Sunday, July 22, 2012

The lady who lived in her running shoe

Happy Sunday morning to the three people who looked at my page over the weekend! Everyone is out doing fun things with fun people and I'm at home, wishing I had more calories for more popcorn. WINNER.  My Fear of Missing Out (F.O.M.O.) worked in over drive last night. Staying home and avoiding all the temptation is really difficult. I'm a social butterfly ya'll, I need to fly!!  I wanted to cave so very badly, as one of my favorite gym buddies likes to say, "I feel a cheat coming on!", but then, at that very moment, I happened to get an email from Victoria Secret about their summer swim sale and my resolve has returned. Phew. After this 14 day challenge is complete (I'm on day 7- half way there) , ya'll better believe I am going to do something so fun, everyone who isn't with me will have a major case F.O.M.O.!

Friday afternoon, I decided to cut myself some slack. I did not return to the gym for an afternoon work out. You read that correctly, I did not work out twice on Friday (I did that 5:30am kickboxing class, remember??). Sometimes, we all need a break, and by break I mean ice cream, and by ice cream I mean frozen yogurt, like you can tell the difference! I was going to follow it up with a mani pedi, but the line was too long, diva status HATES to wait. This actually ended up working in my favour. Mom wants to have a mani pedi date with me next Saturday (Day 13), and I'd always rather spend time with her :) I really love my Mom lots. Ok- ice cream, frozen yogurt, whatever. There's two self serve frozen yogurt shops in town, and I adore them both. Each make it very easy to serve yourself a treat without over serving yourself. Next to each frozen yogurt flavour is a description of that particular delectable treat stating calories and sugar per serving. Deciding on Tahitian Vanilla (100 cals per 4oz), I pulled the magical yogurt spout and counted "one one thousand, two one thousand, three one thousand, four one thousand" and then stopped. This equaled 7oz, which was more that I wanted, but oh well it was Friday people! I probably should have stopped at "three one tho", and YES they will let you weigh your serving pre-check out & topping addition, you just have to ask. Next, I added a spoonful of blueberries and sliced kiwi. This was so good ya'll:

This snack only set me back 192 calories, and it was so so so so good!!! Yumm!

Friday night wasn't too hard for me in sticking with the challenge. I had some housework to catch up on, and my husband wanted to go spend some time with a few old guy friends, plus I had those early morning plans with one of my BFFs and all time favorite people in the world to look forward to. I went to bed early, and felt so refreshed Saturday morning. I had such a super productive day! 

Saturday didn't go exactly according to the original plan, but that's ok, life never does, and I've learned to roll with that! My BFF and all time favorite people in the world to spend time with had an engagement party to attend with her man the night before, and I knew they were going to go and have fun, so it was always a possibility in the back of my mind that our work out plans may not become reality. When I hadn't heard from her by 8:30am, I decided to head to Personally Fit and do the 9:00am Cardio Dance class. I had never done this class before, and it was in a completely different format than it usually is as there was a substitute instructor, life happening again- roll with it! The class was pretty intense, it involved LOTS of jumping, squatting, kicking, crunching, push ups, and lunging. It was awesome! My only critique was the music- it just wasn't my thing. We'll have to talk later about how a killer play list can bring out your inner boss lady. Overall, great class! I didn't want to completely disappoint ya'll, so I went ahead and did the 300 abs after the class. This was an awesome ab work out and it only took me 8:35 to complete. Not bad huh?? I'm telling ya'll there's got to be a 24 pack under what remains of my chunky monkey pudgy tummy. Here I am after sweaty Saturday:

  Alright, so now I'm done with exercise for the day, right? Nope. I get to my car, and I've got a text from that girl I love so much, " I just woke up! I'm ready to rock it!" Oh Shit. Well, who am I to back out on my word, we never did define "early morning". I head out and swoop up my gal pal, and we hit the roads. We both decide it's time for some new running shoes and we're going to take care of that first. We went to Tri-Running for our new kicks, because these people know all about feet and pounding that pavement ya'll. If you need a new pair of runners, you really need to pay them a visit. So this is what we found out, she has a cute, perfect little foot with tons of fabulous options to choose from. Talk about this girl had choices ya'll. She ended up leaving with these bad boys:

