Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Happiness: The most contagious of diseases

Good morning & Happy Tuesday to all of you! First and foremost, huge thank you to everyone for all of the support and feedback yesterday! I am so amazed by all of your kind and encouraging words and advice to help shed some more of these pesky lbs! Ya'll have me continuously thinking of more ways to put in work and get this job done! THANK YOU!

Monday was another successful dieting day! I maintained my 1200 calorie diet and got in two work outs. My regular HIIT session at Personally Fit ,as well as, an hour long work out at Scandals! Last night we did Hip Hop abs with Shaun T! This was so fun ya'll, everyone was in high spirits last night. I really love surrounding myself with positive happy people, happiness is infectious! 337 Fit Club is getting scandalous again on Wednesday evening if anyone is interested in attending please send me a message over at Elle Noel on Face Book and I'll fill you in with everything you need to know!

Fit Club post work out week 2

Lately, I've become bored with my diet. I'm really looking to streamline into "clean" eating. I've been reading lots of buzz on the Paleo Diet, but have been hesitant on how to get started. One of my readers sent me the link to this site, http://www.swole.me/. This site makes meal planning and balancing your diet so incredibly simple, it's basically idiot proof. The less I have to think about meals, the better. Then I have more time to think about other very important and pressing matters- like that hot sexy dress I'm going to wear ten pounds from now- holla! I'm going to try getting started with the Paleo Diet using http://www.swole.me/  next week after completing my three day Shakeology Cleanse. Stay posted for updates and if you are doing the Paleo Diet please please please hit me up with some tips at Elle Noel on Face Book.

I added two new snacks into my rotation this week. I've been reading a lot of buzz about a new product called Popchips. These are a great light snack, they're all natural and never baked or fried, hence, POP! I picked some up this weekend at Target. They run 120 calories for roughly 23 chips, in contrast, 10 Doritos will set you back 140 calories. No brain-er right? I picked up the Bar B Que and Salt & Vinegar Flavors

I've also added in Mott's no sugar added apple sauce. They offer a variety of different flavors. I also picked up the no sugar added summer strawberry. This has been a nice change for my 10am snack time. These will cost you 50 calories. Not bad huh?

My hip is still painfully annoying me and I'm craving a solid pound the pavement, completely out of breath, sweaty, empowering, ass kicking run. I may cave and see a chiropractor soon. We'll see how the rest of the week goes taking the anti inflammatory medication. Tonight, I'm going to get in a cardio session combined with arms, abs, and a killer butt work out. Hip Hop abs with Shaun T has a KILLER butt routine at the end of buns and thighs, everyone in Fit Club was feeling the bun love last night! I may try and recreate something similar on my own or search for a routine on Pinterest.

Wishing you all a fun filled, productive Tuesday! Here I am running out the door again. I did get to eat my egg whites and turkey bacon this morning, while sitting down, AND watching the morning news. It's gonna be an awesome day!

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Monday, July 30, 2012

14 Day Challenge Results

My 14 day challenge is complete! I felt accomplished before going to bed last night. I've put in the work, and it's time to reap the reward. Last night, my husband and I watched the USA Women's Gymnastics all around finals qualifier. Two gymnast from team USA could make it into the all around finals, and they all wanted it desperately. If you watched the all around qualifier, you know how this story ends,Gabrielle Douglas and Aly Raisman will represent Team USA, leaving the defending world champion, Jordyn Wieber, feeling defeated, crushed, and emotional about her failure on the global stage, pressure much? She will not win a medal in the all around finals. While the girls were waiting on Jordyn's scores, Gabrielle Douglas can be heard in the background talking to the group. She said to the team, "We ARE Olympians", poignant perspective.This group has put in so much work, countless training hours, followed a strict diet, and unmeasurable time building mental physicality in addition to physical strength. They've already accomplished what so many others have not. It's an important lesson to learn, look at how far you've come, and be proud of yourself.

I knew about what the scale was going to say, because I've secretly been weighing myself everyday. This is a no no because it can be quite discouraging, but I'm entirely to type A to wait 14 days to know what's going on with my body. 14 days of strict dieting & 18 work outs later, I've lost three pounds. Yep, that's it. Two of those pounds showed up on the scale Sunday morning and one more this morning, official weigh in day, for a grand total of 3lbs in two weeks. I know what you're thinking, "Really?! That's it?! After all that work she put it?!" Truth be told, this has happened to me before.

Last March, I was battling a plateau. For 8 days straight I worked my butt off with zero cheats and somewhere around 12 work outs. At this time, I was doing personal training with my sister from another mister, and Monday mornings were our weigh in days. That Monday morning I jumped on the scale, I was super jazzed to see what it had to say. I'd done everything I was supposed to do plus some. Frankly, I'd made myself completely miserable in the process. I stepped on the scale, and I'd lost ZERO pounds. Needless to say, this experience was emotional. I was so incredibly disappointed. I felt I had nothing more to give of myself, what was it going to take to get rid of these pounds? I didn't care what needed to be done, I'd do it, I am not afraid of hard work. To say I was slightly disappointed, would be an understatement. It took everything I had to scrape together my crazy female emotions and put in a work out that morning, but I did it. That's what you have to do, keep working towards your goal. Even my trainer, who is now my Beachbody Coach and friend, was dumb founded and disappointed. That entire day I thought about where I could give more of myself to my goal. That afternoon was my first run to the gym. I found running an amazing stress reliever and I could take my frustration out on the pavement. The following Wednesday, my trainer insisted I weigh in again. With trepidation, I got on the scale two little days later and I'd lost 8 pounds. WOW. Those few extra miles I'd run hadn't put up that number, my persistence had.

