Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday, Football, & Booze

I'm happy to see this week go ya'll. I didn't lose an ounce this week, but this isn't surprising. Remember what happened last Saturday? oh and Tuesday night? and Wednesday? Hurricane Isaac threw me off big time. I've put in one work out a day, still doing something right, aside fromt that, my eating has been straight up messy. I'm lucky I didn't gain weight! I allowed the hurricane craziness to throw me off track, and I broke my biggest rule, no week night drinking! I'm not going to say I regret this last week, because I had FUN, but I am disappointed in myself. Real talk, human beings make mistakes and lose focus. It's gonna be ok. I was going to give my self a big ole fat free pass for labor day weekend, but I've decided to clean up my eating instead. I majorly flunked my 12 day challenge. Weight loss school drop out, go back to higghhh scchooolllll!

Last night, Kate and I got in a killer work out at Personally Fit, one of the most challenging classes, which was awesome, because we had both been bad little girls with our Hurricane calories. In class, the craziest thing happened, I got mistaken for the instructor. I was confused, looking over my shoulder, who is this lady talking to? ME?? The fitness instructor?! Kate had to kick me and say,  "That's a compliment!" I do not see myself this way at all. Not for a milli second. I look in the mirror and see this chick pounding away at those pounds, with a long journey ahead of her. It was a huge compliment and an innocent mistake, but it really made me think about how far I've come. I used to hang out in the corner for the group work out room, closest to the door, because if that shit was too hard, I made an early exit. Now, I try to always get up front to the instructors left. I've become more confident for sure without a doubt, BUT I find it's easier to follow along when you're right up next the teacher, and you're not trying to flip the moves around. I'm a tall, uncoordinated, straight up goof. Seriously, I was Amelia's main source of entertainment when we took Zumba classes together. The simplest dance moves would confuse the hell out of me. Opposite elbow to opposite knee, wait, same knee to same elbow, now flip, ahhh hold on, wait up!!! Class is moving along while I'm tripping over my ski feet. Tall lady problems. Don't get discouraged, and don't be afraid to laugh at yourself! I do so hourly. Here I am this morning, representing my Cajuns after my hour long boss lady sweat session! Friday morning work out breakdown- 35 minute elliptical sweat session, Thursday & Friday days of the week pins, burning core pyramid.

If you live and love deep down south Louisiana, you are probably gearing up for college football this weekend. I love football, and everything that comes with it: Tailgating, daiquiris, and gumbo.  Empty calorie city coming at ya! First things first. You can eat gumbo. Yap yap you sure can! The key is portion control! Don't be afraid to ask how the gumbo or whatever food is being served was prepared ( if you aren't doing the preparing), and what type/cuts of meat are in your favorite *insert preferred tail gating grub. People love questions, just smile really sweetly at them. The people love that.  Anywho, last night, was the last Saints pre-season game, and my man wanted Gumbo. Yap, we made our first gumbo before September 1st. My husband, who has become a straight genius at substitutes, prepared this for our dinner while I was at the gym

He's a rock star in my book. He used boneless skinless chicken breast and turkey sausage. He also found this FAT FREE dry roux mix. Who knew something so wonderful existed!?

I estimated my serving to be right at 400 calories for a cup of plain rice, no butter or salt or oil added, just the rice, and my cup of gumbo. I think this was an over estimation, but I was feeling a little lazy. I'll report back shortly. I won't be serving a starch with my gumbo this year. The rice is the starch. I'm sad too, I really love potato salad.

It's Labor Day weekend, unless your pregnant or the DD, you're probably going to indulge in a few adult beverages.  Elle Noel's guide lines for boozing and loosing:
  1. If you are going to drink, get in a work out, do not skip your work out.
  2. Plan for the calories you are going to consume. Eat lightly all day. Don't consume 1200 calories then start drinking.
  3. Stick with low calorie alcohol-  clear liquors are best. I once had a bartender stick his nose up at me and say, "Clear liquors are for rich women on diets" I'm not rich, so I'll just keep your tip, and I'm on a diet. You aren't punking me into some sugar invested cocktail so that you can show off those mad bar tending skills buddy. Don't let anyone else sway you from your predetermined course of action. It's your body and your buzz. Drink what you want!
  4. Put down the beer. Walk away.
  5. Do NOT drunk eat. You know what I'm talking about. Everyone knows what's really going down at Taco Bell at 3am. The drive through line isn't wrapped around the block because random people simultaneously woke up and craved 4th meal. When you consume alcohol, your body metabolises alcohol first. If you eat after you've been drinking, your body stores the food until AFTER it's metabolised the alcohol, so your bean burrito with extra sour cream add nacho cheese, is hanging around becoming fat more quickly taking up permanent residence on your rear end. While on our week long, all you can eat, all you can drink vacation this summer, we were devouring french frys and hamburgers at 4:30am, and one of the guys said, "mmmmmm this is my favorite time to eat". Me too buddy, me too. Seriously though, control yo-self!
  6. Pick ONE social event a weekend in which to drink. Don't consume alcohol Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Alcohol makes your will power weak. It also makes you weak. Go ahead, drink all weekend long. See what happens at the gym and the scale on Monday, or this case Tuesday. It's NOT going to be pretty. Trust me, I know from experience. You can work out and eat right all week, like you're about to win the biggest loser or some crazy shit like that, but drinking all weekend will completely undo all of your hard work.
I haven't decided when I'll drink this weekend. It will probably be on Saturday night, but we shall see. I find drinking and losing weight to be the most difficult of balancing acts. Especially down South, the booze is literally everywhere. Welcome to south Louisiana!

Phew this became a seriously long winded post! Here I am headed off to work this morning, supporting my Cajuns!! But first, here I am last year at a Cajuns football game, 28lbs heavier, wearing the same shirt, and shorts that are now 3 sizes to big. The shirt was way to tight in the waist and I was trying to hide it. Big time. That's why my shirt is rolled up with my under shirt poking out. Oh mais la. The cray cray things we do, AND drinking draft beer, Tisk tisk!

and in 2012....

What a difference a year can make! I'll address the elephant in the room, yes, I color the shit out of my hair, every 6-8 weeks to be precise and I freaking love it.

 Good luck this weekend ya'll, it's going to be a challenging one, for me too! Have fun, be safe, cheer for the home team, and enjoy yourself!

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