Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Put in Work & Reap Reward!

Whoa!! Wednesday already!? This week is flying right on by for me ya'll. Day three of the no carb for dinner, no cheat, three two a days a week, and ten work outs total in one week 12 day challenge. Phew that's a mouthful. Last night I got in my afternoon work out at Personally Fit. I had company too! Madeline and Kate were both there with me, this always makes a work out 100 times more enjoyable! Social time= favorite fun time. This is my last week to be trapped on the elliptical, I can run run run run run next week! I can not wait. Did I put enough emphasis on how much I miss running??? No sarcasm. I miss running intensely. I decided to try this Sweat it out Elliptical work out pin from my Beast Mode Board. I like playing around with different elliptical work outs, but I frequently have to make adjustments to these pre-determined work outs as all elliptical machines are not created equal. Hence, the elliptical machines at Personally Fit have a resistance level of 1-10 and a ramp incline of 1-10 so I have to play around with the numbers some, but I will strictly adhere predetermined time. Play around with the incline and resistance ratios until you find a combination that works for you and is comparable to your predetermined goals, i.e., Pin from Pinterest, Cosmo magazine cut out, magical fairy dust given to you by a weight loss Queen, whatever floats your boat! Next Madeline and I did a HIIT round that we made up on the fly, It went like this...

10 Burpees
20 Lunges per leg Immediately followed by 10 pulses
10 Leg Lifts with 10 Upper Pulses (15lb) bar
50 Jump Squats
15 Inverted Push Ups
20 Glute Raises with 20 pulses
12 Fire Hydrates
10 forward and back ward leg circles
Repeat Previous three on the Ppposite Leg

We finished with 300 abs from my Beastmode Board. Here I am post work out. My shirt says "Work out Diva" because obviously I am one, I think. Diva Status most definitely. Anywho, I won this shirt during a Personally Fit monthly competition. This was from June's competition where each contestant entered to win a shirt or a 3 month free membership by attending 15 group exercises sessions. I attended 20 and I was out of the country on vacation for 10 days in June. Holler! NO EXCUSES! Obviously, I won the T-Shirt, not the free membership, womp womp.

I am win for win with my challenge- cheat-less, carb free for dinner, and I put in my work out this morning. Day one of three two a days this week. Last night for dinner I had a Jennie-O Turkey Patty over fresh spinach with sun dried tomatoes and fat free ranch dressing (single serving) 277 calories. Delish!

I picked up Gillian Flynn's Gone Girl at the bookstore last night. I read another great review yesterday, and I absolutely can't resist the attraction in an all consuming great read. After dinner, I curled up in a blanket and dove head first into my new book. Whoa, Ms. Flynn doesn't waste any time, by page ten I was hooked and couldn't put it down. The story line reaches off the page, grabs you by the eyeballs, and demands your attention. I had to force myself to put the book down at 10pm so I could get some sleep and put in a work out this morning. I'm sure I'll finish this one in no time at all.

This morning it was back to the gym to put in some more fat blasting work. I did another 35 minutes on the Elliptical, I'm beginning to feel chained to it. I'll most likely end up resenting the elliptical machine. True Story. There was a woman running in front of me on the treadmill and I kept thinking, "Jealous. Jealous, Jealous, Jealous. She is so lucky". Dang busted up hip. Just a few more days until I'm in the clear! Next, I did the following, which I made up, on the fly, right there by my little self.

10 Burpess
20 Lunges per leg immediately followed by 10 pulses
10 Leg Lifts with 10 upper pulses (15lb) bar
50 jump Squats
15 Inverted Push Ups

15 Minutes Stair Master (Fat burner Plus Level 4)

15 Pull Ups- Ab Stand
15 Swing Outs- Ab Stand
30 Mountain Climbers
15 oblique V-Ups Right
10 Sit Ups
15 Oblique V-Ups Left
30 Bicycle Crunches
15 Leg Lifts
30 Second high plank immediately followed by 30 second low plank (Up 60 Total)

Stretch Time- Ahhhhh. This morning's workout felt cleansing and amped me up for today. I feel energized and ready to boss lady this Wednesday. Tonight- Insanity at 337 Fit Club! Let me know if you want to come and I'll give you all the details! This is FREE, can't beat free! Here I am post- super sweat session.

This week is is light years away from last week's don't wants and disappointing weigh in. Proof that powering through your don't wants and down days will only make you feel more powerful. Empower yourself peeps, because you are awesome!  I'm so happy I threw down a challenge. I'm looking forward to big loser results at the end of these 12 days! I'm inching closer to goal weight each and every day. I can smell it. It's dangling right there in front of my face, but just out of reach. Having come so far already, the want and need I feel to succeed, and prove to myself that I can reach my goal, is all consuming. The pride I feel is self-evident, but there's something deeper than pride going on here, reaching this goal feels like knocking down life long road blocks and uprooting old nasty insecurities. It's giving me the inner strength I need to take on the world and accomplish all of my goals in life. Absolutely anything I set my mind to, and guess what? I can! Decide to do something fabulous for yourself. You won't regret it! Here I am heading off to work this morning. Werking girl Wednesday! Half way there guys and gals! Keep swimming!

Blazer- The Limited
Shirt- The Limited
Pants- The Limited
Shoes- Nine West Outlet

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  1. Okay I might need an Elle Noel pep talk! lol I always thought the "beginning" would be easier and it would be harder to take the weight off the closer I got to my goal weight, but I'm finding that I'm having just as much of a hard time now! I have been a healthy eater for about 2 years now so that hasn't shocked my body or anything. I work out about 6-7 times a week and count every calorie. Any advice on what helped you to lose the bulk of your weight that I may be missing?

    1. My weight has come off in spurts. I've hit a wall like clock work every 20 pounds, and then I'll even out for awhile ( a month or more at times) and then it starts coming off again. Frustrating to say the least. Remain persistant and ask yourself where you can give more. Each wall I've made a change and added something else in to what I'm already doing. Running will force the weight off, I know lots of people are afraid of running but it gets easier the more you do it. Also, a meal replacemnt shake has worked wonders for me, I'm a salve to Shakeology- it works! I know we've talked about MFP and eating back calories- I personally don't ever allow myself more than 1500 a day but this remains open for debate. My best advice is to remain persistant espcially during those weeks when nothing happens. It's tough, but you can do it! Honestly, it's been the hardest thing I've ever done the whole way down, it doesn't get any easier. It just gets easier to stay motivated! I would keep running and try cutting out extra carbs, even whole wheat bread and pasta, and try replacing that with a vegatable and challenging yourself to a really hard core- no cheat week, this always works for me! You'll get there, just keep pushing yourself!