Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sweat is Fat Crying- RAWR- for hard-core Thursday!

Today is going to be an awesome day. I powered through my "don't wants" and I'm feeling like myself again. Tomorrow morning is my weigh in day. I didn't lose anything last week, and I'm not expecting to much this week. While I got in a crazy amount of exercise and have done really well with my eating, I had drinks Friday and Saturday night, while I was responsible about it, historically, if I have anything to drink at all, yes, even a single glass of wine- I won't lose anything- zilch. Alcohol does crazy things to your metabolism. They fo sho don't like each other. We'll see what happens in the morning, yesterday quiet a few people remarked to me that I'm looking much smaller and asked the "What are you doing?!" question that has no short simple concise answer. I've started responding to that with, "Oh just being a little weight loss bad ass!" hahaha, just kidding, I wish I had the kahonies to say that. Anywho, *doing happy dance* I feel amaze-balls this morning so I'll be happy no matter what the big bad scale says to me tomorrow :)

Last night, I got in a 45 minute HIIT class at Personally Fit. It was killer amazing on my legs. So what did I do next? Oh went on an eleven mile bike ride. My legs felt like mushy, insert Steel Magnolia-esqe southern drawl, buttaaa. My man and I biked all over town last night. We biked 11 miles in just over an hour averaging 12mph overall and peaking at 16mph on the straight aways. We used a new app that's not going to work for us long term, so we're looking for another. I may just be spoiled/stuck on the Nike Running app. We were aiming for a 15 mile ride but got a late start and didn't want to be out biking in the dark, because that's dangerous ya'll- safety first! I may need to invest in a brighter shirt for these bike rides. I don't want a passing car to miss me!

This was taken on the Camilla Bridge about a mile from home. I was sssooo tired!! 2 hours of intense cardio is a lot ya'll, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't feel like one bad ass boss lady when I went to bed last night. Last night was left over, find it fix it, fend for yourself playa, dinner night. True confessions- I had enough calories for a piece of pizza and I ate that! Mmmmmm. I also had broccoli and left over Bubble Up Enchiladas

Thursday's dinner agenda, a new skinny recipe I'm really looking forward to. I've got a spaghetti squash and new pin on my Skinny Eats board I'm just itching to scarf down my yap.

Today is also hard-core Thursday! I was really looking forward to hard-core Thursday this morning. Personally Fit is celebrating 13 years in business today, and I just knew everyone would be in extra high spirits, and they didn't disappoint. I went and did the hour long weight lifting class at 5:30am. Everyone was smiling happy little rays of sunshine this morning. Even the music sounded brighter. It was a great work out. My legs are really feeling buttaaa -esque now too. I think all of the trainers must've gotten together and decided to boss lady legs yesterday and today. I freaking love it! I've got another hour and a half to power through this evening. Sexy supermodel body here I come! Woop de Woop!

This morning I had the breakfast of boss lady champions. My body needs fuel to be able and expend all  of this crazy boss lady energy! I had 6 tablespoons of egg whites, two slices of turkey bacon, one packet Kashi Go-Lean hot cereal, and 1/4 of a cup of blue berries with my coffee. Simply Scrumptious. Total Calories-272

This morning was one of those wild crazy, "I'm late. I'm late. For a very important date! No time to say hello goodbye I'm late I'm late I'm late!"` The White Rabbit, Alice & Wonderland,  kind of days. My man took my picture this morning and then said, "You're going to hate them all!" as he kissed me on the cheek and waved from the door, "Have a great day!". This was a take picture, grab purse, start running kind of day. Well he wasn't kidding. This isn't the picture I was looking for, but this is REAL life peeps. It's going to be one of those days, hahahaha!

Jacket- Old Navy
Shirt- Target
Skirt- The Limited
Shoes- Nine West Outlet

Stay strong and keep of all of your hard work, You WILL get there!!

Daily Motivator

Thanks for reading ya'll!!!

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