All that said, I'm super happy with those 3 pounds. I've lost them, they're gone for good. Now it's time to dig in and keep going. Its also important to remember that the scale isn't the only way to measure your success. Obviously, I'm getting smaller, I wore two pairs of pants last week that haven't fit in five years! That's something to cheer about! I need to take measurements and body fat percentage again sometime soon, I haven't done that since May 14th. Don't ever feel disappointed in what the scale has to say, if you're putting in the work, you will reach your goal. Just keep digging, who knows how close you may be! Whatever you do, do NOT give up!

Sunday was another busy day at our casa. I ended up spending the majority of the morning with my Mom. She's had her eye on a big leather chair for her guest room for months now, and there it was on sale in the Sunday morning paper. Holla for a dolla! We had to go hunting for this chair ya'll. Two stores and 3 hours later, we got the chair home. My wonderful husband dutifully put it together and now it's home, where I'm sure it will make my Mom very happy. My left hip is still aggravating me all day long with it's annoying pain, so no running for me again yesterday. I have started taking an anti inflammatory medication to help heal that muscle but I'm really missing my runs. Yesterday, I had to get creative with my work out. I took a bike from my Mom's house and rode it home. It was a four and half mile ride and it took me right at 20 minutes to complete, I got held up at a few pesky lights and I paused on top of the Camilla Bridge to take a picture, because you just don't get that view from a car. I've only seen this view one other time, on my wedding day. On the way to the church, the trolley passed over the bridge, and I remember thinking how beautiful and serene the day was, just the way I'd been feeling in that moment. Who doesn't love to reminisce?

I've been craving macaroni and cheese lately, because we all need comfort food ya'll! Last night, I set out to make myself some skinny mac and cheese. I used ideas from a few different recipes and this is what I came up with:

Elle Noel Skinny Crock Pot Mac and Cheese
Serves 4- 3/4 cup =276 calories

1 and 1/2 cups skim milk
2 egg whites
1 cup fat free sharp cheddar cheese
3 wedges The Laughing Cow light creamy Swiss cheese
2 cups100% whole grain pasta (I used Penne Rigate)
2 tablespoons corn starch
4 teaspoons Italian Seasoning
Salt & Pepper to taste

Whip together milk, egg whites, and corn starch until smooth. Stir in remaining ingredients. Cook on low for 1 hour and stir, cook an additional 30-45 minutes on low. Watch the noodles because they will turn into mush if you aren't careful.

Mmmmmm so good! This is fancy Mac & Cheese ya'll, and it cured my craving! Win Win!
This coming weekend, I have a new challenge for myself. One of my very best friends and I are going to do a three day Shakeology cleanse. I'll fill ya'll in on all those deets later this week. I'm also challenging myself to continue the 14 day challenge rules through the cleanse, results to follow!

Monday is already proving to be a busy day, this is how I ate breakfast this morning

I'm telling Monday who is boss lady with a cute outfit, coffee, and my new favorite quote-
"just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming" ~ Dory, Finding Nemo 

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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Day 14, is it wine-thirty yet?

Day 14- Last day of my challenge, can't believe it's finally here! We've been busy with another fun action packed weekend! Friday after work, I headed back to the gym to get in another sweat session with a nearly identical work out from my morning session. Friday night, we went to Walk-Ons with a group of friends to watch the opening of the Olympics, what a show!! I just can't get enough of the Olympics! Walk Ons has food for the dieter that will leave you feeling guilt free, however, I knew it would be a late night, so I ate dinner before we went out so that I wouldn't be tempted to cheat. I nearly had to sit on my hands all evening to keep myself from snatching fried onions rings off the monster plate my husband ordered, but I did it. I sat there and didn't have one single bite of any of the ooey gooey goodness around me. It was tough. It was even harder watching my girl friends sip martinis and mojitoes while I dutifully sipped my water. I definitely have a new found respect for all the pregnant chicks out there. I would have taken pictures for ya'll, but I was too busy talking myself out of eating those onion rings.

Saturday was one of the best days I've had in a long time. I woke up early and ate breakfast while watching men's bicycling. I really got to enjoy my breakfast. This is so rare, I'm usually scarfing it down while running out the door loaded down with my day. Eating breakfast sitting down in peace, aaahhhh. Love it.

