Sunday, August 26, 2012

Yeah, that just happened, Oopsies!

Good morning guys and gals! It's day seven of the 12 day challenge and guess what? I broke the challenge last night, womp womp, but back on track today! Friday I got in my two work outs, and I got my beastmode on again first thing Saturday morning! Saturday I did another 35 minutes on the elliptical, the days of the week *Saturday's Pin, plank work out, and Audrina Abs- all pins from Pinterest. I also threw this bad boy in the mix. I was a reading a fitness magazine, and this jumped off the page at me. It made me think about how many different work outs I've read in magazines, then never done. Do you do this? Read a magazine and think, "Oh that shit looks cool" then move on and never revisit. I'm guilty of this no more!

I ate really well all day Saturday. Truth be told, I was hoarding calories for night time fun. Anywho, this is how my day started off. Egg whites, turkey bacon, Kashi Go-Lean Hot Cereal, and fresh strawberries. After eating breakfast on the run three days in a row, this felt like a serious indulgence.

How did I break the challenge? I committed the cardinal dieting sin. I hoarded my calories and planned to skip dinner so that I could have drinks. My husband and I met up with a group of friends last night to watch the Saints game and I wanted to enjoy myself. Mission accomplished. I drank Bacardi rum and diet coke- 65 calories a serving. I don't feel bad about this in the least. I recorded every drink in MFP and did not go over my calorie count. What happened after we headed home is what I feel most guilty about. Let's be real, my ass was hungry! Skipping dinner is never a wise idea. I had been drinking so my will power had dissolved like kool-aid in water and my husband wanted Checkers- yes fast food- before bed. Guess what? I drunk ate. This is the worst thing you can possibly do to yourself. Drunk eating is the dumbest thing you can ever do if you're trying to lose weight. I know this! Yet I still struggle. Like all human beings on the planet. I ordered a Checker burger with cheese, no mayo, a small fry and a diet coke. Carb carb city b*tch!

I did log this into MFP. A small fry from Checkers is a whopping 300 calories. YIKES. Let's not even think the fat and sodium lurking in that small fry. (Their french frys are too yummy to trash talk) The burger was 420 calories (Calculated with Mayo) and I ate a little more than half of the burger. All and all, I had 1780 calories yesterday. Not the worst day ever, but certainly not the best. Anywho, time to move forward! I focus on the positive, so let's remember how the day started! Sweaty Saturday boss lady bad assness coming at you!

Now I'm off to bicycle roughly 562 miles and try to undo my late night Checkers run! Talk at ya'll tomorrow!

Wishing you a fabulous fun filled Sunday! Thanks for reading!

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