Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Skinny on grubbing "Skinny"

Good morning and happy happy Sunday to you! It's been another wild, crazy, busy, and super fun weekend at our house! We had a little get together to watch the Saint's game on Friday, and this was so much fun! I'm working to incorporate my low calorie diet into everyday real life situations. Football get togethers and tail gating will always house a deep dark calorie pit. Friday, I set out to see if I could shave off some of those calories, have fun, and not stress about those pesky calories adding up! I made four new Skinny entertaining dishes that I found over on Pinterest. This was a lofty undertaking, but lucky for me, my girl friends gave me a lot of help in the kitchen. I couldn't have pulled it off without them! I wouldn't recommend trying this many new recipes in one night, anywho ya'll know we had success none the less!

We started off with Skinny Taco Dip. This was EASY, quick, and delicious. I couldn't even get a picture without someone having their hand in the dish. It was so sinfully scrumptious and easy to put together, it will be my new go to dish, without a doubt. Special bonus? I costs around 10 bucks to make. That's it! We liked it so much, I made it to take to a get together with friends on Saturday night too, and they all loved it! Not a crumb remaining! Pin this one right now. You won't regret it!

I also wanted to serve a hot dish or two. We all love fried stuff, and the fried stuff really loves us back. Frying food in your home can be a smelly and messy experience, yes, I've tried before. However, faux frying is simple, easy, and much kinder to your waist line. I really wanted to try fried pickles as these are a favorite for my husband. However, these just weren't that great. Amelia* said, "These are good, but they're just too different!" Translation- please don't make that again, it taste like poop, and I don't have the heart to dash all of your skinny food hopes and dreams with a blunt review. It was cool though, I felt the same way about the pickles. These required a lot of work and attention in the kitchen. Neither of which I want to do, especially when surrounded by my favorite people! I'd rather be socializing, der! I won't make this again, they're just too much work and not enough reward.

I also tried my hand at "fried" cheese sticks. Ya'll these were so good. They disappeared 10 minutes after I put them down. The cheese sticks are a little bit of work, and a whole lot of awesome. They tasted like fancy fried cheese, if there ever were to be such an animal. You need to make these for your next get together. I plan on doubling the recipe next time, yap, they were that a-maz-ing!

Now it's time for dessert! I'd been craving sweets the past few days, and had been curious about this recipe for awhile. We made these skinny cupcakes- each one totally 150 calories with icing. We couldn't find diet cherry 7-up so we went with regular diet 7-up instead.We also hit a snag with the icing. The icing called for vanilla pudding and cool whip. FYI- You have to make the pudding ahead of time then mix in the cool whip. If you don't then this will happen, and your icing will look and taste like crap and be completely useless to you!

We tried salvaging the icing, but it just wasn't working ya'll. We ended up deciding to use regular icing, because it was almost time for kick off, and that's just more important. If the cool whip- pudding icing had been edible, the cupcakes would've been 110 calories each. I'll revisit these cupcakes in the future and attempt the icing again. Icing issues aside, these were fantastic. We couldn't even taste a difference. I do find these to be very fluffy to a point where they crumble more easily, regardless it's so worth the 200+ calories saved by using the diet soda.

MMmm hmmmmm! All this talking about skinny girl food has made me want to go bake some skinny girl cookies. I may just do that! Enjoy your Sunday people, I'm off to capitalize on this gaw-geous day!

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