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Confessions from a gym rat & other sweaty stories

Wednesday- such a great day, right?! Half way to the weekend, and I don't know about you but my week is just flying on by! Today I'm going to let you all know just what a real crazy lady I've become at the gym, but first, I'd like to tell you about a rare week night indulgence.

Last night, the girl's and I FINALLY made time to go see Magic Mike! Have you seen it? That Channing Tatum is one fine ass piece of man meat, keee yawww. ( I sure hope my husband isn't reading this, tee hee! Sowwy hunny!)

It felt like we were right there in the male strip club only better, because a sweaty smelly man wasn't bopping around spilling my 20 dollar over priced martini and begging me for more of my hard earned money- holla for that dolla ya'll! In all seriousness though, we really enjoyed the movie, it was way less trashy than anticipated, still deciding if that's a plus or a minus, but anywho we've got a debate going- just how low do you think Mr. Tatum's body fat percentage is? It's got to be low low low, like 5-7% MAX. The amount of work those men put in to get there bodies into Tip-Top, living breathing, sculpted, Greek God status is way impressive, their acting chops weren't too bad either. If you haven't seen it, you should. I know that DVD will be coming home with me when it hits the shelves.

When we have a girl's night like this, we never ever just go to a movie, it almost always includes dinner, cocktails, and a few scandalous stories. Last night  was no different, we went out to eat at one of our absolute favorite restaurants in town, Zea's. Dieting and going out to dinner can be difficult. There is always going to be something on the menu that's tempting, over indulgent, and your mind will work OVERTIME to tempt you into making the wrong choices. I have a few tips on eating out, enjoying yourself, sticking to your diet, and going to bed that night with zero guilt!
  1. Before you go out to dinner, look at the restaurant's menu online, preferably right after you eat lunch. This way your judgement isn't clouded by hunger when you are most tempted to make poor decisions.
  2.  Decide what you are going to order before you even step foot in the door. This way you've made a decision before you head out, and when your server asks what you'd like to order you won't just blurt out, "I'll have all that fried stuff over pasta in heavy whipping cream sauce, with a side of starch soaked in butter and another 800 calorie frozen margarita- no salt please (Because that will make everything better)"!
  3. Let the people you are going with know your plan. In all likely hood they'll help you stick to your guns or at least my friends will, ain't no shame in calling someone out!
Last night, we shared hummus with pita bread as an appetizer, I ordered a salad with grilled shrimp and a vinaigrette dressing, and I skipped the cocktails and opted for water. I've challenged myself to a 14 day no cheat diet to see how much I can shed- we're on day 3 right now, but more on that later.

Here's a look at our appetizer:

We literally tore into it before I remembered to take a picture, Sowwys! It was that GOOD!

My salad with grilled shrimp and a vinaigrette:

This was delicious, light, and refreshing. I've come to really love fresh spinach- it's sooo good for you too!

Yesterday, I confessed to ya'll about my hardcore, over the top, have to get my fix, straight-up popcorn addiction. So do you think this girl went to the movies and didn't get popcorn?? HELL TO THE NO! However, I did order the kids combo which is a much smaller portion than a "small" and no one asked me if I was sure I didn't want a medium for a quarter more, which would have been insanely hard to resist. We all have our vices.
Here's a look at the kids combo

Obviously, I consumed more calories last night than I would have if I had prepared dinner for myself. I really have no idea how my food was prepared. When logging this in My Fitness Pal (MFP) I always try to add more calories than I originally estimated, just to give myself a safety net. Additionally, since this was an after work activity, I had to get my butt to the gym at 5:00am yesterday morning. This is really something I don't mind doing and frequently do start my day this way. All in all I consumed just under 1500 calories yesterday AND I got in an hour + long work out that morning.

This counts as an excellent day, to celebrate here's a picture of me looking all adorbs before heading out to dinner and a movie with the girls

Ok so now- what you all really want to know- just how much time am I putting in at the gym. I'll be very honest, I put in a lot of work at the gym through out the week. With that said, don't even think for a second you'll be able to out- exercise a bad diet. Trust me, I know, I've tried- it does NOT work!
Personally Fit , offers multiple group excerise classes in the early morning, morning, early afternoon, and late afternoon - there's classes at all times throughout the day and a little something for everyone at all fitness levels. I LOVE group exercise. It's a great way to challenge yourself, meet new people, and keep yourself from getting bored with repetitive work outs.

Weekly Breakdown:

Monday- Attend afternoon class at 5:30pm. This class is a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and is incredibly challenging. It's definitely one of my favorites and a great way to kick my butt if I was a bad girl over the weekend.

Tuesday- 5:30am class OR 5:00am work out doing my own thing. Tuesday is usually a two a day for me. Meaning I'll go before and after work. Typically, I'll do the morning class and work out on my own in the evening.

