Thursday, July 19, 2012

Challenge- Day 4 of 14 and going strong!

Happy Happy Thursday to all of you! Stay strong and keep up all of your hard work- it's almost weekend time! Today is my train insane, crazy long, give it my all, "please let me wake up a crazy hott supermodel tomorrow morning" day. Additionally, I feel super strong and focused today. Why? All of YOU! I am overwhelmed by all of the positive feedback and encouragement I'm receiving. I'm also getting lots of "why didn't I think of that" tips for cutting calories, new exercise programs, and all around super great advice! Isn't the Internet freaking awesome???! I'll organize all this stuff sometime in the near future, try it out, and share my results with all of my new fabulous krewe! Huge thank you and keep it coming! Be sure and "like" me at Elle Noel if you haven't already. I'm trying to dig around for more pre-shedding motivation pictures. Turns out I was excellent about avoiding the camera and/or consistently untagging myself at my heaviest, with a little facebook research, I'm sure I'll unearth some real fatty gems for ya'll!

New Goal: Try at least one new "skinny" recipe a week for dinner. I was digging around yesterday for a recipe with two things: cheese and carbs. I HAVE to feed my chunky inner self these things to keep me from doing something incredibly stupid, like convincing myself three soft taco supremes ain't gonna hurt nothing ,as if!

Just as I'm looking around for a new recipe, one of my favorite blogs to follow, Mama Laughlin, posted this mouth watering *that has to be a a diet felony* recipe, I couldn't write this down fast enough , Skinny Enchilada Lasagna. Yeah, your eyes are not deceiving you. SKINNY Mexican style Lasagna!!! Are you ready for the best part?? One eighth of the entire recipe was only 280 calories. I know what you're thinking, "One eighth???? That girl needs to check herself. My two year old niece eats more than that at snack time". One eighth was a giant piece ya'll. I'm not joking, and I have pictures to prove it! I used one cup less cheese than her recipe called for, mostly because I was shopping in a hurry and didn't buy a big enough bag of reduced fat Mexican cheeses, mmmmm. I also used hot Rotel instead of original because my Cajun husband said " If I have to eat skinny it better be hott, that original shit ain't gonna cut it boo". I also added Tobasco's Chipotle flavored sauce to the filling- this stuff is so amazing. Don't forget to pick some up on your next grocery run, thank me later. I was a little concerned this would be too much food for my little family of two:

I served myself 1/8 of a piece & had a cup of broccoli steamed with Parmesan cheese

That was a big ole piece ya'll!! This recipe was so crazy delicious my husband had THREE servings!! (Yes, he gave me permission to rat him out) I know what you're thinking, DAYUM he ate a lot! This is the deal- if you live with, or are sharing, lots of meals with a man, he gets to eat more than you. It's a fact, it's not fair, and it's one of those things you should just get over. He'll probably start dropping pounds just by eating your substitutes. My husband literally dropped 30lbs this way, oh and he switched to light beer. No exercise. Yep, it really isn't fair, and I hear women bitching about this all day long, but just face it and save yourself the stress/anger/ resentment/ Why OH Why/ Oye is ME! He will always get to eat more than you! Do your waistline a favor and don't try to keep pace. While his weight stays the same, you'll put on ten pounds in a month. Life just ain't fair! Get over it. Just remember,we girls get to do all the cool shit, like shop for things we really don't need just cause everyone needs a little retail therapy, walk around looking utterly fabulous because it's Tuesday and we said so, have completely unfounded genetically biased shoe obsessions, long hair coupled with even longer hair appointments, be 30 minutes late because you caught the " I have NOTHING to wear" from your suddenly barren closet, AND wear our reproductive organs on the inside all neat like where they belong. Oh yeah!!! Here's the link to this amazing recipe again, just in case you didn't catch it the first time, Skinny Enchilada LasagnaMama Laughlin needs her own recipe book STAT, and a big giant Texas sized gold star for being the coolest chick ever!

The 14 Day Challenge-
Over the last month my weight has stayed the exact same. No matter how much I exercise I'm not losing anything. True be told, I'm just happy I'm not gaining anything! There's a few reasons for this, last month we went on a week long all inclusive, all you can eat AND all you can drink, vacation. It was freaking amazing and I definitely made the most of it. We made a pact not to even say the dreaded calorie word for a whole 8 days. It was glorious. We woke up and ate, drank, ate again, drank some more, ate some more, drank some more drinksie, ate again, where did I leave my my tequila?? Sleep- wash rinse repeat. Like I said, GLORIOUS! Here we all are taking a shot of Tequila in between dinner courses, because we certainly hadn't had enough already.

During this week, I didn't miss a meal, in fact I'm pretty sure we averaged a full four meals a day, because that greasy cheese burger and french frys is all kinds of ridiculously delicious when you're about to hit the bed. I did manage to work out twice while we were there. I don't think it saved me per-say, but it kept me from transforming into a ratty gym mop, because I am 100% certain I would've passed out trying to jump back into my exercise routine at home. Ok so we're home, I'm back on diet, refusing to find out what the big bad scale has to say, and hitting the gym HARD. It took two weeks before I allowed myself to weigh in. If I had to throw out a wild guess, I'd say I gained 8-10lbs on that vacation. During the two weeks I didn't weigh, I worked like a crazy lady and saved my tush. I'm back where I was before, but like I said the numbers aren't moving down. This is because I suffer from an extremely common disease known as F.O.M.O. You probably have it too, and it's been undiagnosed- see about dat! F.O.M.O means that I have Fear of Missing Out. It's true. Don't judge. Every weekend, when a friend calls to go out to dinner, go out to a bar, let's have a girl's weekend in NOLA, someone is having a party, Happy Birfday 'Merica!, we must go have drinks at the pool, and it's seriously always some one's birthday- I'm afraid to freaking miss out. I'm afraid everyone is going to have so much fun without me there will be no more fun left to be had after I'm done losing my weight. True story. This obviously isn't true, I am the life of the party after all.

So 14 day challenge, absolutely no drinking, and absolutely no cheating on my diet or exercise plan. I'm on day 4 of 14, and I know it won't get tough until the weekend, because that's when all the fun is being had! I pinky promise all of you to report back the results, and I'm willing to bet that I can drop some major lbs without all the tempting distractions. FYI- My weigh in days are Friday mornings before I work out, drink some coffee, or cram eggs white in my yapper. I have another challenge for myself in the works after this one- I'll keep you posted as details are to be determined.

Speaking of cramming egg whites in my yapper. I have to take a moment to brag on my man. This morning I was running late for work, after my work out I caught the " I have NOTHING to wear" and my hair just wasn't being a morning gal, in short it was taking me a long time to get myself together. On hard core Thursday I just can not eat a breakfast bar on the run, I absolutely have to have hot a breakfast. To my surprise my hunny cooked my egg whites and turkey bacon for me. Not only did he cook it for me, but he used a corn tortilla (heated in the pan) and a lil dab of cheese for a breakfast taco! I was shocked! What a genius!! I was able to snatch it off the plate and chow down in the car and still be on time for work. BAM! Let's hear it for that boy!

This breakfast with coffee was 168 calories. This was such a great way to change it up, I'll definitely make this one again. Small stuff like this makes so flipping school girl happy. I love that man!

Ok, enough with the mushy mushy, back to hardcore Thursday

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Thanks for reading!!!

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