Next, I went and got my car washed, and it still hasn't been rained on! Happiness! Saturday morning my hip was feeling nearly 100% so I decided to try and get in a run. I set out to complete Minka Kelly's treadmill routine. One round is just shy of a mile. I finished one mile which was roughly 10 minutes, and my hip was hurting some kind of awful, so I decided to switch on over to the elliptical trainer. I'm very ready for my hip to stop hurting me! I did 40 minutes on the elliptical followed by an arms, chest, and back weight lifting routine that I made up on the fly. Next, I did 15 minutes on the stair master to get my heart rate back up and finished with Burning Core Pyramid ab routine. Phew, this was a great work out. Boss lady style!

All week I had been looking forward to spending my Saturday with my Mom. We had such a great mother-daughter day. We did what all us girls like to do, mani-pedi's followed up by shopping! Here's a look at my pedi. I felt like getting crazy with my toes ya'll. I selected neon green with one sparkly toe on each foot- walking on the wild side!

The challenge has been much easier this weekend. Mostly because I decided not to stay home and think about all I'm missing out on. I got out there and had fun all weekend long. Early in the week, one of our close couple friends that we almost never get to see, they have four kids, called to set up a date with us Saturday night. When they have a sitter and can get together- we jump on that! All week long, I had been thinking about how I would handle the challenge, and enjoying myself with our friends that we never get to see. Early Saturday morning, I decided that I would have drinks with our friends that night. Obviously, this counts as breaking my challenge, however, I'd decided that I would not go over my calorie intake (1200 per day) to be able to have these drinks. I saved up calories by skipping my daily snacks. This saved me 500 calories. WOW. I do a lot of snacking. Here I am heading out to dinner. I love that jumpsuits have made a come back. I just adore this outfit. Side note- my husband is making fun of me for taking all of these pictures of myself. That's why I'm laughing- it is pretty ridiculous.

The four of us headed out down town for dinner at Tsunami. We shared edmame as an appetizer, and ordered 6 rolls of sushi to share. I ate eight pieces. That's it. I wanted to have those drinks. Tsunami is famous for it's down right sinfully scrumptious martinis. Martinis are packing some serious empty calories, and I had no way of knowing how many calories I'd be in taking consuming a chocolate martini, and I never want to find out. Somethings in life should remain mysterious. Instead of a martini, (my chunky, in denial, over weight self would have ordered three chocolates) I stuck to champagne- 74 calories per 4oz. I refuse to beat myself up about breaking this part of the challenge. All in all, I consumed 1247 calories yesterday, and got in a nearly 2 hour work out. We had such a great time last night and we almost never go out downtown these days! A rare treat indeed!

These friends are celebrating their tenth wedding anniversary this year and are doing ten special dates to celebrate- this was date number six. We felt so honored they selected us to share in their special milestone. Happy TENTH anniversary! Some occasions demand champagne ya'll. Here we all are at dinner:

Tomorrow is weigh in day. Time to get results from my 14 day challenge. I'm excited, I feel really great about the last 14 days, and no matter what happens with the big bad scale, I'm proud of myself.  I'll let you all know the results tomorrow! For now, I'm off to make things happen!

Wishing each and every one of you a super sassy Sunday!

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Friday, July 27, 2012

Cheering on Team USA & TGIF!

Happy Friday, woo hoo!!! We made it ya'll!! Who is bouncing out of their seat excited about the opening of the Olympic games?! THIS GIRL!!! I can't wait to watch team USA make us proud! I'm really looking forward to men's Basketball, basketball is in my blood ya'll- God didn't make my family tall for nothing- Men's and Women's gymnastics- as a young girl I would use the back of our living room sofa as a balance beam, Mom just loved that, and all track & field events, ya know because I'm all into running these days! We will be watching nothing but straight Olympics for the next two weeks at my house. Can't not wait, Go USA!

It's day 12 of my 14 day challenge, and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! Last night I was feeling a little lazy about dinner, but I didn't cheat myself- I've come to far at this point. Instead, I picked up this salad at Wal mart. The entire salad including dressing is a grand total of 190 calories. Can't beat that!

I've been craving sweets like no body's business, so last night on our grocery run, I picked up these- 1 cake = 90 calories

My husband tried sneaking unhealthy junk into the grocery cart our entire trip. He's over being on a diet ya'll. First he tried to sneak in pizza rolls, no success, then peanut butter M&M's ,this would be diet suicide for me ya'll- peanut butter M&Ms are my biggest weakness- what was he thinking? He actually got those into the basket before I put them back. I thought I had him covered at every corner, but as we were checking out I looked down, and see this:

Sneaky sneaky Mr. Noel. Swiss rolls are his peanut butter M&M equivalent. Obviously, I am not going to win this battle. We have a deal. If he brings tempting junk into the house he has to hide it from me. Yes, just like you would hide things from a toddler. I have no idea where his hiding place is. I don't go looking for it, and he's discrete about his munching. This is sad I know, but it is what it is people!

