Monday, August 20, 2012

Throwing Down a Challenge

New week, new day, and a very bright sunshiny Monday! True confession time people, this weekend wasn't a good dieting weekend, it was however, one of the most fun weekends we've had in a while. I took a tumble down the deep dark calorie hole that is wild weekend fun on Saturday night. Since this is my second not so great weekend in a row, it's time to throw down a challenge. I love to challenge myself, it helps me to stay focused, but first let me tell you all about the fun we had! Friday night we had friends over for the Saints game, and we cooked, drank, and had a really great time together. I stuck with my champagne (three glasses), but it was a late night, we didn't get to bed until nearly ONE AM. If I stay up this late, I know for a fact I'm going to screw up the next day. It almost always happens. I woke up late Saturday and had to cram a protein bar in my yap so that I could get to the gym in time to put in a work out. Personally Fit is presently operating on summer hours and closing at noon on Saturday's, so there is no sleeping late on Saturday morning. I got in my hour long work out, and was the last person there Saturday morning, they literally locked the door behind me when I left. I got in that work out though, phew. I did my 35 minutes on the elliptical and it was a whooper! Almost 500 calories burned! I was feeling slightly guilty about the champagne....slightly ;)

Next, I tried a new pin from my beastmode board. I did three rounds taking 5-7 minutes each to complete. I really like this pin. It's great for a "get creative" day or day when you don't have access to a gym, or maybe you're a strictly at home work out person, whatever the case, this was an awesome HIIT round. I personally get bored very easily and have to constantly entertain myself or be entertained. Thankfully, being an only child greatly prepared me for a masters in self entertainment. That said, 80 jumping jacks in one sitting is BORING. The first round I did them straight out. The second round I did sets of 20 in a rotating circle. The Third round I did sets of 10 in a rotating circle. This made the task much more enjoyable and whole lot less monotonous. Just some little tips and tricks for the easily bored like me :) Also remember, there is a giant difference between a crunch and a sit up. Sit ups are more work, you gots to come all the way up peeps! I finished my work out with some abs, and then I had to stretch at home, because it was time for them to close. After my Saturday work out, my husband decided to join me in running errands. We had lunch at Subway, I had a 6inch ham on 9 grain honey oat with spicy mustard and all the veggies with a bag of baked lays. Subway is the bomb diggity.

Next we went to the Mall or the "Mother Ship" as my husband likes to call it, ha ha. My favorite store, The Limited, was having a 40% off anything and everything sale and I just can't pass that up. As we're walking up to The Limited, a bright light shines across the floor landing on glimmering shafts of tinkling crystal from a newly crafted chandelier delicately hanging over fresh carpet and crisp merchandise. The glass front is polished to perfection and I'm frozen in my tracks. Do my eyes deceive me? I had heard rumors of it's arrival but doubted their validity. There I am, little ole me, standing in front of our brand spanking new White House Black Market store. I'm having a moment. My husband is oblivious. Why is he here? Why didn't I come shopping with someone who could truly appreciate the epicness of this moment I'm in?! I make an abrupt turn into the this shining beacon of fashion epicness that is before me all before he can blurt out, "Wait, wait!! I only agreed to The Limited!!!" Your complaints are invalid sir. It's time to do some damage. I've been shopping at White House Black Market for a number of years. It used to be a store I could only visit in New Orleans, then Shreveport, my Maw Maw's home town got a store, and then Baton Rouge, I didn't think it would ever happen for Lafayette, and I'm beyond ecstatic to have one. I bought a gaw-geous maxi skirt and top I'm going to save for the perfect social occasion, hopefully sometime in the very near and immediate future.  After my impromptu purchases, I convinced my husband to visit The Limited with me. I was able to save myself some major dollars on the sale there. However, my man was done with the shopping trip. When he's had enough, he'll start to act up in an effort to rush me out of the store. Sometimes he's successful, sometimes he's not, but since he allowed me my White House Black Market indulgence, I got my butt out of the mall when he said "I hate shopping. I'm feeling like a time bomb. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. (Increasing frequency)" Ok, it's time to go!!! Yes, he really does that to me. He thinks it's hysterical. I think it's annoying. My girl friends and I have even coined a "phrase" for when we sense he's about to interrupt a shopping trip. We start crowing, " Kaw-caw, ka-caw!"  yes, a bird noise, it means he's swooping around on the loose and about to destroy a shopping trip. This is sad but true. Big country doesn't like shopping ya'll. True to form, we turn EVERYTHING into a joke.

Now it's Saturday night and we've been invited to a friend's house for a bar-b-que. I brought my skinny taco dip which was very well received! A bar-b-que doesn't have to be a diet un-do, but I had some more champagne, oops, and left over skinny cupcakes, double oops, and chocolate rock candy, thanks kids, triple oops and let's just stop tabulating. Saturday was a lot of fun, we cut up and had a really great time. We had so much fun, that we ended up staying until 3:30am. Yes, three thirty am. This is really odd behavior for us, but we were having a blast. When I realized just how late the hour had become it was time to go home. By the time we said goodbye and got home it was 4:00am. Geez, we aren't 18 anymore people. A one am Friday and a FOUR AM Saturday?! Who are we?! The four am Saturday night threw my Sunday into a tail spin. I ended up being a lazy daisy and sleeping through breakfast and lunch. It wasn't a terrible eating day, but it's time for a challenge none the less. My husband was craving cookies and I was too tired from Saturday to put up a fight. I was going to make these skinny cookies, but I found a bag of pre-made chocolate chip cookie dough for 90 calories a cookie! So ya know, I ate three or five but who's counting?! Most of the pre-made cookie dough's averaged between 160-190 calories a cookie. YIKES. I was about to give up when I stumbled across these. Sweet tooth cured! 90 calories a cookie! Yes please!!!

My husband and I made the Chicken Green Bean Potato Bake for Sunday dinner and our 90 calorie cookies for dessert. Then we settled in for movie night! I picked this up at Target. We're those people who read every popular series and get unnaturally pumped up for the movies. I may re-visit this series soon, but I'm thinking I'll read Gillian Flynn's Gone Girl next. It's getting lots a big popular book buzz.

These past two weekends have been a lot of fun, and after the intense focus I'd had the past month, I needed these fun worry free weekends for my sanity. That said, I'm prepared to refocus and recharge. New challenge- 12 day no cheat diet with a twist. No carbs for dinner. Eeek, yes, I said it. Also, three two a days during the work week. This week I'll get in two on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Probably the same the following week. I picked a 12 day challenge, because at the end of those 12 days lurks Labor Day weekend, and the end of summer. Sad face. Anywho, weather permitting, I'm going to soak up the sun and possibly a few skinny Dirty Monkeys to say au revoir to my favorite time of year. Bright note, full swing football season is on the horizon! Lots to look forward to. Here I am in another awkward mirror self shot this morning. My husband got to sleep in this morning, lucky duck. I'm not jealous (sarcasm). That's my first peplum top ya'll! I'm so excited to be wearing it. It's not something I would have been brave enough to try 10 pounds ago, and I got it 40% off at The Limited this weekend! Holla for that Dolla!

Wish me luck in my no carb dinner, no cheat, boss lady work outs 12 day challenge. Eeek! Day one- so far so good :)

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