Thursday, August 23, 2012

All wrapped up and feeling like Fall!

Knock on wood and dare I say it.... Are we going to have a "Fall" deep down south this year?! The weather is amazing! I know, I'm jumping the gun a little, but it was only 70 degrees when I left for work this morning and the love bugs are out (Coon-ass Doppler radar)! Everyone I've encountered today is a little extra chipper too, changing of a season will put and extra pep in any one's step! Finger's crossed, it's been a scorcher this year, too hot. Let's hear it for fall, maybe I'll order a new pair of boots, surely that will make the seasons change faster, right?! ;)

Day four of the 12 day challenge and I've had zero cheats and completed my first of three two a day work outs last night! I feel super thin/ small/ light/ and can't wait to weigh in tomorrow! I think it's probably all tied into those super light dinners I've been eating. Feeling this way makes me super happy while simultaneously apprehensive, because I can not/will not give up my dinner carbs for life. It's just not going to happen. Anywho, last night I tried a new recipe for dinner, lettuce wraps! I read a bunch of different recipes, but you really don't need one. This idea is simple, basic, and easy. My three favorite things! Even my husband liked the lettuce wrap ya'll. Special bonus- these are super cheap to make. You probably have ingredients in your fridge to throw one together right now! I made one with two leaves of iceberg lettuce, one serving of sliced low sodium/ lean turkey breast and a single serving of hummus (2 tablespoons). This totaled 130 calories for one wrap. I think I'll have this again for dinner tonight or tomorrow, but add in turkey bacon and cucumbers. My husband made his with hummus and ranch dressing, it looked better than mine. Just saying.

For your reference- this is what it looks like before it's rolled up. Be sure to measure out your hummus, cheese, salad dressing, or whatever you're using as a filler. Portion control is essential!!

The tooth picks were positively necessary in holding this thing together making it edible and "warp like".  Mmmm this was good, but let's be real, my ass was still hungry after I ate the turkey wrap, so I made another one. I made this one with a single serving of lean ham, and two Laughing Cow Light Creamy Swiss cheese wedges. I think I prefer the turkey to the ham, but both were delicious. The ham totaled in at 140 calories.

I ate the two wraps and handful of almonds before running out of the door to 337 Fit Club! Last night we did Insanity The Asylum back and core. This was yoga-esque with more intensity, coupled with small bursts of cardio. I really enjoy Fit Club ya'll, it's so fun and FREE. Surrounding yourself with like minded people with similar goals is a fantastic way to keep yourself motivated and encouraged by other success stories. No matter where you are in the weight loss/ get fit process, everyone can sympathize, encourage, and give some really great tips and tricks for improving your diet and exercise routine. I'm often left thinking, "Why didn't I think of that?!"  I also like that it's introducing me to new forms of exercise that I wouldn't get the opportunity to try on my own. Win, Win!

Today is day two of the two a days for the week! I did my weekly weight training this morning. We used a lot of equipment this morning, translation- the trainer kicked our butts. I'm going to be sore tomorrow!

Tonight I'll do the 5:30pm class at Personally Fit which happens to be one of my all time favorite HIIT classes. My left hip/knee/leg feels 150% for the first time in a month. I'm going to follow my orders and wait until next week to start running again. I'd be lying if I said it wasn't eating me up inside to wait. For once, I'm going to follow instructions and not listen to my concrete noggin which is telling me, "Just run on it. You'll be fine!" As if. No more re-injuries for this girl!

Be sure and add me as a friend on MFP if you haven't already! I share my daily dairy- i.e. the nitty gritty, exactly what I'm eating every day- with my friends. I've had breakfast on the run two days in a row now. I'm really loving these Think Thin bars. Here's yesterday's breakfast

Tomorrow is weigh in day. I want to see where I am relative to last week and for the end of my 12 day challenge next week. I'll share that info tomorrow. Also, I'm thinking it may be time to do measurements/ BMI again. I haven't checked any of that since mid May when I finished personal training. I'll probably do that the second week in September. I'm shooting to reach goal weight by November first. That may seem like a long ways out given I'm 11 pounds away, but I have a feeling these 11 pounds are going to be stubborn. November first seems like an achievable goal. Once I get to goal weight, what I've been working towards for a year and a half (FYI-it feels surreal to be talking about reaching the "finish line") , the real challenge begins. Maintaining my weight. This is such a scary concept to me, I'll leave it at that one sentence for now.

It gives me the frissons (chills, hee-bee-gee-bees, goosebumps) just thinking about it. Lawd-day I'll ponder that later, one thing at a time. I owe, I owe so it's off to work I go!

Shirt- The Limited
Pants- The Limited
Shoes- Target

I hope your day is freaking fabulous! Keep going, keep pushing, your goals ARE within reach!

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  1. I just pinned a lettuce wrap idea the other day! Like tacos, but using lettuce instead of a shell. Ground turkey or lean beef, light cheese, and even low fat sour cream if you want. Wrap in a big leaf and let the cheese melt a little. Looked delicious.

    I have two other recipes that would work with lettuce wraps. I'll email em to you! Both are so delicious, and are made in a crockpot, so super simple. Might add a little variety to your no carb dinners once you hit a rut!

    1. I love that idea!! I actually have some ground turkey and a pack of taco seasoning at home now! I may try this for dinner tonight. I'm all about anything and everything I put in that crock pot! Thanks so much!!

  2. Those wraps look really delicious! I love healthy options like that...

    1. Delicious, cheap, healthy, and easy! Can't beat that!