, wild crazy busy day at work left almost no time for snacking. I took advantage and had TWO fish tacos. I served it up with two cups of steamed broccoli. Mmmmmm hungry girl was very very happy!

I will definitely make these again,

probably tonight

and maybe with chicken this time.

I know, I'm just getting totally crazy!

The daily pic is back!
Mr. Noel had time to take my pic this morning.
 I'm mid sentence.
I asked him what he thought of my outfit
He says " Yeah it's cute, It looks like something Alicia Silverstone would wear in Clueless"
My Response- " AS IF!"
Oh shit.
He's right.

Happy Hump Day Peeps! Let the weekend countdown begin!

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Powering down on the Don't Wants

Beasting up on the don't wants- hard or easy to do? Ridiculously HARD to do. It requires reaching way deep down into my "please let me wake up a hot sexy super model tomorrow morning" bag to get shit done. Mind over matter.

Just like anyone else I have days where I do NOT want to work out. In fact, I did a whole post on defeating the Don't Wants which you can read here. Yesterday was most certainly one of those "I Don't want" to do anything kind of days.

I wanted to go home after work and take a nap. Just curl up in my bed and sleep unnecessarily for an hour. I was Dreading my afternoon work out with a capital D.

Taking a nap still sounds amazing, but I made a commitment to running clinic and that commitment requires homework. That homework is a 2 mile run every Monday. FFFF.

I had three choices
  1. Run two miles after R.I.P.P.E.D.
  2. Run two mile before R.I.P.P.E.D.
  3. Run two miles then go take a nap
I choose option 2.

Dancing with the Stars All stars premiered and my man and I are now hooked on another show called Revolution. I really wanted to watch TV and not feel guilty about skipping the gym.

 I ran two miles at 5pm in 90 plus degree heat. It was f-ing hot and I was moving slow (11 minute mile & forgot to turn off my running app) but I got it done. Powering through an intense case of the Don't Wants always leaves me feeling like super woman.

Here I am after my run and hour long R.I.P.P.E.D class. LAWD-DAY I was tired and about 30 minutes into R.I.P.P.E.D. I was really feeling those two miles. My endurance level was rapidly depleting but I survived! Take that "Don't Wants"! Something about a Monday, never the less, I'm so happy I followed through with my commitment to running clinic.

I'll wake up early next Monday and run those two miles next week.

We all have these days, thankfully they are few and far between for me. I honestly enjoy exercise, which makes it easier to dig in and put in my work out on a "Don't Want" day. I also continuously remind myself how good I'll feel after powering through my "Don't Wants". Those work outs are always the most empowering.

Then I got to spend three guiltless hours watching television. Ahhh it was so worth it. I NEVER watch this much TV at a time, but I thought my ass deserved a little brain mode off time.

I had Friday night left overs for dinner- Mock Chicken Pasta. MMMmmmm.

I've got a wild crazy day on tap this Tuesday.

Sad story- I forgot to get a daily picture this morning. Sowwy ya'll!

I didn't forget my coffee though. Oh hell to the no.

In the famous words of that there Honey Boo Boo "My special juice is going to help me win”!

Large McDonald's Coffee with one cream and two splenda= 20 calories.

Hope you're having a fabulous day and an even better week!

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Monday, September 24, 2012

Football & Fashion

Running Clinic Training Day 5- Everything I own is sore, even my shoulders?

I've completed two runs thus far, the first 3 miler last Thursday during the group run, and Saturday before the rooster crowed, EARLY in the morning, Kassie and I met up at Personally Fit for the assigned 2.5 mile run.

Running clinic with Kassie has been a blast thus far, working out with a friend makes exercise so much more enjoyable! Plus she's funny, positive, and super uplifting to be around! We plan to run our Saturday assignments together for the duration of the clinic, working out with a friend =accountability= blasting through to goal weight!

Today we're assigned a a two mile run that I'll get in after my regular R.I.P.P.E.D. class.

One day a week, we're also assigned a break day. Que the dread music- don don doonnnn.

