Wednesday, August 1, 2012

uh oh, did I eat that?

Good morning and Happy Wednesday everyone! Last night, my man and I, indulged in a week night treat, I got in a work out, and had a not so great dieting day, but not a dieting disaster. This happens occasionally. I don't feel bad about it. That's what is so fantastic about life, today is a new day and yesterday is gone. Starting fresh!

Tuesday afternoon's workout was awesome! I got in 35 minutes on the elliptical, followed by this arm work out. I used 10 pound dumb bells for all of the exercises except for flys and lateral raises, I used 8 pounds for those. Also, since the pin didn't specify a high or low plank, I did one high and one low. Next, I got in 15 minutes on the stair master finishing with this butt work out and the burning core pyramid again. This work out was about 1 hour and 45 minutes long. Ahhh so refreshing! Here I am after my sweaty afternoon at the gym. I'm trying to be very incognito about taking this picture. There was a lady behind me giving me some serious "OH NO she didn't!" eyes. I thought about explaining to her, but who really cares. People need something to talk about.

Next I went home and cooked dinner. I picked up a bag of frozen tuna steaks this weekend at Target, because this girl needs some variety! I think I paid about nine bucks for three steaks. I love tuna steak ya'll. I served it up with some steamed veggies for a grand total of 220 calories.

Last week, my man and I, made plans with friends to go to Walk Ons to play their weekly trivia. We love random trivia. My husband is a bottomless pit of ridiculously random knowledge and facts, trivia gives him a chance to show off. He loves that ya'll. This week's theme was Disney. We all went in feeling super confidant, but don't worry, we got taken down a few pegs. There were only 4-5 questions about the movie Cars and no questions about the classics like Bambi and Fantasia. I call BS! We had a really great time cutting up with friends and trash talking with the table next to us. It was good fun. Our team was aptly named Sin-derella. HAHAHA We're so funny. Here is my husband and I while waiting for a table. I pinched him and told him to smile before taking the pic. He mumbled something about "saturating the market". Men.

I decided to cut myself a little slack last night. I had a few glasses of white wine, and I munched some off of the appetizers around me. Sometimes you have to give yourself little cheats to avoid a full on binge. Binging is bad ya'll! Tonight I'll get in two work outs and be a little dieting angel. It's a new day ya'll!

As always here I am running off to work! New month, new day, new start, and I intend to make the most of it!

Geez there is a lot of me in this post. "Oh NO she didn't!" hahahahaha

Have a great day ya'll! Thanks for reading!

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