You don't even know her, and I bet you're thinking " Bad ass!! She already looks like she's running faster!". What did we find out about my foot? I'm a severe over pronator, which I already knew, and I have a giant ass lady foot (Size 11, in my defense, I am 6 feet tall) which equals little to no choices for me! Basically, I've got a foot similar to female Sasquatch. Don't feel bad for me though ya'll, I still made it out with some cute kicks:

So now we're all geared up with our new shoes and there's only one more stop I want to make before our run. Remember how I told you that Saturday morning class involved lots of jumping? Yeah, that reminded me of something else I so desperately need. I really don't like jumping, and if you were "blessed" with some big ole boobies, you know why. That's right, I was in serious need of a boss lady sports bra, so it's off to Academy we go! I found a great high impact full support bra made by Champion for $40. I know what the guys are thinking, "WHAT!? On a BRA!?". Yes, that's how much shit costs these days fellas, so the next time you want to complain about picking up that dinner tab, just remember those extra expenses your lady friend has that you don't! Boobs ain't cheap ya'll, holla!

Now it's time to pound the pavement. We set out to complete this cardio treadmill ass kicker from Pinterest. This was an extremely challenging routine. We both ran through 30 minutes, but the 6.0/8.0 intervals were kicking our butts big time. After 30 minutes, we were cool whipped ya'll, minus the cool part. Here's what I finished from the routine:

This is definitely a routine that I will aspire to complete, however when shit ain't working it just ain't working. Don't beat yourself up or feel like a failure, just get a plan B and roll with it! Since the goal was 50 minutes of cardio, we completed the last 20 on the elliptical. We finished our work out with a few of my favorite butt exercises, don't ever forget to show your derriere some love, and 300 abs from my Beastmode board. Phew, now we're both tired, and it's raining, so no pool time for us. Sad story, seems like Saturday was just a whole big lesson in developing that plan B.

Early Saturday evening is when the F.O.M.O. really starts to flare up. My husband and his man friend are heading out to Gulf Brew. This is a really fun event ya'll, I went the previous year and had a blast! There's some awesome stuff going on in our community, get involved! As I'm dropping them off, V.I.P. style, they ask "You're really not coming with us??? We'll get you one of those $15 non- drinker tickets. It'll be fun!" Yeah, that's what I want to do. Watch you two sample beer and mess with people. I tell them to have fun and call me when they're ready to head home. I get wife of the year award people. Here's my husband post- gulf brew, he had himself some fun:

After dropping them off, I head to my Mom's house for a nice little visit. She was unwinding from her hard day of work, she really is boss lady- like she invented it, true story- she's elegantly sipping her pinot grigio from pink flamingo stemware, while I'm salivating with jealousy, and she states " You know, you're boring". Obviously, stating exactly how you feel ain't a learned trait people- I inherited it. Thanks Mom. I wasn't already feeling like a loser. Now my mother thinks I'm a bore?! The F.O.M.O is out of control at this point. I'm about to cave but then she says, "You make me so proud". Say it with me now, "Awwwwwww". That's when I know I can complete my challenge. Sometimes all you need is to have someone you love renew your belief in yourself.

Around 9pm the guys call, they're out of beer and ready to roll out- Elle Noel to the rescue! They had a great time- big surprise. They aren't ready for the fun to end- big surprise. The F.O.M.O returns, and I'm just refusing to miss out. I can go out and not cheat my diet. I believe in myself, and you know what? I was right. Here I am with my handsome husband drinking club soda and lime. This equals ZERO calories, and you know what? I really enjoyed myself!

I learned some really valuable life lessons yesterday.
  1. Resorting to Plan B isn't a bad thing- roll with it!
  2. I don't need booze to have fun
  3. My mother is the smartest woman I know (I did already know this)
It's day 7, and I'm feeling strong you guys! Hope ya'll have a happy and blessed Sunday! I'm off to make things happen!

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