Thursday, August 9, 2012

Whipping up on Walnuts

Top of the morning and a very happy Thursday to you! Today is a special day for me. I'm wearing yet another pair of five year old pants! All of my old pre-fatty dress slacks now fit again, so of course I'd like to go do some more shopping this weekend to celebrate, tee hee. I've got a pair of ultimate skinny jeans I'm clawing my way back into and a pair of denim shorts that I'm determined to wear before the end of summertime! I'll try those on this weekend and take pictures so ya'll can see how far I've got to go on those beast monkeys. That pair of jeans and those shorts seriously intimidate me. It's hard for me to remember ever being that thin, but mark my words we shall meet again! Here's this morning's outfit, note the Saint's colors, this was intentional. Who Dat!

Shirt- Target
Pants- The Limited
Shoes- Naturalizer/Dillard's

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Last night, I did Insanity- The Asylum at 337 Fit Club. I was seriously intimated by the word "Insanity". It wasn't nearly as insane in reality as it was in my imagination. Don't get me wrong, shit was balls to wall challenging, but not impossible. In short, it was an intense plyo/cardio session, and I really enjoyed it. I would definitely do this again. I left feeling like an athlete last night, Geaux Team Geaux! I went with a few of my favorite gym chickas from Personally Fit and we had a great time encouraging one another and pushing ourselves to our super sexy max! We even stuck around for the 15 minute "overtime" session. During the overtime segment, I re injured my left hip. *Insert string of un lady-like profanity* I'm not happy about it, obviously, but it is what it is. I put some ice on it and stretched it for a good 30 minutes. *Fingers Crossed* No picture at 337 Fit Club last night though, everyone was walnut whipped last night.

Speaking of walnuts, it's not going to work out between us. They've left a bad taste in my mouth, and I won't be able to get past it. We're breaking up, for good, some relationships just aren't built to last. Sorry walnuts, it was a short lived romance, one I'll always remember, but I'm moving on! I think I'll stick with my Coco Roasted Almonds for now, they make me much happier. My Walnut relationship was so short lived, that I bailed one tenth of the way through my 1/4 of a cup commitment I made to them yesterday at snack time. Walnuts and I really don't get along. Here's what I ate as my afternoon snack instead, cucumbers and string cheese- that I can commit to at just about 93 calories for the whole snack.

I'm going to go back to my regular Friday morning weigh in routine tomorrow. It's been thrown off the past three weeks by the 14 day challenge and 3 day Shakeology Cleanse, so be prepared for weigh in results tomorrow morning!  I have no idea what to expect. I haven't weighed myself since Monday morning, post cleanse results. I got in a work out this morning and I'm not going back to the gym this evening. I'm catering to my female vanity and getting my hair done instead, then I'm going to cheer on my Saints in their second pre-season game! This morning, I did 35 minutes on the elliptical trainer, 10 minutes on the stair master, and the routine below that I invented all by my little self. Yet again, excuse the short hand, I typed this out with visions of my supermodel bon bon dancing around in my head pounding my big tall lady feet away on the elliptical. "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming" ~ Dory, Finding Nemo

If you have any questions about what any of the below means, please don't hesitate to ask. It's definitely not written in official exercise science terminology so I wouldn't recommend typing any of that into Google and hoping for the best. Just saying.

Today started off as another wild and crazy morning, seems to be the theme the past few mornings. I was dreading the thought of eating a protein bar in the car when I smelled a taste bud tantalizing aroma wafting out from the kitchen. That man I married really is something special, look at what he made for me!

He did hand me this then immediately launch into singing/ rapping the chorus to Tyga's Rack Rack City while chucking up the deuce, but we'll look past that, because he did so well with breakfast. Let's hear it for the boy!

Final reminder/ Last Call/ Don't agitate your F.O.M.O. by ignoring this important message!
You still have a chance to enter to win your very own Ruffles with Love inspirational work out shirt of your choosing!! Check out the promotion here and good luck! I'll announce the winner on Friday afternoon.

Thanks for reading and for all of your continued support! Ya'll make me feel so special :)

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