Friday, July 20, 2012

Being Boss Lady & a slice of culture from the Noel corner

TGIF ya'll! We made it! I survived hardcore Thursday, and pulled a major crazy lady yesterday afternoon at the gym. I had a marathon two and half hour cardio session after work. I felt like the queen of the freaking world finishing that work out, I did have to encourage myself along the way, "You are NOT tired yet!!". Yeah, that's really what I'm thinking in my head. Yesterday morning, I tried to beat my personal best at the mile and failed. Sad story. It happens. I missed my best time by 6 seconds- be still my achy breaky heart! I didn't push my speed high enough at the beginning of the run, but I'll try again sometime soon. Tomorrow, me and my one girlfriend that likes to run, are going to boss lady this treadmill routine , I say boss lady, because we aren't just going to try, we are going to kick some treadmill butt! Then we're going to finish our work out by killing some belly fat with 300 abs from my Beastmode board. She doesn't know that last part yet, but if she's reading this she just found out. It's cool, she loves my little surprises :) I'll fill ya'll in on how that goes tomorrow afternoon. Here I am so proud of my little self after my crazy lady hardcore Thursday routine.

Yeah., my shirt says "Beastmode" be jealous. Only kidding, if you really like it you can buy one for your self from Ruffles with Love. I have different one on order and it should be in any day now! Fingers crossed!

Day 5 of the 14 day challenge and I've had ZERO cheats and I've been a total boss lady with my work outs- patting myself on the back! * Go Girl! Go on witcha bad self!* I got in a kickboxing class early this morning AND I have those early morning work out Saturday plans with one of my BFFs and most favorite people in the whole wide world, then we're going to go out on a hunt for some new super foods to switch up the diet and beat the boredom! I'm hoping I get to hog her for most of the day and we can log some pool time soaking up that vitamin D! My man has plans to do manly things Saturday night, which is ok by me as I volunteered to be Designated Driver! All part of sticking to that 14 day challenge ;) Don't forgot if you're going out drinking and preparing to party hardy to be safe and select a DD! Side note- my one girl friend that likes to run, one of my BFFs and favorite people in the whole world sent me this last night:

HAHAHAHAHA! We love those stupid cat pictures, we're weird. Get over it. Ok so back to random super foods to beat the deit boredom. On Wednesday evening, that man I'm sharing meals with and I, made our weekly voyage to Wal Mart to stock up on groceries. Typically, when we're both really hungry and grocery shopping we make extremely random purchases. We really needed to buy more fresh fruit for snack time. He didn't want anymore cantaloupe or mango and I didn't want anymore honeydew melon, because I literally ate the last one all by myself. Every day for a snack. For a week straight. So of course this time he wants honeydew melow, grrrr why didn't he want to help me eat it last week? Oh the things you argue about when you have nothing else to fight about- but more on that later. Just like that the clouds part, and we simultaneously spot this rare gem, sitting there alone in between the source of our friction- cantaloupes and honeydews.

 Obviously, we adopted this poor pitiful fruit and it came home with us. Do you know what it is? Yeah, the check out lady didn't either. She couldn't find it in her book and all we could tell her was "ummm it starts with a H a K or J. Have fun with that". The husband had to run back to the fruit stand find the UPC label and run back- yeah we were those people that everyone hates, holding up that damn line. It was a long adoption process. This my friends, is called a Jicama. We are pronouncing it - JA CAH MAH. Disclaimer- neither my husband or myself work for Mr. Webster, so we're probably saying that wrong, repeat at your own risk. The good people at Wal Mart advertised the Jicama to be light, fresh, sweet, tasting somewhere between an apple and a pear. That sounds freaking delicious doesn't it? You can't wait to eat one right? Well- they told us a little fib. Shame on you people of Wal Mart, shame on you! Inside joke- *NOT nice Matt Damon NOT NICE!*

Ok, sorry about that. Jicama is now home with us, taking up space in our fruit basket. Last night, we decided to chop up that bad boy and get some culture. First we have to google it, because we have no idea how we should even start the chopping, but we assume we should peal it like a potato first, score ONE team Noel! Next, we find out that the Jicama is similar to a monster Mexican potatoe or turnip. WHOA. Hold up, wait, wait, since when is a potato a cross between an apple and a pear. Sneeky sneaky Wal Mart! Next, we find out it's supposed to be sliced and seasoned with cayenne pepper, salt, and cilantro. Have you ever had an apple or a pear prepared that way? Me either. Here's what it looks like prepared

Ok here's the verdict. The Jicama would be excellent sliced up in a salad and I'd bet it would be straight sumptuous in vegetable soup or something similar, because the texture is very raw potato-like. One cup prepared as above equals 46 calories. Not bad right? The Jicama may have many wonderful uses, but it ain't no sweet fruit Wal Mart.  I'm considering using it as a starch substitute. I'll keep ya'll posted on how I end up preparing what's left of it. Thankfully, I stood my ground on the grocery trip, and brought home another familiar fruit so I'm not snack less for a week. Peaches are so amazing- this is fact.

I haven't decided if I'll hit up the gym again this afternoon. I may treat myself to a mani-pedi and some fat free frozen yogurt instead. I live on the edge people. Just so ya'll don't think i'm always a sweaty mess jamming protein in my yapper, here I am heading off to work- I think I'm getting some running legs ya'll! Holler!

Wishing each and every one of you a fabulous fun-filled weekend.
Be safe, and thanks for all the support ya'll!

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