Monday, August 13, 2012

The Great Bicycle Debacle

Good morning and Happy Monday to you! It's a new day, new week, and a new chance to get it right! I hinted to ya'll in yesterday's post, huddle-up-its-break-time, about a project my husband and I spent the weekend working on. My husband had been wanting to purchase a set of all-terrain bicycles for us to use as recreational exercise. We really get a trill from trail rides and just enjoying the outdoors together. I was hesitant to jump on his bicycle campaign, mainly because I wasn't feeling all that crazy about dropping a large amount of money on bikes. Saturday morning, he convinced me to go bicycle shopping with him. We went to four different stores, a local bicycle shop, two Academy's, and Walmart. We started our endeavor at 10am sharp. I had a lot I wanted to accomplish on Saturday, important stuff, like a manicure and buying a new curling iron. I also had plans to attend my friend's Premier Jewelry party at 3:30pm with Madeline*.

First on our shopping stop was Walmart. They really didn't have much in the way of adult all terrain bikes. We did have fun goofing around in the store though, because we're crazy mature adults people.

Disclaimer- this is a really long story, settle in. Next, we made a stop at a local bicycle shop. Sticker shock time. If we become serious bikers I would consider purchasing a really nice high end bike, however, we just weren't prepared to make the kind of investment the pro-shop was selling. In short, we couldn't get out of the door fast enough. I'm pretty sure we ran to the car. By this time it's about 11:30am. Next, we decide to try Academy. Ahh success! Academy had several bikes in the Men's and Women's all terrain section to choose from that were also in the price range where we felt most comfortable. I decided on a women's all terrain Mongoose Tactic. It was a fairly easy decision for me to make. I selected between three or four bikes rather quickly. My husband on the other hand, was having issues making his decision. There just weren't as many men's bikes in their inventory to choose from. We did notice a red Men's Mongoose bike that appeared similar to my Women's Tactic, however it was missing it's tags and had no price, so we wrote it off pretty quickly. I decided not to purchase my bike until my husband selected his. Next, we went to the Academy on the other side of town to look at their men's bikes. This is how I ended up forced into lunch at Bullritos. It was on the way, my man wanted to eat there, and we were on a time crunch. I just described how poor eating decisions are made peeps. It also cost me half a days calories. I did get a sprite zero peach out of the deal though. That made me happy. Anywho, en route to the other Academy. We get there around 1:00pm. Keep in mind, I have my party to attend at 3:30. There are about 5-6 bikes for my husband to select from in the Men's all terrain section. However, almost zilch for me. He ends up selecting the red Men's Mongoose bike that we saw at the south side Academy. We end up deciding to venture back to the other Academy to purchase both of our bikes, and we'll just ride them home. I would guess it's about a 4-5 mile bike ride. Alright, yippeee! We're getting these bikes! We're excited to hit the road! Back at the other Academy we both snatch up our bikes and make our way to the register. We're feeling really cool. All these people want to talk to us about our bikes! We're trend setting! Woop! We were able to haggle down the price on my husband's bike, yes we're those people, since his bike had obviously been purchased and returned given it's tag less state. We're feeling like savvy little dollar savors. Finally, we're out of the store with our new his & hers Mongoose (Mongeese?). I'm out of the door first. I promptly pick up the kick stand and start peddling away, I'm so ready to see what my Mongoose can do! Then I hear a clankity clankity clankity sound coming from the bike behind me. "Uhhhhh waiiitttt" Ugh. Anytime we say that word "wait" it's not going to end well. It's basically become our funny way of breaking bad news "Waiiittttt". My man's bike doesn't work. At all. The pedals turn but the chain doesn't move. We're not looking to cool now, not feeling bargain savvy, and it's 2:30pm, I'm going to be late for the party. I have an hour to get to my jewelry party and I've been running around in work out cloths sweating all day testing out bikes. I didn't get my manicure, or new curling iron, and we only have one working bike. Not successful. Then we have to "waaiiittt" in another long line to return his bike. Epic Fail. We get my bike home and at 3:00pm I'm just now getting in the shower and I have a party to be at in 30 minutes. I'm not stressed or annoyed. Nope, not at all. (Dripping with sarcasm) I was about 15 minutes late for the party- miraculous- and the gals at the party were understanding and amused with my late story. I really hate to be late. It's probably my biggest pet peeve. I try to always be considerate of other people's time, so when I'm in a position where I'm disrespecting their time, It doesn't make me feel to good ya'll. I hate being late. Ok, now it's Sunday morning. We're going to get his bike. This is how my day started off. Breakfast in bed. I know, I'm so spoiled and ridiculously lucky. My husband went to Subway and got a egg white and ham flat bread sandwich with American cheese, spinach and a vinaigrette dressing. Aiiiyeeee this was a great breakfast. This did total in at 370 calories, but it's ok. I was able to maintain my 1200 calorie diet for the day.

We're feeling much much better about our bicycling endeavor on Sunday. We head to the Academy across town, to purchase the original bike my husband picked out. We get it home and we're feeling like champs. We're so ready to pound the pavement at this point. We're topping off our tires with air and it's starts pouring down rain. What the hell. Why doesn't the universe want us to be bikers?! We're both annoyed. All we wanted to do was go on a long bike ride together. It rains until 6:00pm. All day rain. As soon as the rain recedes we finally get to head out on our bike ride. We took off without a specific route in mind. We just started pedaling y'all. We would randomly shout out right or left to one another and we paused for water to discuss crossing major intersections- safety first! Once we noticed we were at 7 miles we agreed to top it off with a ten mile ride. This is the route we took. We zig zagged all over the place y'all. For our next ride, we'll do a pre determined route. We used an app called Nike Running to track our route and time as both use this app for our runs. My husband did find a free bicycling app we downloaded, I'll let you know how that app works for our next ride.

We also stopped on top of the Camilla Bridge to take in the view. Looking out over the water is so calming, and peaceful. I'm really trying to focus on taking time to "smell the roses" cheesy as that may sound. All of my life, I've been focused on what's coming next, what's my next goal, how am I going to get to the next phase of my life, how am I going to get the most productivity out of tomorrow, and I often find myself missing the moment I'm in. I'm working on this people, always room for self improvement. His and hers bicycling with a view!

I'm really glad my husband talked me into the new bikes. This is such a fun, active activity for us to do together. We're trying to decide where and when our next bike will be. We're thinking of doing a really long all day ride at the Tammany Trace Trailhead sometime in the very near future. Stay tuned people! Sunday was probably the most random eating days I've had in a long time. Other than my Subway breakfast, I fueled up on peanut butter and cheese sticks and then I ate this for dinner

Lean Cuisine Chicken Enchilada Suiza, not the best, but I did keep my calories to 1200 yesterday. I'm going to have to skip out on 337 Fit Club tonight, but I will get in my regular hour long HIIT class. Our long winded bicycle debacle robbed me of a lot of my time this weekend so I didn't get to grocery shop. Which is why I ate peanut butter, cheese sticks, and a lean cuisine all day yesterday. Not good, I can't have another day like this. I'm also trying to cut back on my popcorn intake. I can't believe it either, but my addiction has spiraled out of control lately. I've found myself hoarding calories so that I can get in two bags of popcorn a day. I can't believe I just admitted that so publicly. oh the shame! ;)

Here I am ready to take on Monday! Muahahaha! I'm ready to work hard at boss ladying some fat this week ya'll!

Cardigan- Ann Taylor Outlet
Dress- Ann Taylor Outlet (9 bucks with tax, holla for a dolla!)
Shoes- Nine West Outlet

Here's to kicking off your week the right way, tell Monday who is boss, thanks for reading!

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