Tuesday, July 17, 2012

What are you doing? What are you eating? How much do you work out? and other FAQs

Firstly- Huge thank you to everyone for all the reads yesterday! I am floored!!!! Be sure and find my page on Facebook and hit me up with a "like" at Elle Noel , I've got more pictures up there of the lovely moi in all my chunky monkey glory- motivation pictures, ohhh yeah!

Lately, I've been getting so many questions about what I eat, how much I exercise, what's the secret short cut please tell me I don't have to work to hard at this because I could never give up my *insert your vice here*. If you're reading because you want to know the answer to that last question, be warned, you're not going to like what I have to say. For me losing weight and making big life changes has required three key ingredients:
  1. Commitment to a dietary & exercise plan - create a plan of action and stick to it! Losing weight isn't always fun. You're going to want to cheat, there will be set backs, and there will probably be moments where you are literally reduced to tears because you feel so beat up by your own body- there is no short cut. Get over it. It's hard work and it is so WORTH IT! The feeling you get when you see your fine ass in *those jeans* totally out weighs all that other crap!
  2. A support system- people who believe you can and will succeed . Personally, I've been very blessed with an extremely supportive husband, core group of friends, and family who ALWAYS has my back. They support my dream even when I can't anymore. Surround yourself with people who believe in YOU! Because YOU are AWESOME!!! If you don't have someone I will be this person for you!
  3. This is the most important of all- You have to believe in yourself above all things! No one wants this for you more than you!
February 2012, I made a commitment to start logging all of my food. I'd hit a plateau and needed to switch things up. A friend ( the all important support system) introduced me to My Fitness Pal. This app has been essential to my success. I log everything I eat from sun up to sun down, log my workouts, and track my weight loss. It also allows me to log what I'm eating as I'm eating it via the smart phone app. Another benefit- it's an awesome way to network with other people who have similar goals and want to help one another succeed-again with the support system :) The best part- it's FREE!! Free shit is the best shit!

I allow myself 1200 calories a day. It breaks down to three meals and three snacks. Snack times are my favorite times of the day. True confessions- I'm thinking about it right now. Drink water- all day everyday- pound back waters like frat boys at a beer drinking contest. CHUG! Seriously, water makes you drop the lbs and flushes out your system. This will also keep you from being hungry and drinking soda ( Soda is a HUGE NO NO!!! Drop that Dr. Pepper like it's hot!) or other sugar and empty calorie infested crap. Side note- I read on Pinterest that people are using Coke as a toilet cleaning product. Yep, you read that right,  to clean their TOILET, and people are ingesting that crap daily. I find this seriously disturbing. Anywho, diet soda is allowed but limit yourself to two a day so you can get in all that water! Lastly- stay away from alcohol. There are so many reasons this will hinder your success I'll save it for another post. Alcohol and weight loss do not mix- but they can co-exist in a controlled moderated environment- again this will need it's own post.

Here's a look at my typical day:

Breakfast= 101 Calories
6 tablespoons egg whites & two slices of turkey bacon
8oz cup of black coffee w/ ten calorie single serving creamer & two Truvia ( Calorie Free Sweetener)

10am snack:
A cup of any fresh fruit- Strawberries, Pineapple, Mango, Honeydew Melon, Water Melon, a Banana- are all excellent choices- FYI- Mangoes and Honeydew Melon are seriously under rated. At present I'm obsessed with both, buy one chop it up and bring it with you to work. FYI- Chopping your own fruit can save you some serious cash money so avoid that tempting pre-chopped stuff.

Lunch= 216 Calories

Meal Replacement Shake- Shakeology (ESSENTIAL to my success) this is a Beachbody product which will definitely need it's own post at some point.

Shakeology= 1 Scoop 150 calories
Half a Banana= 50 calories
PB2 (Peanut Butter Powder)- Two tablespoons = 45 calories

This consists of a vegetable (cucumber or celery most frequently) and a cheese stick or a Luna Bar. Here's the thing with Luna Bars. They are seriously delicious and keep the fat girl in me happy, BUT they have a lot of calories. Sometimes I'll eat one for breakfast on the run or as an afternoon snack if I plan on eating a light dinner. Each day varies. Here's a look at yesterday's snack time:

Between 3pm and dinner I won't eat anything. This is time I'm usually busiest finishing the work day and hauling my butt to the gym for my afternoon workout. I'm crazy addicted to my gym , Personally Fit and the women there (SUPPORT SYSTEM) have been informative, supportive, encouraging, positive, motivating, and consistently making me want to give more of myself. I literally can not say enough about this incredible gym. Personally Fit has been the number one ingredient to my success- it's fulfilled all of three of my keys to success. I work out everyday, often twice a day. Some people think I'm a crazy person, but I am committed to ME and dedicated to my goal above all else ( key ingredient number 3).

Ok, so now It's dinner time! Yum yum yum! This always depends on how many calories I have left for the day. Here's a look at last night's Dinner:

2 grilled tilapia fillets and two cups of broccoli florets steamed with Parmesan cheese- oh so good!
386 calories

Last snack of the day-
Here's my big, deep dark, I can not live with out this food, secret. POPCORN! I'm obsessed. I almost ALWAYS eat a bag of popcorn at some point throughout the day.
I've found this brand of popcorn at Target:

This is a regular size bag of popcorn and it's only 90 calories. Yep all those expensive brands advertising their baby bags of 100 calorie popcorn can shove it as far as I'm concerned. Market Pantry is where it's at! I'm so addicted to popcorn my husband sometimes gets a little jealous- true story. Here's to popcorn- may we never part!

This typical day equals a grand total of 1210 calories. not bad at all!If you'd like to see exactly what I'm eating everyday feel free to add me on My Fitness Pal. I share my daily dairy with my friends.

So there you have it, a typical day with food in my life. I'll do another post on my exercise habits possibly tomorrow. I feel like I've been rambling and may only have two followers after this crazy long post!

Until then, here I am, just plankin around! LOL

**Disclaimer- I'm extremely cheesy and my jokes usually fall flat. My husband says I need to work on my timing, he moonlights as a comedian, but more on him later

Thanks for reading!

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