Friday, August 17, 2012

Weekly Weigh In- What's "good enough" for you?

The post says it all folks. It wasn't a good week. I weighed in the morning, and I've gained two pounds. The words "Are you f*cking kidding me?!" fell out of mouth faster than the scale could start laughing at my mad ass. I was MAD. I know I drank last weekend, but other than that one minor indiscretion- and it was minor people- I've been extra down right angelic with my eating and exercise. I let the mad feeling hang around for about 30 minutes. I know one thing with absolute certainty, you can't get anything done in life with a bad attitude in tow. What's up with those two pounds? For the men who are reading, I'll be brief, those two pounds are all down to "women's troubles", it doesn't mean I hate them any less, but they aren't inexplicable. Regardless, I was uber fire pissed about those pounds ya'll. Weigh-ins like this can be very emotional and upsetting. Knocking out the "don't wants" earlier in the week was indescribably challenging, but apparently not challenging enough since the powers at be clearly believe I can handle more. So what did I do after cursing out my scale? I put on my gym cloths and went to work on those two pounds.

Rule #1- Do not give up on yourself, or your goal. Someone who will not be named, and doesn't know me very well, at all obviously, said to me very recently, "Don't you think you look good enough?" I'm positive there was an audible smack when my jaw hit the floor. I don't know about you, but "good enough" is not and will never be "good enough" for me, in any aspect of my life. I'm not settling for "good enough". I haven't come this far, 48 pounds to be specific, to settle for "good enough". Hell to the no. I am in it to WIN IT. I've got what it takes to achieve my goal, and I will not ever EVER settle for "good enough". This girl was not born to settle for "good enough" anything. I'm still reeling from that comment, but I suppose it's a question everyone has to ask themselves at some point, "Is this good enough for me?" My answer, "No, no it is not". I felt all of the appropriate emotions this morning that accompany a weight gain weigh in- anger, frustration, discouragement- but at no point did I think to myself, "Well, I look good enough". I thought to myself, "It's time to work harder". Maybe I needed to see those two pounds, even though I know they're a product of my monthly "gift". Thanks Mother Nature, thanks girl! Appreciate ya!

I really went to work on those two pounds this morning. I did 35 minutes on the Elliptical, because I still can't run- running will beat up your fat and tell it to GTFO better than any cardio I've ever done-, more on that later, 15 minutes on the stair master and 30 minutes of HIIT. I've been given a series of daily stretches to improve my pain in my left hip. I've been doing this everyday since Monday. Yes, it took me over three weeks to see about dat hip pain. I'm extremely stubborn. Anywho, it feels 100% now, but I was instructed to complete the stretches for a full week before attempting a run. I was itching to run just one mile after my 35 minutes on the elliptical, especially after seeing those numbers this morning, but I refrained. Yesterday, after my hard-core Thursday boss lady work out, I signed up for an 8 week running clinic that's starts mid-September, along with a 10K and 5K in November. I don't want to re injure the hip and prevent myself from being able to do any of the above. Check out all this sweaty goodness after this morning's complete bad ass boss lady work out, those two pounds aren't going to be "good enough" for me.

I picked up a new series of outer leg excises from a class this week that I just have to share. I find the muscle along my outer leg and hip is one of the most difficult to work. I've done this exercise before, but not with weight and in this combination. I felt this exercise all through my leg, hip and butt. Booty work ya'll, my favorite kind of work! This bad boy is a 15lb weighted bar, it's your friend, your very good friend.

In class Wednesday, the instructor had us place the bar on our outer outside foot, while laying on the ground in a seated side plank position.

Next she had us move the bar up and down in a set of 15, then hold the bar up and pulse for 15. No rest in between raise and pulse.

I did two rounds of 15 raises with 15 pulses per leg, intermittent with two sets of 50 squat jumps. Then I did a 30 second high plank immediately followed with a 30 second low plank and a one minute wall sit. My hips, legs, butt, and core were burning. All I could think was, "Take that two pounds! You ain't hanging out with me any longer!" hahaha I'm so lame. Then I did a whole bunch of crazy ab stuff and finished with stretching. I must have listened to Eye of the Tiger by Survivor on repeat five times this morning, that song was really amping me up to kick some two pound butt. It was a long work out, but I needed it after my discouraging weigh in. "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming"~ Dory, Finding Nemo

Last night, my man and I made a crazy delicious skinny meal from my Skinny Eats board, a grilled chicken and vegetable mock pasta. Spaghetti squash is our new best friend. Anytime you can eat a vegetable and pretend it's a carb, you are living the good life! First step was to bake the squash, here's what it looks like after baking:

This was the most lengthily stage in the cooking process. The item with the highest calories in the entire recipe is the extra virgin olive oil, it calls for two tablespoons, and we made due with one.  This is how much food the recipe yields.

I split the pan into three servings. 1/3 of the recipe is 301 calories. That was a lot of food folks and thank goodness, because I was starvin like Marvin last night after all that exercise!

Spaghetti squash has made it's way onto my weekly grocery list, without a doubt. I'm going to try this recipe next week. My husband loved it too! Double WIN! He really didn't want to eat spaghetti squash, apparently they had an ugly incident when he was about 8 years old and he was extremely hesitant to revisit that trama. I've been picking on him about this for awhile now, then he says to me, " So you ready to try brussel sprouts again?" Ooops. Me and my big mouth getting myself into trouble again. I hate brussel sprouts ya'll. Like really hate them. We had an ugly run in when I was about 5 and  I informed my mother,  "I told you, I Do NOT like baby cabbages!!!" as I gave brussel sprouts the five year old diva status snotty upper lip. My Mom loves telling that story. Thanks Mom. When you're an only child, everything you ever did was down right adorable, as if! Anywho, since I made him try the spaghetti squash he's making me revisit broussel sprouts. Joy. I love compromise. Yes, I'm still holding a grudge against brussel sprouts.

Phew, this became a long winded post. Who's still with me? Let's end on a super high note. Today is Saint's game day! We're having a few people over tonight and I've got some skinny-tizers I'm going to try. I'll let ya'll know how that goes in my next post. We are HUGE Saints fans. To my husband's credit, he has been Who Datin his entire life, even in those ugly brown bag days. When I first met my husband, I knew jack squat about football. I knew the Quarterback was usually the hunkiest guy on the team, I knew the hand sign for a Touchdown, and I knew I looked forward to the Superbowl half time show more than the actual game. I was always around for the social aspects of football, but I could've cared less who won or lost. When we started dating, that all changed. If I wanted to spend time with my man during football season, I had to jump on board with football. Now I'm right there with him yelling at the TV, cursing bad plays, rotten calls, and demanding a red flag. I freaking love it and look forward to football season every year. Do I love it as much as say outlet mall shopping, girls night out, dinner dates, dancing, and dessert? Um no, but I do really enjoy cheering for our teams, tailgating, and all the get togethers that come with football season. Here I am headed to work in my Saints gear! Who Dat?!

Polo- Academy
Jeans- Miss Me- Dillard's
Shoes- Naturalizer- Dillard's

Here's to not giving up and serving up a "set back" Boss Lady Style! Rock this day ya'll, you'll never get it back!

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