Wednesday- 5:15pm class- another HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

Thursday- This is the day when I usually give everything I've got no matter how dog shit tired I am. I reach down deep inside my "I want to qualify for the Victoria Secret Fashion Show this year" file and get shit done. 5:30am- Body sculpting class- weight training for an hour. 5:30pm class- This is either ZUMBA or Drop it Low- both are cardio dance classes which I absolutely love- Special Bonus- it's taught me some fiya new moves to take to the club- Holla! After the 5:30pm class I do the 6:30pm Ab Blast class for 30 minutes. Ok this where you're going to think I'm really crazy. Before it got hot as H - E - double hockey sticks outside, I would run from my house to the gym and home after my work outs. It's only three quarters of a mile door to door. However, since it is mind numbingly hot my husband was afraid I'd faint and he'd have to peal me off the pavement somewhere when I didn't come home for dinner, he knows this chick ain't missing dinner. Soooo I've agreed not to run there again until the temperature is more tolerable- Le sigh. (Running to the gym and home is usually a three days a week activity).

Friday- Are you tired yet? Putting all this in writing is making me tired, my fingers are starting to hurt, true story. Friday morning at 5:30am I'll do a class which is either Kickboxing - Total cardio ass kicker and I love it or Zumba/ Drop it Low! If for some reason I don't feel like doing either of those I'll do my own thing. Friday afternoons are tricky. If my man is taking me out on a hott date- I skip the gym. If we have plans to do something with friends- I skip the gym. If we don't have plans or if we aren't doing anything until later in the evening I get my butt to the gym.

Saturday- There is one class offered at 9am- if I don't feel like doing that class I do my own thing.

Sunday- The gym is closed so I have to get really creative and do my own thing.
Usually involves a 2-3 mile run outside ( Diva status HATES running outside) and something I pulled off of Pintrest. A Sunday morning work out ALWAYS requires reaching down deep inside my "I want to qualify for the Victoria Secret Fashion Show this year" file to get it done.

What do I mean when I say, Do my own thing? I put together an hour long work out that I outline for myself before I start my work out. This way I have plan, and this girl ALWAYS needs a plan to follow. I always start with a good solid run and then I put together my own HIIT workout which will involve things I've learned from classes or something new I've pulled from Pintrest.

Running will really beat your fat up and tell it who is boss lady! How long my run is really depends on how I feel that day. If I only run a mile, I'll do 35-45 minutes on the elliptical trainer afterwards. If I run 2 miles I'll do 35 minutes on the elliptical trainer. If I run 3 plus miles, I'm a total bad ass and I'm not spending any more time on the damn elliptical. When I use the standard cardio equipment, I take a picture of my work out when I'm done so that I have a bench mark to measure my future success and a way to compete with myself during future work outs.

One Mile Run Best Ever to Date

Two mile Run- I'm not sure if this is the best ever, usually if I'm running for two I'm hauling it to three.

Three Mile Run

Elliptical 35 minutes

Elliptical 45 minutes

After this I'll put together a combo of different things I've learned from random Internet research, classes I've taken, or things I've pinned on my Beastmode board. Here's an example from Pintrest-- it's one I really like. I'm also presently loving the Audrina Abs. You can find all these pins on my Beastmode board

Ok if you're still reading, you're probably thinking "That girl is bat shit crazy and I could never ever work out like that ever. It's INSANE!" That's the look at get from most people when I tell them my exercise habits and they usually just tell me "You're a crazy lady". Obviously, I didn't wake up one random morning, set the treadmill to 7.0 and start running like a golden retriever chasing the paper boy. It took a LONG time- about a year-  for me to work up to this level of activity. If you ever feel tired after a work out or your body is hurting in anyway you definitely should bring it down a notch or two or five. Exercise is supposed to make you feel like an ace when you've finished. Exercise gives me a high, makes me feel like a complete bad ass, a drop dead sexy one too, and I'm often left thinking " WOW. I just did that. ME. Coach potato, junk food junkie party girl. Lil ole ME"!

I am completely amazed at myself and where I have pushed my body. I'm constantly looking for new challenges and ways to keep it interesting. I definitely don't roll out of bed every morning jumping around super excited to work out nor do I come home from a long day at the office and throw on my work out cloths jumping around like a cheerleader, thinking "Go Girl! Go on witcha bad self!!!". I'm usually thinking, " I'm so freaking tired. I need a nap. I still have to grocery shop, do the laundry, and cook dinner. I don't have time for this. I should probably iron my sheets instead- I've been putting that off for awhile. I could do ANYTHING else instead. I wonder if Mom is free to have wine tonight"?

I make myself get to the gym for a couple of different reason. I love the way I feel after a super tough sweaty intese work out, I love seeing all the smiling faces at Personally Fit, and I've made a commitment to myself, one that I have EVERY intention of fulfilling.  I hope I haven't frightened you by divulging the extent of my crazy intense over the top work out schedule. Let's be honest, you probably didn't have time in your day to read this insanely long post, so hopefully my worries are unfounded. :)

Tomorrow I'll let you in on my 14 day challenge! Stay Tuned!

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I'll leave you with one of my favorite motivators

Thanks for reading!

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