Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Let's talk about eating. We all like the eating!

Good morning people! Crack out your brightest smile it's Wednesday and we're going to talk about eating! Nom Nom Nom! I realize one of the hardest things about starting a diet on your own, is trying to figure out exactly what you're going to eat daily. First things first, you need a plan! If you don't have a plan, you're going to fail. Sorry for the bluntness, but it's true. Don't think to yourself, "I'm going to eat really well today, but I'm not going to write anything down, and I don't know what I'm going to eat for lunch. But for real, I'll be successful" Ummmm no you won't. Once you start writing everything down, all the nitty gritty, you're going to be amazed/ shocked/ horrified by how much you're eating. If you want to see exactly what I'm eating everyday, feel free to add me on My Fitness Pal (MFP), I share my daily dairy with my friends!

I plan out all of meals for the following day in the evenings after I eat dinner. Sometimes, I will have to make an adjustment, especially in the morning if I work out. Occasionally, time gets away from me at the gym and I have to rush rush rush to get to work on time. Which translates to jamming a protein bar in my yap while I rock out gangsta style on my way to work. Yeah, I'm one of those people rolling around with my music blaring bouncing all around my vehicle. I don't care who sees me, and I don't care what they think. It's my time to shine! Ok back to the eating. There are a few things you want to look out for when planning your meals. Obviously, you want to keep a sharp eye on the creepy calories. They are super sneaky. Secondly, you want to minimize your sodium intake. It's incredibly easy to let this get away from you. Third- measure everything, portion control is essential. Don't ever eye ball anything. When you eye ball your measurements, you over serve yourself. Every. Single. Time. Lastly, you want to make sure you're balancing out what you're eating, i.e. fruit, vegetables, starches and fats. Lastly, you should be drinking water right now. Don't ever forget about your water! Yesterday, I let time get away from me at the gym, so I had no time for egg whites and turkey bacon. I subbed that out with a Think Thin Bar and 1/4 of a cup of blueberries. I also had my coffee with two Truvia and 1/8 a cup of skim milk.

Mid-morning snack- this is new to my rotation. I also have fresh mango, pineapple, & cantaloupe at home to choose from. When I bring fruit for my snack, I measure out exactly one cup.

Now it's lunch time. I eat the same thing everyday for lunch. Yep, every single day. This doesn't get boring to me, because I typically make something different for dinner every night. A lot of us in the working world really struggle with lunch. Lunch is typically a social time in the office, I know it is in mine. I know for a fact, that I can't eat Chinese, Taco Bell, Pizza or Chili's for lunch everyday and lose weight. Actually, I'm positive this is the weight gain fast track.Thankfully, it just isn't a big temptation for me. One, this isn't how I choose to spend my money, and secondly, if I'm going to eat poorly, I'll  save it for a weekend dinner so I can wash that meal down with a cold glass of vino. Luckily for me, the people I work with are very respectful of my diet habits. They do invite me to have lunch, but no one attempts to pressure me into lunch out. I know this isn't the case everywhere. Stick to your guns, and eventually people will get the hint. You're doing something freaking fabulous for yourself, they won't want to mess that up! Stick to your plan!!! Everyday for lunch, I have one scoop of Shakeology with half a banana and two tablespoons of Peanut Butter powder (PB2). What's PB2? PB2 is slice of peanut butter heaven. PB2 is 45 calories per 2 tablespoons. In contrast, reduced fat peanut butter is 190 calories per 2 tablespoons and more than double the fat. EEEKK! I leave my tablespoon in the cabinet next to PB2 so it's always there ready for me to measure out my serving size. I started off buying the regular PB2 and then graduated to the Chocolate PB2 as it's freaking delicious and has 10 less calories from fat versus it's regular flavored counter part. I've only found PB2 at one place in town, Drug Emporium, where you can also purchase my new love, Think Thin Bars.

Sometimes at lunch, I'll have my Shakeology with a bag of popcorn or a cheese stick, maybe some popchips. Depends on how hungry I am. Yesterday, I had my Shakeolgy with a light cheese stick- 60 calories

Now it's afternoon snack time. This snack varies the most from day to day. It all depends on what I ate for breakfast. If I didn't have a protein bar for breakfast, I'll eat a protein bar at this time with a vegetable. Either celery or a cucumber. If I did have a protein bar for breakfast, I'll have my snack with a vegetable and a cheese stick or the new favorite, almonds. Almonds won out yesterday.

3pm snack time- FYI there were just under two cups of shopped celery in that bag, but I forgot to take a picture before I started munching away. Sometimes, I'll pretend those celery bites are potato chips. I really don't care how pathetic that makes me.

Is it dinner time yet? Dinner time is my favorite time! Last night I tried a new recipe that I pinned here. I used four boneless skinless chicken breast, two cans of no salt added green beans, and 5 sliced small red potatoes. I used light blue bonnet margarine and salt free Tony's Chacheres with the Italian Dressing Mix the recipe called for. This is the one I purchased

This was divine. I calculated it to serve four, with a 4oz chicken, half a can of green beans and just over one potato each. This was an awesome meal. The best part was how incredibly simple it was to make. I have enough potatoes left over to be able to make this again sometime this week. The other ingredients are purchase staples on the the grocery run. Pre-cook-

I threw all that in my casserole dish after work. You do have to melt the stick of margarine/butter and pour it evenly throughout. This took me all of 3 minutes to prepare. How awesome is that?? Just cover and bake at 350 for one hour and Viola!

This was quick, easy, and delicious. I calculated my serving to be 383 calories. I will most definitely make this one again. Don't forget when you are tabulating calories, seasonings must be included! Calories are hiding there too ya'll. Sneaky snakes. I was hoping for left overs, but it was so divine, my husband ate it all. He's probably three pounds lighter this morning. Don't forget that rule girls, men get to eat more than you! Here's my dinner last night. I was even able to go back for more green beans! Holla!

I'm calling this one- Chicken, green bean, potato bake, so original, I had to reach deep into my imagination to pull that one out. All this talk about eating has made me super hungry. After eating all of the above, I still had enough calories left for a tablespoon of crunchy peanut butter, and a bag of popcorn. If you're using My Fitness Pal (MFP) you know that adding in a workout will add in extra calories for you to eat. Personally, I don't eat these calories. It just feels counter productive to me. I'm not working my ass off , pun intended, at the gym to reward myself with a piece of cake or ten cookies or peanut butter M&Ms, le sigh. I'm working my butt off at the gym so I can reward myself with a hott sexy body. However, if I worked out twice in one day, I'll let myself have around 1500 calories. I was discussing this with a friend of mine who also agrees, MFP adds in to many post work out calories. However, I've heard mixed reviews on eating your exercise calories so my best advice is to find what works for you, and to roll with that. Every one's body is different. Now that I'm down to the nitty gritty these lbs just keep getting more stubborn.That's ok though, I've got more will power than those pesky pounds.

For those inquiring- no 337 Fit Club tonight. Scandals has an event this evening, and a bunch of sweaty people in work out cloths are not invited :( You actually have to dress up or something, pffff lame. Tonight, I'm doing a 45 minute HIIT class at Personally Fit, and then my man and are going to ride bicycles Armstrong style, or something like that. We're going to aim for a 15 mile ride. I'll let ya'll know how that goes tomorrow. Until then, here I am rocking the flats this morning! Werking gurl Wednesday! Holla!

Blazer- The Limited
Shirt- Loft, Ann Taylor
Capri- The Limited
Shoes- Rack Room- Rock & Candy

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