The past week I've been quietly battling an injury. I hurt my hip running this past Saturday. I felt something pop just before I hit a mile, and like the stubborn ox that I am, I kept running on it for another 2.5 miles. Not smart I know. I haven't openly discussed it, because I didn't want anyone telling me I shouldn't be exercising.  My sister from another mister has been fussing me about this all week. She thinks I would literally drag myself into the gym on my forearms if I had to, and she's absolutely correct. Nothing is stopping me now. I did a cardio dance class last night and sat out the 5:30am class yesterday morning. I'm feeling much much better, but it was really bothering me this morning. It seems to be at it's worst first thing in the morning, since I've been immobile for hours. Nevertheless, I got my butt to the gym. Right when I walk in, one of the trainers/ class instructors, who is at the desk says, "Are you LIMPING!?" Ugh, I can't hide it anymore. I confess to her what's going on, and she thinks I'm fine, but she told me to take at least ten minutes to really stretch out my hip after my workout, and not to run until it's better. I haven't run since I hurt my hip last week. It's driving me crazy, but I don't want to further injure myself and really have to sit out a long while. This morning I did 35 minutes on the elliptical trainer

 Then I did 10 minutes on the Stair Master. For those of you who don't know what this beast of a machine is, here's a look:

I'll do a series of different moves on this machine to really work all of the muscles in my leg, i.e walking backwards, sideways to the left and right, and taking two steps at a time with an opposite leg lift, let's hear it for showing those buns some love! Next, I did 300 abs again. I really like this ab routine, but it's getting easy, so I'll need a new ab routine soon, any suggestions? Then I stretched out my hip for a solid 10 minutes. It feels so much better. I wish I had discussed this with one of the trainers sooner, but I'm stubborn to a fault, so dumb! I may try running tomorrow, but we'll see how it feels in the morning. I'm going back to the gym this afternoon. It's day 12, so time for a final push! Here I am after my Friday morning sweat session:

Is anyone else crazy excited for football season to start? I can't wait to see those Cajuns play on September 1st! OK, are you ready to be really impressed? I turned that sweaty mess into this in under an hour. Basically, I'm a magician.

I hope you all have a great Friday! I'm aiming to get in a post tomorrow, if not tomorrow, you'll hear from me Sunday! Have a fun, fabulous, and safe weekend peeps!

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Living the Fit Fabulous Life

Good morning peeps! Stay strong, it's almost weekend time again! I'm on day 11 of my 14 day challenge. I'm beginning to feel like it will never end. However, I've been continually super successful with zero cheats and 14 work outs under my belt. Just like anyone else, I waiver, lose focus, and feel tempted at times. Thankfully, one of my very dear friends and biggest cheerleaders gave me an amazing pep talk last night in between work outs. My resolve is returning, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't want to have a big ole glass of vino after work tomorrow. Oh and yes, I said in between work outs. We pulled a crazy boss lady last night!

Wednesday evening we did our regular class at Personally Fit. It's one of our absolute favorites for a few reasons, the music and the instructor. This girl can pump you up and get you going like you're going to drop that ten pounds you've been fighting right there on the gym floor. Yesterday she announced, "This is fat funeral!! Everyone wear black!!". I love this chick, she rocks! I've talked a few times about how a killer play list can make you really want to kick your own butt. Everyone prefers different music and lyrics to really get you into the groove, generally speaking, songs with high beats per minute (bpm) will encourage you to give more of yourself. I have a rotating list of favorites. Here's a list of songs in the high bpm range, 165-180. A killer play list can change up a day and get me out of the most stubborn of funks. Music literally feeds my soul, each and every day, and in all aspects of life- not just when I'm being a gym rat.

Here's a list of some of my favorite work out jams (This list is constantly changing):

'Till I Collapse- Eminem & Nate Dogg
Survivor- Destiny's Child
Cracks (Flux Pavillion Remix)- UKF Dubstep 2010
Push It- Salt & Pepper
We Won't Give Up- The Afters
Diva- Beyonce
T.H.E- Will.I.Am
Too Close- Alex Clare
Cinema- Benny Benassi
More- Usher
Loser Like Me- Glee Cast
Fighter- Christina Augilera
Booty Work (One Cheek at a time)- Off the Record
Gonna Make You Sweat- C+C Music Factory
I Made It (Cash Money Heroes)- Kevin Rudolf

Find music that works for you, and you'll be able to take your work out to another level! I literally can not work out with out my music, especially when I run. It's essential. Eminem & Nate Dogg have talked me out of giving up on a run on numerous occasions- thanks bro!

Ok back to boss lady exercise- Here's my sister from another mister and I in our new Ruffles With Love shirts after work out number 1 ( Special thanks to my new favorite gym rat and amazing friend- you know who you are- for taking this picture!)

Next, the three of us (two in the picture plus amazing photographer) ventured over to Scandals for the second 337 Fit Club! We just love getting scandalous at Scandals ya'll! This is my new favorite group of people! Everyone is so friendly, welcoming, and eager to help one another out! We had a great work out doing P90X2 Plyo. We had such a great time ya'll, and we ended up running into some familiar faces! If you want some more info on 337 Fit Club, please don't hesitate to ask! Fit Club meets on Monday & Wednesday evenings- message me for all of the details.