I'm not good at resting. I like to roll hard in the paint. However, my body was quite literally aching yesterday. My legs hurt, my back hurt, all my brown hairs hurt, and I was walking slow sloth style all around the house. My body was screaming at me- SLOW DOWN! So that's what I did :)

 My husband and I decided to throw together a last minute Saint's party. I whipped up a skinny breakfast casserole (I used all egg whites and hashbrowns this time), skinny mimosa's and a personal football favorite- cream cheese and red pepper jelly dip, which is so easy and looks incredibly fancy! I used 1/3 less fat Philadelphia cream cheese and served with reduced fat ritz crackers. It disappeared faster than the Saint's lead on the Chiefs. Womp Womp.

We really thought the Saint's were going to bring home a W yesterday. That game was just stressful to watch. So stressful, I completely forgot to put OJ in my mimosa. Woopsies

I have to admit, I'm feeling disappointed, obviously starting the season 0-3 isn't ideal. I was rooting extra hard for the Saints this week, because my husband has promised to do a guest post on the blog. 

How are these two things related?

He'll only do a post if the Saint's win a game. Cheer loudly for those boys in black & gold because I can guarantee his point of view on weight loss Boss Lady badass-ness will be freaking hysterical.

For me, football season has always been about spending time with the people I enjoy the most. We had a few friends over, we laughed until we cried, and bounced back rather quickly from the Saint's loss.

I don't know how many calories I consumed yesterday, and frankly, I don't really care. It was liberating to thoroughly enjoy a rest day from my weight loss agenda.

Don't get me wrong, I didn't plunge off the deep end and grab every single calorie I could get my hands on on my way down, but I didn't count any of my calories either. I even had pizza for dinner while watching the Emmy's with Princess Consuela Banana Hammock. Sunday Funday oh how I love thee.

We really only watch the Emmy's for the fashion.

I did start practicing my speech just in case they start giving out trophy's at the office. I'm always prepared.

I have two Emmy fashion favorite's

Julie Bowen from Modern Family, she looks flat out gorgeous (check out those arms!)
and the color of that dress screams, "I'm so much fun, how could I not win tonight!?"

Julianne Hough- She looks so beautiful old school movie star.
I only wish I had somewhere to go in a dress like that!

Who were your favorite Emmy fashion favorites?!

My Sunday Funday hiatus was just what the doctor ordered. Back to boss lady business today.

Running off to work this morning in normal people cloths.....
visions of Emmy fashion fabulousness dancing in my head!

I hope you have a wonderfully productive  Monday!

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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Happy Birthday Pitbull!

Good morning Elle Noelers! Are you fresh off a work out or swimming through your hangover like me? 

Let's go Back in Time...

Let's excuse me baby
Go, yeah you baby
Back, ooh you groovy baby
In, let's make a movie baby
Time, excuse me baby
Let's, yeah you baby
Go, ooh you groovy baby
Back in, let's make a movie baby

Last night we went out to dinner and on the town for Pitbull's birthday.

 (This is his real life nickname so it seems fitting to use it here)

We call him Pitbull, because he looks like the singer, kind of, they're both bald, which one drunken night in Mexico (all you can eat and drink summer vacation), after listening to Pitbull's music on constant repeat for days (they LOVE Pitbull there) meant they look a like, and hence the nickname was born.

Happy Happy Birthday from the Noel crew, 
Happy Happy Birthday from all of us to you!

There was a big group of 15 or so of us dinner, my man and I met some really fun new people we are looking forward to seeing again. I love meeting new people and making new friends, because my loud mouth has never met a stranger.

I also ran into a few of my most favorite people on planet Earth last night. The perks of living in a small-ish town.

My high school friends and I are having a hard time keeping up with one another in real time, ah life, we're all out conquering the universe in various different arenas, I love the surprise run in and cornering them into talking me for an hour catching up with these peeps. If you're reading this Holler! Let's really get together soon!

Here's a look at our night out!

Madeline and the Birthday Boy

The girls- Madeline, Me, and Princess Consuela Banana Hammock (She insists this be her blog name. I love her to pieces so she's going to get her way, MUAH!)

