Monday, July 16, 2012

The Beginning- a very good place to start

Well hello there and thanks for visiting! My motivation in creating this blog is to have a place for me to talk about my goals, day dreams, and all things I aspire too- specifically in weight loss and fitness. It's become an all consuming part of my life. ( just ask any of my family and friends- they're pretty tired of my chitter chatter)  Planning meals and workouts, molding my body and my mind into the person I've always wanted to be.

To understand the beginning of my story, you have to understand a little about me. I've always been a yo-yo dieter. I've always wanted to lose more weight- even at my thinnest, and I've always been vocal about it. Bottom line- I love food, booze, and passing a really good time. I also really love to feel thin, fit, and super hot- be real you do too. Unfortunately, a fast lifestyle and a hot sexy body can't co-exist - ah moderation, my favorite word (HA HA!). There's always a turning point, a wake up call, a slap in the face, denial ain't just a river in Egypt honey- moment when you decide which one you want more and you're gonna have to put in WORK to achieve your goals.

It was January 2011, 6 months before my wedding. I was at the walk in clinic with the flu, having been sent home from work being too sick to function. Running fever, a runny nose, a headache, body aches, the works. It couldn't get worse right? WRONG. The nurse runs through vitals, blood pressure, height, weight - EEK- I'd been avoiding weighing myself for a LONG time at this point. Because it's always better to hide from your problems instead of facing them right??

It was a big number. The biggest I'd ever seen. The exact number I've only shared with a few of my nearest and dearest, honestly I'm not sure I'll ever be able to share it even here, but I was 61lbs from where I like to be- where i feel hott, sexy, virtually unstoppable. Seeing that big giant- wait your scale must be broken- number felt overwhelming, impossible, emotionally devastating, how had I let this happen to myself? Worse, I had no confidence in myself that I'd be able to fix this, to lose weight, to regain my self esteem, and love me from the inside out. In those moments I felt so alone and hopeless, a true emotional basket case- oh and I still had the damn flu to contend with.  I got to my car before the water works started. I wanted to nurse the feeling with popcorn and peanut butter m&m's, a number 13 from sonic, a fried shrimp po-boy, taco bell, or a box combo with an extra sauce from Cane's. Honestly, I still don't know how I stopped myself, but I drove home and devised a plan. A plan to say bye bye to my formerly fat self. Today, I've lost 41 of those pounds, and I'm determined to get rid of the last 19lbs.

Let's take a look at just how bad it was-

That's me. Right there in the middle- December 2010. Fat,  full on chips and dip and 1500 calorie Daiquiris, and thinking to myself - this was just a bad angle, can you believe she posted that of me on Facebook, must untag as fast as possible, pfff that's not what I really look like  - DENIAL!

That was then and this is now-

 That's ME!!!!!!!! Right there in the middle- June 2012! Happy outside and in - and happy still when this picture hit Facebook. 41 lbs is alot ya'll!
so how exactly did I do it? That will have to wait for another post. For now- you can find me on My fitness pal counting dem calories :

and at where I'm also a beachbody coach, but that can wait for another post.

One post down, many more to come! Thanks for reading!

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  1. Mrs. Noel! I'm a long time reader and for some reason, this is the first time I've read your very first post! You have been quite an inspiration for me and a number of friends. In fact, you've inspired me to start my own blog (about one week ago) AND sign up for a half marathon (after only running 3 miles consecutively for the first time in 10.12) in 9.13! I'm looking forward to re-reading your ups and downs about half marathon training as I start this 13.1 journey.

    So glad to have run across your little section of these here internets. Alright, alright, enough seriousness . . . time for a cocktail and a new blog post! light drinking and blogging is OK, right?