After Fit Club, we all had a long talk about food, because that's what people who want to lose weight talk about, eating. We had a pretty interesting debate about Lean Cuisines in particular. Lean Cuisines really aren't that great for you guys. I know it's heart breaking, I nearly cried the first time someone told me. They're extremely high in sodium, but they are great for portion control. For a lot of people, they are essential for lunch on the run and fit easily into a busy schedule. I ate a Lean Cuisine almost daily before making the switch to Shakeology for lunch. I still eat one or two Lean Cuisines a week, because they are so easy. In fact, I ate one last night, because I would never expect my husband to wait until nearly nine at night to eat dinner while I'm off being boss lady. Yes, I know it's bad to eat that late, but some days it happens. I reached a plateau with the Lean Cuisine and switched it up, because when something isn't working that's what you do, make a change. In short, we decided they're incredibly delicious and leave you feeling guilt free, and when you're super busy and a meal is that easy, you got to do what you got to do! Listen to your body, if something is working for you roll with it, every one is different. If it's not working for you, make a change! It's pretty simple. Speaking of listening to your body- I rolled to hard in that paint yesterday ya'll. My lower back is really fussing me this morning- so I sat out of my 5:30am work out. I was feeling really guilty about skipping too, but sometimes you have to take it down a notch.

I'll still get in my afternoon boss lady work out though. Don't ya'll worry! I know I am doing something right- here I am wearing more five year old pants! This is a great day!

Tell this day who is boss guys and gals!! Make things happen!

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Am I about to burn down the house? All for a skinny Mexican pizza?

Good morning and Happy Wednesday! Can you believe we're already half way to the weekend? Time just keeps ticking faster and faster! Last week, I challenged myself to try at least one new "skinny" recipe a week to keep my inner fat girl happy with carbs and cheese. Can't live without that ya'll! I did the ribs on Sunday, but only because I was forced into it, and last night I was craving something Mexican. I decided to try this Skinny Mexican Pizza that I pinned awhile back. It's based off a Taco Bell recipe and I really love Taco Bell ya'll. T-Bell love is all part of my present weight predicament, Taco Bell just loves loving me back. Here's the link to the original recipe.

The recipe calls for whole wheat flour tortillas, but I had left over corn tortillas from the skinny enchilada lasagna I did last week. The corn tortillas have less calories than their flour counter parts and I didn't have to buy any more. This seems like a reasonable substitute correct? Yeah, I thought so too. I did still need to go to the store for other supplies, but luckily for me, my husband went after work so I could get in my afternoon workout. The first step in the recipe is to coat the tortillas with canola oil ( I used vegetable oil) and put them in the oven 4-5 minutes each side to broil. I got home from the gym, and my husband was at the store getting the rest of the supplies, so I decided to go ahead and start prepping the tortillas while I waited on him. I put six tortillas brushed in vegetable oil on a cookie sheet in the oven on broil for 4-5 minutes. Took them out and they looked just like the picture from the original recipe. I flipped them over and put them back in the oven to crisp the other side, just like the instructions said. I decided to sit down on the couch, play on my phone, watch the news, basically waste a few minutes. About 3 minutes later, I smell something crisp and smokey coming from my kitchen. I'm not terribly alarmed, I am crisping tortillas here people, and I'm reading a crazy funny email from a friend. 30 seconds later, the smell is getting stronger and I see our beloved pet kitty cat make a mad dash from the kitchen to the back of the house. Begrudgingly, I get up to investigate. I'm not alarmed or feeling rushed, I'm still reading the email with my phone in hand. I open the oven door, and I'm very fortunate to have my hair pulled back, or I may have lost all of it. This must be the universe's way of laughing at me, I've just gotten way to comfortable in the kitchen.Simultaneously, I slam the oven door closed and drop the phone on the floor.  I'm stunned. My entire oven is engulfed in flames. Immediately, all kinds of extremely colorful language starts falling from my occasionally lady like mouth, I'm in panic mode people. I'm jumping around crazy lady style.  My oven is on f*cking FIRE.This image briefly flashes across my memory

 I reach over the stove top and cut the oven off, all kinds of black smoke is now coming from the vent. I'm panicking, majorly panicking, I open the oven again, because I needed to make sure I really just saw a bonfire happening in the middle of my kitchen. Yep, the fire is still raging away, and now I've just given it more oxygen. My husband isn't home and I have to deal with this all by my little self. I'm scared, my heart rate is up, am I about to burn down the house??? All for a skinny Mexican pizza?  How do you put out a fire? Stop drop and roll? No no that's if you're on fire stupid. Where's the fire extinguisher? This is all internal monologue people. What's rapidly falling out my mouth is way to vulgar to publish here. Fire extinguisher. Under the sink. I yank the fire extinguisher from it's hiding place, pull out the pin, wrench open the oven, the fire is starting to lick it's way outside the stove while the house is rapidly filling up with smoke. I'm about two milli seconds away from dusting my oven with all that messy white fire extinguisher stuff when somewhere in the dark recesses of my mind I remember water puts out fire. Rapidly, I fill up a glass with water and toss the contents in the direction of the flames concurrently hitting the ground covering my face with my new best friend, the fire extinguisher. Obviously, throwing water on a fire was going to make it explode or something because that seems logical in this scenario. The fire goes out. I completely collapse on the floor clutching the fire extinguisher to my chest while I collect myself. The fire alarm is still going off, but with the fire out my motor functions are slowly returning. I crawl on all fours to the front door and open it, gasping for air like the melodramatic crazy lady I am. I'd love to say my husband walked up right then and I had to explain myself, but he missed the entire episode. I'm sure this would have been extremely comical to an outside observer, but at that moment in time, this shit just wasn't funny. I'm so over this Mexican pizza.  Here's what remained of those 6 corn tortillas that went into the oven- note there are only five shadows of a tortillas remaining.

