Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Carefree & Carb-less

I got super creative in the kitchen last night ya'll. I made one bomb ass carbless skinny recipe that I am quite literally itching to share with you. I was craving spaghetti last night, bad bad. My challenge, currently on day 9, has barred me from carbs for dinner, but where there is a will there is a way! I'm about to share something so delicious and completely guilt free, you will want to run to the grocery for the ingredients. Side note- I made this up all by myself, a first for me. I did not use one, two, or three recipe's for guidance. This one is all Elle Noel peeps. One fourth of this entire recipe is 301 calories.

1 jar Ragu Light No Sugar added Tomato & Basil Pasta Sauce
1 Red onion
1 Spaghetti Squash
1 tablespoon Olive Oil
1 cup part skim Mozzarella Cheese
1lb Lean Ground Beef (97%)
Salt & pepper to taste

Brown ground beef with chopped red onion in olive oil. Combine with Ragu sauce. Season the sauce to taste, I used Tabasco & Salt Free Tony's Chacheres. Combine Baked Spaghetti Squash in with meat sauce. Place sauce in casserole dish and garnish with cheese. Back at 350 for 10 minutes or until cheese has melted. One fourth of the entire recipe is 301 calories, shovel it in your yap and enjoy!

I served myself one fourth of the above with a cup of steamed broccoli. This was a lot of food, and good thing because I was starving after my hard core boss lady Monday afternoon sweat session at Personally Fit! My husband literally ate half of the recipe. He LOVED this meal. Yap, the man who flat out refused to eat spaghetti squash less than two weeks ago. In between forkfuls of spaghetti bake he said, " This is actually really good!" Giving him my best unimpressed quizzical look, "When have I actually not prepared you a really good meal?!' He didn't answer. He just kept eating. Smart man I married, huh? 

I got in my first of the two a day work outs this morning. I have sad news. I have not been given the all clear for running. I have to wait another week. I still have some extremely minimal pain in my left hip, so I've been instructed to keep up the stretches another week, then reevaluate. FML. I'm upset about this, but I'm going to follow orders. I need to be back at it in time for running clinic which starts next month! This morning, I was back on the elliptical. I did 40 minutes this morning.

I followed this up with Monday's Days of the week pin. I'll do Tuesday's days of the week pin this evening.

I followed that up with this routine that I made up, on the fly, boss lady style!

~ 20 Plank Pulse~
~20 Plank Rocks~
~ 20 Kneeling glute raises per leg immediately followed with 20 pulses~
~10 glute raises on ball, 10 knee bend glute raises, 10 combo, repeat on opposite leg~
~10 Curtsey Lunge with 12lb dumb bell shoulder press per leg~
~10 Reverse Crunch~
~10 Oblique reverse Crunch~
~ 10 Leg Raises, 10 Swing Outs~
~30 Crunches~
~20 In & Outs~

This work out ran me about an hour and 10 minutes. Which means I was rushing myself to get ready for work. That means I had another breakfast on the run, but that's ok. I wanted to try this new Think Thin flavor- Cookies & Cream. Yeah, don't feel bad for me ;)

My husband and I aren't too concerned with Hurricane Isaac, as of this morning, we don't even know if we have to work tomorrow. However, we prepared to weather the storm in under an hour yesterday afternoon. Here's a look at the Noel hurricane check list-
  1. Fill both cars up with gas
  2. Get batteries for the flash lights
  3. Buy case of water
  4. Fill ice chest with ice
  5. Place beer & champagne on ice
  6. Have deck of cards handy
  7. Bring in patio furniture- heaven forbid anything bad happen to the bar-b-que pit or outdoor rug
  8. Make Banana pancakes
  9. Pretend like it's the weekend
Aaannddddd we're ready for the storm! Woop woop!

Here I am running off to work this morning. Burdening you with the awkward self shot two days in a row now. #Blamingeverythingtodayonhurricaneisaac

Stay safe ya'll and have a fantastic Tuesday!

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