Friday, August 24, 2012

Weekly Weigh In & Ballin' on a Budget

WOWZERS! At a loss for words over here people, and that's crazy difficult to do, ya'll are a-maz-ing! Huge thank you to each and every one of you for the record high reads yesterday and thank you to everyone for all the new "likes" on my Facebook page! I never felt so "liked" before in my whole little life!!

Today was weigh in day, and my weight stayed exactly the same this week, womp womp. Not surprising to me though, remember what I did last weekend? Oh yeah, I dove head first into the deep dark calorie whole that is wild weekend fun. I jumped in and grabbed every skinny cupcake I could get my grubby fingers on all the way down, muahahahahahaha! You know what? It was worth it! That's right, I don't regret it in the least. It was fun, I work crazy stupid hard, and I needed a little break. Refocused and recharged! I'm on day 5 of my 12 day Challenge, for you newbies out there I'll break down the challenge. No diet cheats (1200 calorie intake per day unless it's a two-a-day work out day -1500 calorie intake) No carbs for dinner, eek I know- this sucks!- three two a day work outs totaling 10 work outs in 7 days. That's a lot of stuff to remember, but so far so good!

I've completed two two-a-days this week and 7 work outs at present (8 after tonight's work out). Last night was my favorite bad ass boss lady work out at Personally Fit. It was a super challenging class, the class started with about 20 people and ended with 10. I kid you not. Everything I own was burning ya'll. Madeline, Kate & myself all toughed out the class together! Real talk- There's safety in numbers, and knowing your friend will call you out if you bail on your boss lady work out. After class, we hung around and gossiped for a little bit with some of the other gym rats we love at PF. Things we discuss; How dieting is ruining our social lives, how much we miss wine-ing (whining about not being able to wine. The irony is not lost on me), the gloriousness that is covering anything and everything with cheese, shopping, and of course we spend a lot of time talking about men. We're forever talking about men. Men. Men. Men. Men. and all the things we love about them. Our men, someone else's man, and that man who isn't going to make the cut because he committed the unspeakable- "gurrlll you won't even BELIEVE what he did"- act. Since working out became social, it's become 123,445 times more addicting and enjoyable. Strike up conversation with other people at your gym! Everyone loves talking, especially when you have the same goals.  I calculate that working out at this rate, I'll have a 24 pack by next summer. Yap, I mean a 24 pack of abs. If it doesn't happen by that point, I'll just say F THIS  and grab a 24 pack of Michelob and park next to the pool with my husband while we fight about who gets to eat the last of the cheesey french frys we picked up to go. Only kidding. Kind of.

I got in a real boss lady style work out this morning! Another 35 minutes on the elliptical- snooze fest- I'm so bored with the damn elliptical. Running again Monday. New Elle Noelers- I injured my hip running mid- July and have been given strict no running instructions until Monday. Let me break down just how bad my leg was hurting me. I was using both hands to lift my leg out of the car, because it was hurting me to badly to move it on it's own. (Note- I never bailed on my high heels though, we have priorities peeps) That was the breaking point for me, when I decided I had to see about it. I'm feeling 100% now, but no running until the all clear on Monday! After the -snooze, yawn, stretch- 35 minute elliptical session, I did two new pins from Pinterest. I did this one first. I think I'm going to try all of the days of the week pins this coming week.

Next, I did this plank work out which was an intense core work out. I decided to do these three rounds to my Tabata Timer. Tabata is an 8 round 20 second work out with 10 second rests in between each round. There's a free app for iPhone you can download. Madeline and I will often use this with alternating arm and leg work outs. We'll pick out two different arm exercises and alternate between those two for 8 rounds then move on to another two arm exercises, etc. This is a great way to change things up and keep yourself actively engaged in your work out. When you reach round six everything is burning in that amazing I'm becoming a stronger, smaller, more awesome version of me kind of way! I finished with weighted bar leg lifts and some more ab work. Post- Friday morning work out boss lady bad ass-ness coming at ya!

Here's a look at last night's carbless boring fishy dinner. Just kidding, it was pretty freaking delicious. I eat lots of tilapia for one reason. It's cheap. I'm balling on a budget too ya'll. Side note- my man thinks I'm over using "ya'll" in the blog. He says I don't say this as much in real life. I asked him what my more commonly used real life phrases are, and he says, "Holler bitches!" and "Wassup Sluts!" all day everyday. Really?? REALLY?!  Conclusion? I'm going to make an effort to say ya'll more in real life. Winner winner fishy dinner!

One more round of ridiculously randomness coming at ya. I picked up three of these 100 calorie snacks for 99 cents on my grocery run this week. I'm reading such amazing things about cottage cheese, that it's a bad ass snack and diet supplement for peeps looking to drop L-Bs. I decided, what the hell, it's 99 cents, I'll try something new.

BLUCK! This is NOT for me. I'm a texture person so I don't like a few random popular edible yums like oranges (GASP, I know, how un-American) lots of nuts- you remember the issue with walnuts- and I don't eat raw coconut to name a few. I am willing to try the cottage cheese again though. I bought the pineapple and strawberry flavors too. I have two options- force feed this to myself or try selling this to my husband. I asked him if he would eat it the other two and he made this grossed out wrinkled up face and said "HUH!?" as he was watching Sports Center and shoveling Doritos in his mouth. Did I mention he lost 2 pounds this week? Without trying? Lucky duck.

Here I am running off to work in another outfit from The Limited! I know what you're thinking, that girl needs to venture out into the wide world of shopping. Here's my deal with The Limited, they have killer sales and they're always sending me these emails telling me what an awesome customer I am and how much they value my opinions, yada yada! I love that. I try to not ever buy anything at full price (I've gotten crazy good at this too), it's a personal challenge, one I'm quite proud of. Balling on a budget, fabulousity just isn't cheap ya'll! Holler for that dolla!

Wishing  all y'all an over the fence, out of the ball park, shoot for stars fun and fabulous weekend!

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  1. I'm a Limited gal as well.... Here in STL, they are re-doing all the stores. I also noticed that some of my inside tags don't say Limited... HMMM

    1. That is very interesting.... What do the tags say? I certainly hope I'm not about to lose my favorite store! :/