Friday, August 3, 2012

Full on fat assault, just a regular day at the gym :)

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Yesterday, I confessed to being a little lazy about dinner this week. Last night, I decided to try something new from, you guessed it, Pinterest! We tried the Weight Watcher Taco Casserole. This was hands down my favorite skinny recipe, EVER. We'll make this one again sometime in the near future. Here's the link to the original recipe, We used reduced fat Mexican cheese and added jalapenos. My man is all Cajun and he likes everything hotter than hot! 1/6 of the recipe is only 314 calories! I served mine with a cup of steamed broccoli for a grand total of 344 calories.

Hardcore Thursday was even more hardcore than anticipated. I participated in a serious fat assault last night ya'll! Holla! One of my favorite instructors at Personally Fit has been moved to the 5:30 class on Thursday evenings. This girl has some seriously infectious positive energy and the music is a-maz-ing! I "shazamed" every song. I feel 10 pounds lighter this morning for reals ya'll. This was a HIIT work out combining high intensity cardio and weight training. This was another one of those classes that called for a lot of equipment which means we are about to whip up on some fat beastmode style!

On hardcore Thursday, I always end with the 30 minute ab blast class. Guess what happened yesterday? I was the only person to show up. Do you know what that means? I got one on one time with the trainer. Anytime that happens it means it's gonna be a great work out. This is also and awesome time to fire off all those burning questions you've been waiting for the perfect time to ask. Ya'll know I did it! This trainer happens to know me very well, which means she felt really comfortable pushing me to my max and seriously kicked my butt. She also introduced me to some new ab exercises I've never done. She had me do mountain climbers with a twist. I put my feet on two disks that took away all of my traction from the floor. This forced me to use all of my core strength  and balance to pull my legs in and stop my feet from going out from under me. She also had me pull both legs in and out while in the plank position. KILLER. I loved it. Next, she reintroduced me to this piece of equipment I'm constantly forgetting about. She had me support my weight on my forearms and pull my knees to my chest. Next she had me cross my feet and move my feet straight away from my body at a 90 degree angle- 20 reps each. Phew it's still burning just thinking about it.

Today is the first day of my three day Shakeology cleanse. I got in one more early morning work out and that will be it for the weekend. Update- my left leg is feeling very nearly 100%. I woke up this morning with no pain for the first time in nearly two weeks. I almost went for a run but decided to wait until Monday. Instead, I did 35 minutes on the elliptical, followed up with the Brazilian Butt Lift, then ten minutes on the stair master, and finished with abs. I went ahead and made up my own ab routine this morning. Excuse the short hand, I literally typed this out with my pinky finger while climbing my way to supermodel sexy on the stair master. FYI- the first two exercises refer to the machine above.

Here I am on the ab stand this morning- taking pics of myself again.

and this one just because I'm a goof AND it's FRIDAY!

Today is the first day of the three day Shakeology cleanse. I'm doing this cleanse for one reason. I want to put up a big number and get those numbers rolling down with consistency. Hopefully, I'll be able to coast into a steady 2 pound a week decline after the cleanse. I am fully aware these last 17 pounds are going to be the hardest to get rid of, but I'm ready. I've got my dukes up, prepared to take down some fat! Oh Yeah! I lost my PIC (Partner in Crime) for the three day cleanse. She got an opportunity to go sky diving- DARE DEVIL- and she just can't pass it up. I completely understand. Part of me wishes I could get out of doing the cleanse too, but my desire to hit goal weight outweighs everything else at this point. I've done the Shakeology cleanse before, and it's a sure fire way to get rid of some L-Bs quickly! I won't sugar coat it though, it's tough and requires superhuman will power, but once the results are in, it's so worth those extra few days of discipline. I'll post my results Monday morning.

Check this out, my man took my picture for me on my way out the door, he saved ya'll from another awkward mirror pose! What a swell guy :)

If ya'll don't hear from me tomorrow, I'll be sure to get a post in on Sunday!
Wishing all of you guys and gals out there a safe, fun filled weekend!

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  1. Is there a way to purchase just the 3 day cleanse from Shakeology? Or do you have to spend the $100+ on a full months supply, even if you're only interested in taking it for the 3 days?

    Thanks in advance!