Never one to give up on my quest to cut the calories, I decide the show must go on, but on top of the stove. I'm not touching that oven again for a while. My Momma didn't raise no fool.

 This is how I prepared all 12 tortillas. It took awhile.

My husband and I did have a nice long laugh about this, but only because it ended well. I swear to you it was 30 seconds away from being a major crisis. I'd say the whole episode probably lasted about 30 seconds, but it felt like eons to me. I'll most likely never make skinny Mexican pizza again, because this happened to me. No, I'm not kidding.

The majority of the ingredients went into making the turkey meat taste like ground beef. Personally, I like the taste of ground turkey and ground beef. However, the recipe was successful in disguising the turkey flavor.
It even looked like ground beef once prepared. Be warned, this will taste like lean ground beef, not that ooey gooey fattening stuff they're serving up at Taco Bell at 3am. I know you're upset, but it's gonna be ok.

This did turn into a really great skinny meal. Moral of the story however, use flour tortillas if you are going to broil them, not corn tortillas people. Additionally, use a pan that will catch a grease drip, not a flat pan like me. Sheesh.
Here's last night's dinner for a total of 343 calories:

This was a really great meal, but I won't be able to get past the fact that I nearly lost all my worldly possessions to make it. Recreate at your own risk.

Phew. Reliving all that was stressful.

Other than nearly burning my home to the ground, Tuesday was a great day. I got in two work outs and didn't cheat on my diet. All and all a great day! Today I'm going to do my regular HIIT workout class and 337 Fit Club. I'll probably prepare a Lean Cuisine for dinner, because microwaves are safe ya'll. The past two mornings I've had to do breakfast on the run- no time for egg whites and turkey bacon. Here's one of my favorite on the run breakfast meals:

McDonald's Fruit & Yogurt Parfait without granola will only set you back 100 calories and $1.08. Not bad huh? Here's another breakfast on the run favorite- Luna Bars!

The Luna Bar will set you back 180-190 calories, but it's so good ya'll and so good for you!

Wishing you all a happy and flame less Wednesday! Stay safe people!

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Day 9 and walking on sunshine....

Day 9 and I am literally on cloud 9. Why? I'm wearing a pair of pants today. Yeah, it would be weird if I wasn't, but these are special pants. You know why they are special?? They haven't fit my big butt since 2007 when I was at my lowest weight in my adult memory. That was 5 years ago ya'll! I want to share this with you first thing, because this is what is so fun about weight loss. This feeling that I have right now is the one that keeps you going, the place you have to go to find more motivation. I want to multiply this feeling and send it to all of you, because it feels over the moon , walking on sunshine, life is all daisies, A-MAZ-ING! If you knew you could feel this way on day one of a weight loss plan, you would literally never ever stop, give up, or give in. Yep, it feels that good. I love this day!!!

I tried these slacks on two weeks ago and they wouldn't even button. Now here I am, wearing them with my shirt tucked in, sitting down, and typing this out to all of you! AAAHHHH!!! I love weight loss!!!! Why did I decide to try them on again today? My closet is a jam packed mess (my husband thinks this means I should get rid of some stuff, but I think it means it's time for a bigger closet, holla!) and they were bulging out, just staring at me saying, "Hey girl, this is all you....go ahead, try me on! You got that!". I took them off the hanger, just like that, slipped them on, and they freaking zipped and buttoned. Just like that. It was that easy. Ok, so you want to see what they look like??? Ok, ok, ok, I'll show you!

This feeling, that smile, and those pants are why I've turned into a complete boss lady.
There is no better feeling than results and success from all your hard work!
Let's here it for pants! Oh yeah!

Last night after work, I rolled crazy lady style with my work outs again. I went and did my regular class at Personally Fit. It was an awesome HIIT work out, always is. After class, one of my favorite gym buddies and motivators asked me to go with her to a Fit Club work out- right after we had finished this hour long intense HIIT session. It's 6:30pm and the Fit Club work out starts at 7:00pm across town.  I was hesitant to go, because I was hungry and my mind was rattling off all kinds of reasons why I shouldn't go do another hour long work out, but when a friend says, "Come on! Come with me! Puhleaseeeee! You HAVE to come!", how you gonna say no to that? So I went, and I'm so glad I did! The Inaugural 337 Fit Club consisted of an hour long P90X kenpo routine. Talk about fun, and I got to meet some super cool new people! This is a group that I've become affiliated with through Beachbody, which all started with my love of Shakeology. This is the shake I drink daily for lunch. It's what gives me all this energy to exercise like a crazy lady. It's also the healthiest meal of the day, even though it looks like a chocolate shake from Wendy's and tastes like one too, mmmmm Here's it is prepared for lunch yesterday

