Monday, August 6, 2012

3 day Shakeology Cleanse Results

Good morning guys and gals!! Slap a smile on that face, it's going to be an AWESOME day!! I survived my 3 day Shakeology cleanse. Phew, it was a long three days, but I did it. I'm uber proud of myself. The first day was by far the hardest, day two slighter easier, and by day three, I was practically a professional! I had trouble sleeping last night, because I couldn't wait to see what the scale had to say. I knew I was going to put up that big number I'd been looking for, and guess what? I put up a BIG number. Drum roll please......
SIX pounds in three days! That's two pounds a day people! I'm ecstatic with that number. I'm in a new "decade" ( 140-150,150-160,160-170), I've been battling my way out of the last decade for what feels like eons, which roughly translates into three months. I'm so over the moon happy to see those numbers rolling there way down down down! WOOP! I love this day. Here I am this morning, 6lbs lighter and 11 pounds from goal weight. EEK! Excitement!!!

The most important thing for me to do now, is to not cheat myself diet wise, in order to ensure those are six permanent pounds lost. This is what I ate for breakfast this morning. A real meal. It basically tasted like a slice of heaven.

Day 3 of the Shakeology cleanse was the day I felt the weakest, but it was also the day I felt least hungry. My energy level was so incredibly low, I wanted to go for a light walk, but I just couldn't muster up the energy or will power. Side note- My left leg is finally 100%, I can't wait to add my runs back in this week! I managed to get in my weekly grocery shopping, and I forced myself  to clean the house, apart from those two things, I spent the majority of the afternoon/evening in bed with a book. Really not a bad way to spend a day if you ask me. My F.O.M.O (Fear of Missing Out) didn't bother me at all this weekend. I was entirely to focused on completing the cleanse. Last night, however, our crew went to our favorite sports bar to watch the first Saint's pre-season game, and I had to miss out. Sad Story. This was quite painful for me to miss. It's ok though, it's only pre-season. I seriously LOVE football. I have a few "skinny" appetizer recipes I've been saving for tailgating and Saints parties that I can not wait to try. I just love fall! The changing of a season can only bring about positive things. Like boots, I love rocking a killer pair of boots Upwards and onwards!

Yesterday morning, my husband ended up having to run into the office unexpectedly. I've told ya'll how over being on a diet he is. Living with someone who is on a diet, when you aren't, can be a major pain in the ass. My man could write the book on it. He's really so great about nearly never complaining about what's for dinner, all the health food around the house, or having to hide his Doritos from the pantry pirate (ME). He's lucky to have a super speedy metabolism, unlike me, with the slow ass sludgy snail metabolism. Anywho, I decided to surprise him with lunch, and one of his favorite unhealthy treats. I managed to ride in the car, with hot french frys, and not put a single one in my yapper. This is an Olympic feat in itself. Be sure and thank your support system for all they do for you, weight loss can be a very fun, uplifting, and empowering experience, but it really is impossible without all those special people supporting your goal. Look at that happy face, I just love seeing that :)

Next on my Sunday morning, stay busy, agenda was to pop by my Mom's house unexpectedly, she just loves when I do that ya'll. We had a nice little visit. By Sunday morning, I knew I'd lost at least 5 pounds with the cleanse. Craziness. Saturday morning three pounds disappeared, two pounds Sunday morning, and the last pound this beautiful Monday morning. Anywho, by Sunday morning, I was feeling celebratory. Here I am posing at my Mom's house. When I asked her what I should do, she said " FLEX, der!" She's so funny. Here's my meanest, strongest, most muscly face ever made

Last on my agenda, was my run to the grocery. I picked up lots of fresh fruits and vegetables for my post cleanse diet week. I've got strawberries for a snack this morning, cucumber in the afternoon, with almonds, mmmm can't wait. Here's a peak inside my basket

I'm working to add in healthy grains to my diet with more protein and less sugar. I picked up Kashi Go- Lean Instant Hot Cereal (Oatmeal) on my grocery run yesterday. It has 9grams of protein and 5 grams of sugar. There were other whole grain oatmeal's with 5grams of protein to 1 gram of sugar, but I wanted an instant with flavor. What a great way to change it up and kick off the day! This is what I ended up with:

Now for what you really want to know. What exactly does the three day cleanse entail, i.e. what kinds of bat shit crazy did this chick get herself into to drop six pounds in three days. The diet consists of the same plan all three days. I added in black coffee for breakfast (zero calories) and a diet soda (zero calories) with my dinner. I pounded water like a mighty Mississippi tributary and stocked up on sugar free gum. Here's the daily break down:

Three Day Shakeology Cleanse:

Black Coffee - 7:00am
Shakeology (one scoop only- no additives) - 8:00am
Shakeology (one scoop only- no additives)- 12:00pm
One cup fruit - 3:00pm
~ I ate fresh pineapple days one & two and an assorted cup day 3
Shakeology (one scoop only- no additives)- 5:00pm
Dinner- 6:30 pm
 ~4oz white protein (poultry or fish), one cup vegetable, one serving of reduced fat salad dressing, & diet soda

Day 1- Grilled Chicken

Day 2- Grilled Tilapia

Day 3- Grilled Tuna

I'm really happy that I committed to the cleanse this weekend. The feeling I had this morning stepping on the scale, made it all so worth it. I would do this again, but not for a while. My goal in completing the cleanse was to push the numbers down and get my weight loss ball rolling again so to speak. I hope to coast into a two pound a week weight loss from here until my goal. I'm  really looking forward to my work outs this evening. 337 Fit Club is doing the Brazil Butt Lift- I've been wanting to try this for a long time!Let's hear it for bun love!

If you have any questions about Shakeology, the cleanse, 337 Fit Club, fall boots, black coffee, Saints, pounding waters, the price of tea in China, or absolutely anything else your little heart desires please don't hesitate to ask! Hit me up with a "like" and a message over at Elle Noel, I seriously love hearing from yall!

Thanks for all of the support! Hit this Monday out of the park peeps!

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  1. Okay Woman...I'm doing this. Now...with the shakeology does it have to be water or can it be Almond Milk or something similar? Also..."no additives" means don't put it in the blender with fruit right? Ya know anything to make it yummy?