Sunday, August 5, 2012

Cleanse Day 3- I think I can, I think I can, I think I can

Cleanse Day 3, it's been a long, challenging, hardest thing I've ever done, straight up gruesome 3 days. I've done the cleanse before, so I knew It was going to be tough. Previously, however, I've only survived day one. I'm shocked I've made it to day three, the home stretch! Day one was the most difficult but both days one and two got really intense in the late afternoon through bed time. Yesterday morning, I woke up feeling incredibly energized. This morning, not so much. I felt like swamp thing making my way to the kitchen for a cup of black coffee. I hate black coffee, but no coffee, not talkie, no workie. I had to do this cleanse over a weekend, because I need my brain to be fully functioning during the work week, as my day job requires constant coherent thought. I tried doing the cleanse during the work week last time around, and had to stop after day one. I just can't be creative, insightful, or analytical when I'm constantly thinking about how hungry I am. It's like when we were in school and our teachers would constantly harp about eating that big eggs and bacon breakfast, especially before any of those nasty standardized tests! I need that big breakfast to function in my real adult life too.

How have I been surviving the cleanse? My support system, lots of water, a great book, and sugar free gum. One of my very dear friends was supposed to do the cleanse with me this weekend, because misery loves company, but had to back out last minute to jump her crazy ass out of perfectly good airplane. She went sky diving ya'll, and has lived to tell about it. PHEW. I'm not a thrill seeker. I'm deathly afraid of heights, I even get nervous at the top of stairs at water parks. My husband loves ragging me about this. This is why God made me so tall, I always have an aerial view- no need to climb any higher! In all seriousness, I'm crazy impressed with her courageousness and tenacity. Jumping out of a plane ain't nothin but a G thang for her ya'll. She's so cool. I'm so jealous. Anywho, she didn't forget about me and my cleanse. Friday night, she text me and asked how it was going. I replied simply "ugh". That's how I felt. UGH. She replied with this picture and "You got this"

I love that girl. I survived Day one. Day two was much easier. I woke up early, ran some errands, did some shopping, cleaned house, then posted up at the pool for a few hours. This was an amazing cleanse distraction. Honestly, day two was a walk in the park compared to day one. I'm reading The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets by Eva Rice. GREAT cleanse distraction.

About 5pm I went on a leisurely bike ride. I rode just under 5 miles in 30 minutes. When I say leisurely, I mean leisurely. I was riding around listening to Gain DeGraw's Chariot- Stripped album. Not exactly pump it up I'm sexy and I know it music. My husband thinks we need to buy me a real bike, but I'm being cheap, I'd rather get a few new pairs of boots for fall. Priorities.The one I'm riding now (graciously on loan from my Mom), isn't built for speed. It's built more for attaching a basket and riding down to the grocery. In fact, he informed me, I'm two baskets and a Toto away from this lady. He even took it a step further and starting singing the theme music when I was riding away. I told ya'll he thinks he's a comedian right?

After my bike ride, my man and I rented a few movies, and had a little date night in. Sans popcorn. I haven't had popcorn since Thursday. I really really miss it. We talked about actually going to the movies, but decided the popcorn temptation would be to great. I was having trouble falling asleep last night. I went to the kitchen for some more water, and had the overwhelming urge to stick my finger in the extra crunchy peanut butter jar and savor that amazing peanut butter flavor. I really love peanut butter. My favorite fat girl treat is a bag of peanut butter M&M's tossed in a hot bag of popcorn. Mmmmmmmmm, divine deliciousness doesn't even begin to cover it. Unfortunately, M&Ms are packing crazy empty calories. The market is in desperate need of "skinny" M&Ms. If anyone over at the M&M factory happens to be reading this, get on that, "Skinny" M&Ms. PUHLEASE! Anywho, what stopped me from jamming my hand in the peanut butter jar? This picture is hanging on my pantry door, compliments of my sister from another mister. Yep, this is real life. It's been there since March too. It may be time to make a new one since this was geared for vacation motivation.

Yes, my friends and I are completely over the top ridiculous, but that's why we love each other. Plus, stuff like that is always great for a laugh, and who doesn't love to laugh? There's a few other motivational pictures similar to the one above lurking around my house, this works for me. Find what ever works to motivate you and roll with it! No shame in the weight loss game!

Tomorrow, I'll post my cleanse results. Post cleanse, light at the end of the tunnel. Pinch me. Post cleanse, step one is to have a plan. I can not just run off and eat whatever the hell my inner fatty desires. That would undo all this hard work I've put in. Today, I'll prepare all my meals and snacks for the upcoming week keeping those hard earned L-Bs lost off for good. I'm going to try adhering to some of the Paleo diet principles, but I've got to ease into that ya'll. The words Paleo Diet were met with major kick back from my husband. I'll make my grocery run this morning, after I've had my shake. Never grocery shop while hungry, TERRIBLE idea.

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Until tomorrow, thanks for reading ya'll! I'm so excited to share numbers, it's gonna be BIG!

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