That stuff is so good ya'll, and will keep you moving energizer bunny style. Saturday, I made this lunch shake for my favorite running buddy and she loved it so much she ordered it the next day. It's seriously amazing. I wish they sold a three day trial pack, but unfortunately it's all or nothing people. That is their slogan, "Decide.Commit. Succeed.", and succeed you shall! Most people are put off by Shakeology's cost. It averages $4 per day per shake if you don't bulk it up with anything, i.e banana, peanut butter, fruit, milk. I add peanut butter powder and half a banana to mine for lunch. I could just drink the shake, but I like the extras, so I let myself have it- living on the edge! I promise to give Shakeology it's own post that it so desperately deserves sometime very very soon, but for now here's a little more information. If you have any questions about Shakeology shoot me a message!

Ok so back to the Inaugural 337 Fit Club. did I tell ya'll the coolest part? It was in Scandals! How Scandalous right?! I freaking love it. If you're interested in attending Fit Club, send me a message and I'll hook you up with all the details. This is FREE ya'll, and ya'll know free is my favorite word. Holla for that dolla!
 Here we are post work out

That's me on the bottom left, third from the end in the hot pink top. The girl who is very busy thinking about dinner. It was 8:45pm when I got home. Way past my dinner time and I was starting to get really tired. Disclaimer- I'm about to brag about my man again. I walked in the door and look what was waiting for me.
274 calories of deliciousness that's what!. Mmmmm!  I am one lucky lucky girl!

This morning, before I discovered these 5 year old slacks fit again, * still jumping around in my super happy place* I went to Step & Tone at 5:30am. I know, I'm a crazy ass boss lady! RAWR! I had never done this class before, and my brain was still swimming around in my head like mush. I'm not overly coordinated when I am fully awake and functioning normally, so it does take me awhile to catch on to these group exercise routines. When I first started working out, I would get super embarrassed about how long it took me to catch on to moves others made look so simple. It was extremely frustrating for me, to the point where I wanted to quit. Let's just say, this morning was a flash back. I let some of those old insecurities and feelings of embarrassment sneak back in for a hot minute. I don't know if I'll ever be a super awesome boss lady at step boxing aerobics, but what I do know is that no one starts off that way. I was pretty clumsy, but I didn't fall or trip, so this counts as success! If you ever find yourself feeling embarrassed, shy, vulnerable, really not wanting to make yourself look foolish at the gym, just know absolutely no one is thinking anything bad or negative about you. I'll be real, people are way to involved with themselves and their own insecurities to be worrying about yours. The only person beating you up, is you. Everyone has got to start somewhere, and at some point everyone around you in that room did. Before the class started, I confessed to one of the other women, who I frequently take classes and make small talk with (True confessions- I don't know her name-this is shameful- I'll fix this ASAP) that I had never done step box aerobics before. She's done this class countless times and step for years- she looks professional ya'll. After class, she asked me how I liked it, and I said, " It was fun, but hard! I felt like a clumsy goof ball!" and she said to me, " When I first started I kept falling off that damn box! You did great!" Now what do you think about that, I did great! Sometimes old habits die hard, but beating yourself up is one you should let go.

Here's some advise from Old Rafiki, because he has some great stuff to say.

Happy Tuesday to all of you! I hope your day is out of the ball park amazing!

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Monday, July 23, 2012

Never take ribs from a man. Just don't.

Good morning peeps, I hope you all had a fun-filled weekend despite all the nasty weather! At my house, we don't ever let a little rain ruin a potentially fabulous day! Sunday was another busy productive day at the Noel casa. I like to use Sunday as a prep day to for my upcoming week, I get my kicks in stealing the sting from mean Monday, muahaha! Take that Monday! Today is day 8 of the 14 day challenge, and I am still cheat-less with my diet and I've put in 9 work outs in 7 days. I'll weigh in on day 15 and post results.

Yesterday, I was able to get all the laundry done, which means that everything we own was clean for about ten minutes, you know how that works. I got in some housekeeping, an hour long work out, cooked one mean " I can't believe this is skinny!" meal ( of course I'm going to share this recipe with you, der!), AND my man took me on a movie date! Great day right??

