Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Happiness: The most contagious of diseases

Good morning & Happy Tuesday to all of you! First and foremost, huge thank you to everyone for all of the support and feedback yesterday! I am so amazed by all of your kind and encouraging words and advice to help shed some more of these pesky lbs! Ya'll have me continuously thinking of more ways to put in work and get this job done! THANK YOU!

Monday was another successful dieting day! I maintained my 1200 calorie diet and got in two work outs. My regular HIIT session at Personally Fit ,as well as, an hour long work out at Scandals! Last night we did Hip Hop abs with Shaun T! This was so fun ya'll, everyone was in high spirits last night. I really love surrounding myself with positive happy people, happiness is infectious! 337 Fit Club is getting scandalous again on Wednesday evening if anyone is interested in attending please send me a message over at Elle Noel on Face Book and I'll fill you in with everything you need to know!

Fit Club post work out week 2

Lately, I've become bored with my diet. I'm really looking to streamline into "clean" eating. I've been reading lots of buzz on the Paleo Diet, but have been hesitant on how to get started. One of my readers sent me the link to this site, http://www.swole.me/. This site makes meal planning and balancing your diet so incredibly simple, it's basically idiot proof. The less I have to think about meals, the better. Then I have more time to think about other very important and pressing matters- like that hot sexy dress I'm going to wear ten pounds from now- holla! I'm going to try getting started with the Paleo Diet using http://www.swole.me/  next week after completing my three day Shakeology Cleanse. Stay posted for updates and if you are doing the Paleo Diet please please please hit me up with some tips at Elle Noel on Face Book.

I added two new snacks into my rotation this week. I've been reading a lot of buzz about a new product called Popchips. These are a great light snack, they're all natural and never baked or fried, hence, POP! I picked some up this weekend at Target. They run 120 calories for roughly 23 chips, in contrast, 10 Doritos will set you back 140 calories. No brain-er right? I picked up the Bar B Que and Salt & Vinegar Flavors

I've also added in Mott's no sugar added apple sauce. They offer a variety of different flavors. I also picked up the no sugar added summer strawberry. This has been a nice change for my 10am snack time. These will cost you 50 calories. Not bad huh?

My hip is still painfully annoying me and I'm craving a solid pound the pavement, completely out of breath, sweaty, empowering, ass kicking run. I may cave and see a chiropractor soon. We'll see how the rest of the week goes taking the anti inflammatory medication. Tonight, I'm going to get in a cardio session combined with arms, abs, and a killer butt work out. Hip Hop abs with Shaun T has a KILLER butt routine at the end of buns and thighs, everyone in Fit Club was feeling the bun love last night! I may try and recreate something similar on my own or search for a routine on Pinterest.

Wishing you all a fun filled, productive Tuesday! Here I am running out the door again. I did get to eat my egg whites and turkey bacon this morning, while sitting down, AND watching the morning news. It's gonna be an awesome day!

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