Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Day 9 and walking on sunshine....

Day 9 and I am literally on cloud 9. Why? I'm wearing a pair of pants today. Yeah, it would be weird if I wasn't, but these are special pants. You know why they are special?? They haven't fit my big butt since 2007 when I was at my lowest weight in my adult memory. That was 5 years ago ya'll! I want to share this with you first thing, because this is what is so fun about weight loss. This feeling that I have right now is the one that keeps you going, the place you have to go to find more motivation. I want to multiply this feeling and send it to all of you, because it feels over the moon , walking on sunshine, life is all daisies, A-MAZ-ING! If you knew you could feel this way on day one of a weight loss plan, you would literally never ever stop, give up, or give in. Yep, it feels that good. I love this day!!!

I tried these slacks on two weeks ago and they wouldn't even button. Now here I am, wearing them with my shirt tucked in, sitting down, and typing this out to all of you! AAAHHHH!!! I love weight loss!!!! Why did I decide to try them on again today? My closet is a jam packed mess (my husband thinks this means I should get rid of some stuff, but I think it means it's time for a bigger closet, holla!) and they were bulging out, just staring at me saying, "Hey girl, this is all you....go ahead, try me on! You got that!". I took them off the hanger, just like that, slipped them on, and they freaking zipped and buttoned. Just like that. It was that easy. Ok, so you want to see what they look like??? Ok, ok, ok, I'll show you!

This feeling, that smile, and those pants are why I've turned into a complete boss lady.
There is no better feeling than results and success from all your hard work!
Let's here it for pants! Oh yeah!

Last night after work, I rolled crazy lady style with my work outs again. I went and did my regular class at Personally Fit. It was an awesome HIIT work out, always is. After class, one of my favorite gym buddies and motivators asked me to go with her to a Fit Club work out- right after we had finished this hour long intense HIIT session. It's 6:30pm and the Fit Club work out starts at 7:00pm across town.  I was hesitant to go, because I was hungry and my mind was rattling off all kinds of reasons why I shouldn't go do another hour long work out, but when a friend says, "Come on! Come with me! Puhleaseeeee! You HAVE to come!", how you gonna say no to that? So I went, and I'm so glad I did! The Inaugural 337 Fit Club consisted of an hour long P90X kenpo routine. Talk about fun, and I got to meet some super cool new people! This is a group that I've become affiliated with through Beachbody, which all started with my love of Shakeology. This is the shake I drink daily for lunch. It's what gives me all this energy to exercise like a crazy lady. It's also the healthiest meal of the day, even though it looks like a chocolate shake from Wendy's and tastes like one too, mmmmm Here's it is prepared for lunch yesterday

That stuff is so good ya'll, and will keep you moving energizer bunny style. Saturday, I made this lunch shake for my favorite running buddy and she loved it so much she ordered it the next day. It's seriously amazing. I wish they sold a three day trial pack, but unfortunately it's all or nothing people. That is their slogan, "Decide.Commit. Succeed.", and succeed you shall! Most people are put off by Shakeology's cost. It averages $4 per day per shake if you don't bulk it up with anything, i.e banana, peanut butter, fruit, milk. I add peanut butter powder and half a banana to mine for lunch. I could just drink the shake, but I like the extras, so I let myself have it- living on the edge! I promise to give Shakeology it's own post that it so desperately deserves sometime very very soon, but for now here's a little more information. If you have any questions about Shakeology shoot me a message!

Ok so back to the Inaugural 337 Fit Club. did I tell ya'll the coolest part? It was in Scandals! How Scandalous right?! I freaking love it. If you're interested in attending Fit Club, send me a message and I'll hook you up with all the details. This is FREE ya'll, and ya'll know free is my favorite word. Holla for that dolla!
 Here we are post work out

That's me on the bottom left, third from the end in the hot pink top. The girl who is very busy thinking about dinner. It was 8:45pm when I got home. Way past my dinner time and I was starting to get really tired. Disclaimer- I'm about to brag about my man again. I walked in the door and look what was waiting for me.
274 calories of deliciousness that's what!. Mmmmm!  I am one lucky lucky girl!

This morning, before I discovered these 5 year old slacks fit again, * still jumping around in my super happy place* I went to Step & Tone at 5:30am. I know, I'm a crazy ass boss lady! RAWR! I had never done this class before, and my brain was still swimming around in my head like mush. I'm not overly coordinated when I am fully awake and functioning normally, so it does take me awhile to catch on to these group exercise routines. When I first started working out, I would get super embarrassed about how long it took me to catch on to moves others made look so simple. It was extremely frustrating for me, to the point where I wanted to quit. Let's just say, this morning was a flash back. I let some of those old insecurities and feelings of embarrassment sneak back in for a hot minute. I don't know if I'll ever be a super awesome boss lady at step boxing aerobics, but what I do know is that no one starts off that way. I was pretty clumsy, but I didn't fall or trip, so this counts as success! If you ever find yourself feeling embarrassed, shy, vulnerable, really not wanting to make yourself look foolish at the gym, just know absolutely no one is thinking anything bad or negative about you. I'll be real, people are way to involved with themselves and their own insecurities to be worrying about yours. The only person beating you up, is you. Everyone has got to start somewhere, and at some point everyone around you in that room did. Before the class started, I confessed to one of the other women, who I frequently take classes and make small talk with (True confessions- I don't know her name-this is shameful- I'll fix this ASAP) that I had never done step box aerobics before. She's done this class countless times and step for years- she looks professional ya'll. After class, she asked me how I liked it, and I said, " It was fun, but hard! I felt like a clumsy goof ball!" and she said to me, " When I first started I kept falling off that damn box! You did great!" Now what do you think about that, I did great! Sometimes old habits die hard, but beating yourself up is one you should let go.

Here's some advise from Old Rafiki, because he has some great stuff to say.

Happy Tuesday to all of you! I hope your day is out of the ball park amazing!

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