My Husband and I, Ohh you groovy baby!

What I ate for dinner, not the best choice, but certainly not the worst. 
Don't hate, I ate some broccoli!
Zeas Thai Ribs and corn grits are heavenly, I couldn't resist :)

I was rocking a new outfit last night. 
The shirt I borrowed from Madeline, but the rest was all me. 
New skinny jeans(40% off), new jewelery (10 dollars, holla for that dolla!)
Tryin to be stylin!

Tomorrow, I'll bring you back to your regular scheduled Elle Noel boss lady work outs and clean eating programming.  

Kassie and I got in our 2.5 mile run early yesterday morning, and I did a whole bunch of other crazy busy boss lady stuff, but right now I have to go watch my Saints win a football game! Who Dat!?

I hope you're enjoying a super Sunday fabulously fun weekend!

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Friday, September 21, 2012

My relationship with Running

As for the title of my post, yes, I am absolutely in a relationship with running.

My Husband has been made aware. He's cool with it ya'll.

Running clinic has finally kicked off! Last night our group of 18 , including instructors, took off on our first group run. We're all in this together, training for the Cajun Cup, 10K, on November 10th, 2012.

My first run went better than I could've possibly fathomed in my wildest dreams.

In the famous words of Forest Gump, "I just felt like running"

Until February of this year, I avoided running like it was going to give me an incurable skin rash and a deadly disease.

I HATED running.

In truth, I've never been a runner. Ever. Not even when I was in school and playing sports like basketball and volleyball.

I hated running.

I was always the slowest.

I always finished last.

I always tired most quickly, and frankly, that shit was just embarrassing.

So what changed?

In February of this year, my sista from another mista, Madeline, was tired of hearing my ass bitch about not dropping weight eager to help me reach my goal weight. We had just booked our big summer vacation and I didn't want to be the "big girl" on vacation. I just couldn't take feeling self conscience on vacation at the beach for a week straight. I had to dig deeper and give more to my weight loss agenda. She convinced me to split 12 weeks of personal training sessions with her, at FIVE AM on Monday and Wednesday mornings for 12 weeks.


Previous to personal training, I had never been an early morning gym person, but whatever, sign me up!

It was time to give more.

Our first training session starts off with a half mile run. I'm pretty sure my mouth fell open and I thought to myself, "Am I really paying someone to boss me around like this? Pffff I don't need to run"

All I could think was, "I can't do this, I can't do this, I can't do this".

But I did it.

It took me 8 minutes to slowly run a half mile. I thought my lungs were going to collapse, but they didn't, I thought my shins would split open, but they didn't, running is hard ass work, but my thoughts slowly changed to "I CAN do this"

I still wouldn't consider myself a runner just yet. I wasn't running without being forced and coerced into it for a few more weeks.

In March, after not losing for several weeks, I challenged myself to a full eight days 10 work outs, no cheating on the diet, I was desperate to get the scale moving. I got on that scale, after all that work and nothing. Nada. No pounds lost.

Who knows why this happened, the female body is a crazy bitch nasty.

This happened on a Monday morning at 5am.

There were tears and a long, "I worked so hard what am I going to have to do to get the scale moving?!" bitch session conversation about what I needed to do and how to stay focused.

Honestly, I think our trainer was afraid she'd lose me to a bottle of red wine and bag of extra buttered popcorn and peanut butter M&M's and I'd never return to the gym again.

After that extremely emotional and disappointing weigh in that morning, I ran my ass to and from the gym that night. Exactly 1.5 miles round trip.

I did it again Tuesday night in addition to my regular work outs and diet plan. I ran, without any coercion from anyone else. It was quite literally soul cleansing, probably because I was so f*cking mad at the damn scale.

Wednesday morning, my trainer forced me onto the scale again. I did NOT want to weigh in again.

Holy Kanoles.

I had lost EIGHT pounds, and thus my love affair with running begins, because nothing is more motivating than a big fat "You are such a LOSER" weigh in!

