Thursday, August 30, 2012

Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming

We survived! The impact of Hurricane Isaac in our area was minimal at best. We're incredibly thankful and remain mindful of those who were less fortunate, may their lives return to normal as quickly as humanly possible.

We never lost power and were faced largely with extreme boredom. Stir crazy doesn't even begin to cover it. I came back to work this morning, my husband is working from home again. I could not stay locked in the house again. All the laundry is done, there's nothing left to clean, there's nothing on TV in the middle of the work day, I've read all my books, and I can't take being locked up for another second. It was driving me crazy!

Don't let me forget to loud cap myself- I ate like a 2nd grader on crack yesterday afternoon. Extreme boredom was not doing my waistline any favors. I'm a creature of habit and I crave my routine. Personally Fit is opening it's doors again at noon today. YAY!!! I'll be beating down the door to put in my work out this afternoon. Yesterday, I put in a Pinteresting work out at home. Hurricane shumer-icane. You can always get in a work out!

I did the Tuesday & Wednesday days of the week pin, two rounds of Fitness at Home, and then I had my husband call this work out out to me. He kept calling out random exercises well past the time it had finished. Having fun at my expense, but I could have cared less. I was beyond bored and he was keeping the laughs right on a coming. I started off my work out with a Biggest Loser at home demo my man downloaded on his Xbox. He was laying on the couch talking me through my workout, "Don't give up!" crunches on Doritos, "You're almost there!" crunch crunch crunch, "You look really great!" crunch crunch crunch go the Doritos. Lawd-day shit wasn't even funny. The demo was exactly 11 minutes long. I finished with this routine, invented by yours truly.

My work out ran me about an hour total. It was eating me up inside to be stuck in the house.I'm itching to get back to the gym. This hurricane has really thrown my challenge way off track, but I WILL refocus today.

I started off our boring, trapped inside, endless hurricane day with a breakfast casserole. I love to make a breakfast casserole on special occasions. It's super fun and easy on vacation, when you have house guests to entertain, you're hosting a brunch, Christmas/ Thanksgiving morning, or you just flat out want to do something special- you don't need an excuse! I grew up on breakfast casserole, it's a family favorite. My family almost always has breakfast casserole, fruit, and coffee around the kitchen table when we're all together. Breakfast casserole reminds me of my Maw Maw. Everything about it just feels like home. However, the recipe's I've found, and our family favorites, are anything but skinny or diet friendly. I was feeling brave and quite creative after my victorious skinny spaghetti bake, and threw this together. I prep a breakfast casserole the evening before I want to serve it. This allows your starch to soak up the egg & seasonings and it's also a convenience factor for you. It's easier to stumble around the kitchen making coffee first thing in the morning than it is to start prepping a casserole right when you open your eye balls.
1/8th of the recipe is 312 calories

2 Cups Liquid Egg Whites
2 Large Eggs
1lb Jimmy Dean Reduced Fat Breakfast Sausage
1 cup Skim Milk
6 Cubed Small Red Potatoes
1 cup Fat Free Shredded Cheddar Cheese
1/2 cup Reduced Fat Mexican Cheese
1 tablespoon Dry Yellow Mustard
1 Table Spoon Garlic Powder
Salt & Pepper to Taste

Slice potatoes with skin to desired thickness. Brown breakfast sausage and set to the side to cool. Mix Eggs, milk, cheese, & seasonings. Combine with potatoes and sausage. Cover and store in refrigerator over night. Bake at 350 for 45 minutes or until eggs are firm.

I served mine with 1/4 cup of blueberries and coffee. This was an awesome way to start the day. I'll make this again in the very near future. I may sub out the potatoes for two slices of toast next time. I wanted to use the potatoes I had before they went bad.

While the day started out excellent, it didn't end so well. I did super well all day, until dinner time. We ate pigs in a blanket for dinner. Eeek. I did use reduced fat crescent rolls to make them, this counts right? No, it doesn't. Please sit down, what I am about to tell you is shocking and shameful. This happened.

Say it with me now, WOMP WOMP! Bad girl! Those are peanut butter M&Ms. My husband pulled them out from his secret hiding place, apparently the same place he's been hiding lots for cooler ranch Doritos.. See why I couldn't stay home again today? That right there, is my biggest weakness. We had a Harry Potter movie marathon, and played trivia together all evening. We made the most of the storm. I'm thankful to be alive and safe. I'm also thankful to be off my butt and back to work. Hurricane survival at it's finest.

This has been an interesting couple of days. Now it's back to the routine. I'm looking forward to heading back to the gym this evening. My husband told me to just ask for a key. Honestly, I'm not sure they would turn me down. It's an ongoing joke. Anywho, here I am headed back to work! I've got an interesting view of the tree line and what remains of the storm from my office window. Glad to be back!

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