Sunday, August 12, 2012

Huddle up-it's break time

This weekend has been a doozie. I cut myself some slack with my dieting this weekend ya'll. We have been go go go non-stop since leaving work Friday afternoon. We've eaten out for dinner Friday, lunch Saturday, Dinner Saturday, and Breakfast Sunday. We also went out for drinks Friday and Saturday night with friends. It's been nice not counting every calorie. Sometimes, I need weekends like this. I didn't completely fall off the deep end and order whatever my inner fatty desired. I made healthy choices while eating out and stuck with low calorie alcoholic beverages. Dinner on Friday night at Bonefish Grill- seared tuna with steamed vegetables

I have three low calorie go-to drinks that I like to pick from: Rum & diet coke with lime, white wine, & champagne. I don't drink beer, ever, and I don't order mixed drinks that are packing extra calories, like daiquiris and dessert-esqe martinis. I follow a simple rule when drinking- K.I.S.S (Keep it simple, stupid). I stick with clear alcohol, generally speaking, if it's clear it's low cal low sugar. True confessions- I split dessert with 3 friends Friday night. It was amazing.

I love a frozen white Russian, but let's not even think about all the calories, fat, & sugar hiding in that cup of heaven. I also find restaurants like to over serve us. That's not nice ya'll! My husband and I went to Bullritos for lunch on Saturday and they served us up a "burrito" that must've weighed a pound and a half and could have easily fed two. I ate half and was able to calculate half to be at least 550 calories. YIKES. My husband ate all of his burrito. I think his meal was around 1600 calories- he got chips & dip too. He fussed me for tabulating his meal, "I can't enjoy my lunch when you're being the calorie Queen!!" spoken with a mouthful of sour cream. Here's a look at what I ordered

I ate half of the above. That thing was way to much food for one meal. Half was 550 calories. Geez, that's nearly half of my daily goal consumption! I cut it in half and saved the rest for later. Translation- I packed this up for my husband to eat later. He's always eating my leftovers. It drives me crazy!! True confessions, If I really want to eat my leftovers, I'll hide them at Madeline's* parent's house. They have a refrigerator outside and live less than a mile from us. It is what it is!

Yesterday was a wild crazy day. My husband and I have a project we're working on, I'll have to give you all of the details tomorrow as we're completing our little mission today. Yesterday afternoon, Madeline and I went to a Premier Jewelry Party at a close friend's house before a planned double date with the boys. It's always fun to hang out with girl friends we just don't get to see as often as we'd like to. We did some shopping and had fun cutting up with the gal pals. We made plans about a month ago to have a double date night with our men booking a couple's night at Painting with a Twist. At the Jewelry party, my friend's husband said, "Aww they got suckered into that!?" I think this is how the boys felt about the experience in the beginning, but they ended up having a really great time. However, we won't ask them to do this again, once was enough. Ya'll know that comedian I married just had to do something crazy. Here's my man and I pre-painting. That's my "manly" face

 Now for the group shot. Notice the difference in the two pictures. Mr. Noel just had to be different. He's still talking about how much he loves his "artistic alterations". He announced in his most serious voice, "I'll call it,'The Hunt'". Oh lawd-day! This was hysterical.

...the artist at work...

Enjoy your Sunday people! I'm off to make things happen!
Thanks for reading!!

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