After this weigh in, I'm running roughly 10 miles a week, never more than two or three miles at a time, consistently until I injured myself in Mid-July. FFFFF.

I was really pushing myself on the treadmill, trying to shave 26 seconds off my personal best mile 8:26, and I felt something pop in my left hip about 1.8 miles in.

What did I do?

I made a terrible, stupid, wish I could take it back, just plain awful decision.

I kept running.

I haven't run more than a mile since. In all actuality I should've taken a break from working out all together. I'm just way to stubborn, and entirely too close to my goal to give up or rest now, partially out of fear I'll never start back up again.

I live in constant fear that I'm one fast food run away from the fat, unhappy, miserable, constantly self-conscience Elle Noel, and I never ever want to be that girl again.

Present day- After a month of walking like a Thriller video extra, hours of stretching, and popping anti-inflammatory like hot rocks. I'm back at running again.

Running clinic day one- 3mile group run.

We did warm ups and stretching that I had never done previously, the instructor gave tips on running form, that had never crossed my mind. I was feeling great. Zero pain. Ready to run.

A half a mile in, I was leading the pack. At a mile and half, I looked behind me and saw the instructor running towards me, sprinting away from the quickly dwindling group.

"I'm not going to see you again after this because I won't be able to catch your ass, but you are rocking it!! Keep going!!!'"

We actually had a full conversation, about running, where I was going to do my next run, scheduled for Saturday, and what our previous running times were. A full conversation, and we never stopped running.

Who am I?

Another quarter mile and I was all alone. Just me and Rhianna.

I lie, I crossed a girl out walking her dog and we waved to one another.

Just me and the pavement.

My last mile was slow. We ran without water, and I was literally smacking my lips together and swallowing dry spit. It was UGLY.

Next run, I'll bring water.

I finished my first real run in 2 months.

I felt like a beastly boss lady, runner's high is really the only way to describe it.

While it's absolutely not a race, and I know there are people out there in the world running circles around my ass.....

For the first time in my entire life,

I finished first.

I even cried a little bitty bit.

Then I found some water and got to chugging.

The next run on our training schedule is a 2.5 miler on Saturday. I plan to wake up early and pound it out.

I want to hear your stories! What's your realtionship with running like?

For the sake of consistency- the weekly weigh-in-

1 whole pound lost. I am over the moon with this progress!

Representing my Ragin Cajuns in White & Red this morning! I really love me some football season ya'll!

Wishing you a very TGIF out of the park kind of day!
Daily Motivator

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Too Legit to Quit!

It was 57 degrees when I woke up this morning. Oh ALL my gees I am so excited. I even dusted off a pair of my favorite boots this morning. Season first- September 20th.

New Favorite Coffee for Fall - 0 Calories per serving.

Vs. Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte-
Tall- a real life small-
non-fat no whip cost me 200 calories 
you read that right 
TWO HUNDRED calories AND $4.05.
This thing is highly overrated, however very cleverly marketed. Sneaky Sneaky Starbucks!

Running clinic starts this afternoon, and I can not wait to pound out the pavement with Kassie and the girls from Personally Fit :) This is going to be a bomb ass day ya heards meh?!

As promised- I'm going to attempt to breakdown Wednesday evening's Butts & Guts HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) class. This is based solely off my memory. I wanted to ask the instructor, to give me the official breakdown, and I have no doubts that she would have given me her notes, however, she's instructing running clinic, so she's the most popular person in the gym right now, hence, my best memory is going to have to suffice!

Light Warm- Up 3-4 minutes or however long Justin Beiber's song "Boyfriend" is- yap that's the warm up song.

Then it's time to roll hard in the paint.

Insert Various string of Kick ass, Kick Butt Music- All of which can be found on my Boss Lady Jams page.

All time increments are in guestimation (this is a real word where I'm from) and I may have missed some of the exercises but this goes on for roughly 20-25 Minutes.