On a Sunday, I'll usually go for an early morning run, but I just didn't feel like running yesterday. I may have pushed my body a little to far Saturday I was having some pain in my outer left hip and inner left knee, so I listened to my body and took it down a notch. It paid off , I feel nearly 100% better this morning. In my mind, just because I couldn't run, didn't mean I couldn't get in some exercise. I have a stability ball at home that I bought about four years ago. I went to Academy, two weeks before a scheduled summer trip to the beach with friends, in a bid to crash diet and work out crazy lady style. At the time, I convinced myself that was how I needed to prep for a trip I had known about for months. During this stint I dropped 15 pounds, but after the vacation I put it all back, plus some - have you ever done something like this? Most of us yo-yo's have, crash diets don't work people. Slow and steady wins the race! After that beach trip, I cruelly abandoned that poor unfortunate stability ball in an upstairs closet at my Mom's house where it collected lots of dust until April of last year. I now use the stability ball for an at home work out on "get creative" Sunday. The ball came with a 30 minute cardio & core training DVD produced by The Firm. Have you ever heard of the Firm workouts?  In the '90s, I remember my Mom and her sisters living and breathing these work out tapes ( Yeah, I mean VHS, remember that?). They would bring the tapes and gear on our family vacations to the beach and work up a sweat. My cousins and I found this absolutely hysterical then, and I still do now just thinking about it. I don't know why, but I have fond memories of The Firm. It cracks me up to see it come full circle, minus the uni-tard, tights, and sweat bands. Ya'll know I'm too cool for that. Here's a look at the 30 minute stability ball work out I did yesterday:

After this, my hip and knee were feeling much better, so I decided to try some pins from my Beastmode board. I did one room cardio and Do you really want those abs? I picked that last one because I like answering questions, especially the ones I know the answer to. I want those abs! I'm going to get me some! Those two pins made up the last 30 minutes of my work out.

Now what ya'll really want to know- my "I can't believe this is skinny" recipe. Saturday, my husband picked up a rack of spare ribs that he wanted to cook for Sunday dinner. My first thought was, "Really dude? Are you trying to make me cheat?", but when you're sharing meals with someone else you have to compromise. One of my BFFs and most favorite girl friends in the whole wide world, happens to be one of the most amazing cooks I know. She makes a crawfish fettuccine every year for Mardi Gras that is simply to die for. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Anyway, she had been hard-core bragging to me- we do this a lot with tons of random things but one upping one another is always in jest, again with the weirdness- about this melt in your mouth spare ribs recipe she has for her slow cooker. When I think ribs, I think fat. I can't eat that! I ain't trying to gain ten pounds people! However, I had her send me the recipe, and I set out to make it "skinny". What I really love about the slow cooker is the minimal amount of attention it requires from me. This recipe can be done on low for 8-10 hours, perfect for the work day, or on high for 4-5 hours, perfect for a Sunday! Win, win!

Elle Noel's Skinny Ribs- Slow Cooker
Serves 6 - 239 calories per serving
3lb rack of pork ribs
1/4 cup Hodgson Mill - Whole Wheat Graham Flour
1 tsp Thyme Leaves
2 Tablespoons (4g) Domino - Light Brown Sugar
3 tbsp Garlic powder
1 cup chopped raw onions
1.5 cup(s) Beef Broth 99% Fat Free
1 Guinness Draught Beer, 14.9 oz.
3 tsp Tony Chacheres - Salt-Free Creole Seasoning
Salt and pepper to taste

Mix the beer, beef broth, and onion in a bowl and set to the side.
Coat the meat with flour, thyme,Tony Chacheres, brown sugar & garlic powder, place in slow cooker with the "curve" of the rib facing down. Pour the beer, beef broth, & onion mixture on top. Cover the slow cooker and cook on low for 8-10 hours or on high for 4-5 hours. The meat will literally fall off the bone so be careful when removing the rack from the slow cooker when it's time to serve.

Here's what it looks like in the slow cooker:

Here's what it will look like ready to serve:

This was melt in your mouth, pinch me I must be dreaming, amazing. I can't wait to make it again. It felt like a diet cheat, and it wasn't. Even better? It was incredibly easy! I love turning on the slow cooker and going about my business!

I served mine with green beans and cauliflower mock mashed potatoes. Cauliflower mock mashed potatoes have become a family favorite. Anytime you can turn this,

 Into this,

 It's a good day people. Here's how I make mine:

Elle Noel style cauliflower mock mashed potatoes
Serves 6
46 calories per serving
1 head of cauliflower chopped and boiled until extremely tender
4 tbsp Blue Bonnet - Light Butter - Margarine
1 tbsp Spices - Garlic powder
1 tsp Tony Chacheres - Salt-Free Creole Seasoning

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl until smooth, and voila!

Green Beans-
Serves 4
28 calories per serving
1 container  Del Monte - French Style Green Beans (No Salt Added)
1 tbsp Blue Bonnet - Light Butter - Margarine
1 tsp Tony Chacheres - Salt-Free Creole Seasoning

Here's a look at my plate

 I wolfed down all of that for a grand total of 313 calories. Believe it people! This was so good and I was stuffed like turkey dinner. Mmmm mmmmm. I cant wait to make this again!

After our winning Sunday dinner, my husband and I headed to the movies to see The Dark Knight Rises. It was a a really great movie, and honestly I was terrified at times. The villain in this film ain't no joke! As you know, I am a slave to my popcorn addiction. My husband and I split a medium- perfect end to a great weekend!

Wishing you all a happy productive day and be sure to tell mean Monday who is boss!

Here I am running to work- a cute outfit is a sure way to kick the Monday shnooze. That and coffee, lots of coffee.

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