1 minute jog in place (Butt Kicks)
1 minute side to side "Jump Rope" hop double arm swing
15 Second Recovery/ Water Break
1 minute high knees
1 Minute Jog/Walk Recovery
30 Second Water Break
1 Minute side to side hop with double arm hook
30 Second Right Leg Kick
10 Second Break
30 Second Left Leg Kick
1 minute plank jumps- Left, Center, Right (Consistent rhythm)
1 minute walking recovery
30 second water break
1 Minute Jog in Place
1 Minute- Start on right side 4 "grab the ball and jump and dunk" basketball style- pause 4 small hops 180 degree repeat on left side- go for one minute
1 Minute walking recovery
1 Minute Side to Side "Skater Hops" with correlating arm hooks
30 Second Right Leg lunge to kick, ground touch
10 Second Recovery
30 Second Left Leg Lunge to kick, ground touch
30 Second Walking Recovery
1 Minute Jog
30 Second Water Break
1 Minute Double Jack with Arm Punch 180 degree Hop and Repeat opposite side
1 Minute walking Recovery
30 Second Left Knee (Up) Standing Oblique Crunch
30 Second Right Knee (Up) Standing Oblique Crunch
30 Second Water Break

Ab Routine-
Lay on floor
20 Bend and extend Ab Roll Ups (Alternating Legs)
30 Seconds Bicycle Crunches
10 Push Up
Repeat Twice

Lay on Bench- 20 Leg Lifts
20 second leg extend hold
20 Leg Kicks
20 Scissor Kicks
Now put your feet down
Grab "heavy" weight (8-12lbs) I use 12lbs. Boss Up!
Hold Weight over head roll down extend arms above head all the way back and roll up. Repeat 12 times
20 Russian Twists with heavy weight

Stretch your abs! Everything should burning at this point!

Lunges/ Squats/ Booty Work
Hold Heavy Weight- 8-12lbs
20 Deep Squats
20 Squat Pulses
Repeat Previous 2 Moves
Right Leg Lunge- 20
Left Leg lunge- 20
Right Leg 20 Lunge Pulse
Left Leg 20 Lunge Pulse
Feet in "second" toes pointed out- 20 calf raise
Feet Forward 20 Calf Raises
Toes pointing towards one another 20 calf raises

Arms- 4 Rounds- I use 10-12lbs 

12 Bicep Curls
12 Over Head Shoulder Press
12 Side to Side Walking Flys (3 right, 3 left)
12 Tricep dips

10 Bicep Curls
10 Over Head Shoulder Press
6 Side to Side Walking Flys (3 right, 3 left)
12 Tricep dips

8 Bicep Curls
8 Over Head Shoulder Press
6 Side to Side Walking Flys (3 right, 3 left)
12 Tricep Dips

6 Bicep Curls
6 Over Head Shoulder Press
6 Side to Side Walking Flys (3 right, 3 left)
12 Tricep Dips

Stretch it out!!! The Whole class is roughly 45 minutes long. I LOVE this class.
It's consistently changing but this is roughly what we did yesterday. Feeling like a boss!

After class, I rewarded myself with these bad boys (100 calories), and Modern Family reruns, because I missed the Big Brother is the coolest show ever memo. I will catch it next season!

I'd be lying if I said eating one bag and only one bag was an easy task and satisfies my sweet tooth craving. I would love nothing more than to eat five bags, but I can't do that. I want to lose weight. Things I tell myself to keep from eating all 50 another fun size bag:

One fun size bag is better than no fun sized bags!
I bet Giselle doesn't even eat one bag.
A minute on the lips forever on the hips!
Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels!
Do I have enough calories left for popcorn?

So far, these tactics are working, additionally my husband has zero qualms over about calling me out. Sometimes I'm thankful for his loud mouth, other times he wishes he had kept it shut. It is what it is!

57 degrees this morning! I was so excited. I dusted off and tried on my entire fall wardrobe a few fall essentials. Boots and Scarves. This is coincidentally the same dress I wore on Tuesday. Shhhhh Don't tell anyone :)

I'll probably be sweating buckets at noon, but I don't care! Loving this weather :)

Have a fab-o day fashionistas!!

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